Spring Time




Take A Deep Breath, You ARE Your Own Teacher!  (willow) 

Look At It From The Other Side!  (Verna Neville)

Have you ever stopped and taken a deep breath and asked yourself, ’Why am I thinking whatever I am thinking? Why am I doing whatever it is, I am doing?’

Often, it is our thoughts driving us subconsciously- (we do not realise /observe that they are occurring and pushing us)- and that this is being backed up by our emotions- and how we feel- or we ’should’ feel about them- at any or all moments in our lives. The physical body then reacts through Muscle Memory and this can then create tension and anxiety driven by fear.

This is why the questions above are relevant. The automatic/sub-conscious assumptions- through our own individual belief and experience the systems- creating a life where we struggle to feel, contentment.

What does it mean- To Look From The Other Side?

These automatic reactions follow a distinct pattern, re-playing the same tune- over and over again- until it becomes so- monotonous. 

By stopping and taking a breath intentionally- and questioning our thoughts/words/ behaviours- at any one moment- we can recognise/observe the same tune repeating and maybe CHOOSE another.

Question any/all thoughts which express dissatisfaction /anger and fear, instead, Look At What You Do Have around you, your life, home, family, friends and community and there is always, always the beauty of Mother Nature!!

Coming back into the moment via a deep conscious breath will give you a clearer, bigger picture perspective -by seeing all the things that we DO HAVE.

Appreciating those around us, seeing the love others are giving it leads towards unconditional love for others and ourselves.

We live in chaotic and confusing times with many varying experiences, when looking at them from the other side there is always, always beauty, unconditional love and compassion to be seen and felt, e.g. a sunrise, a sunset, a fragrant flower so stop, take a Breath, Look at it from the other side!!


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Verna's Work 1st

SPRINGTIME ENERGIES # 1 # The Rise and fall of: by VERNA NEVILLE


The Rise and fall of:  by VERNA NEVILLE

Some topics discussed,

Are theoretical, some

Are proven, most

Are all In between.


It is an apt name, spring - because it describes nicely what is happening to us around this time of year. We spring from absolute ecstasy to being coiled down into despair.  It is an example of the Laws of Nature, POLARITY and can create extremes through energy waves with peaks and troughs (highs and lows).

We are energy - being human - and we are subject to All the natural laws of The Earth, Solar System, our [Galaxy THE Milky Way] and our local Universe(s) this is the Macro.

Between these highs and lows are all the multitudes of the laws being expressed.

This is our unity, all individually interconnected to the whole of everything.  The reflections of those around us are here specifically to teach and help us move towards increasing love and compassion for ourselves/others.

We have to try to see past ourselves or more accurately, certain Aspects of ourselves.

The polarisation we are all living is diversity at its best/extreme/chaotic.

These extremes and so absorb our minds; we create them, through our thoughts, which are projected, outwards and shown in our daily lives.

Our ‘life/personality’ has been programmed/taught (aka belief systems) is all we feel and believe and to each individual (the subject) appears as an absolute truth (e.g. polarity).

Extremes cause extremes (e.g. love/hate, right/wrong). The counterbalance to extreme love - is extreme hate - which - to various degrees we all experience/feel towards partners/family/friends/strangers from moment to moment via ‘triggers” driven by our micro subconscious belief systems.

In other words, we are not in control of our thoughts, words and actions.  They are triggered automatically - and habitually- through our societal programming, causing varying extremes that can be seen in the world at the moment and possibly in our own lives.

It is our awareness of this - that is an indication of where we lie - within the peaks and troughs (highs/lows) of polarity and counterbalance.  The apparent in-between (grey areas) is everything. You cannot have love without hate- because one defines the other and that reference point of knowing we can hate, tells us we can equally love, even if at that moment it may not be in our awareness (due to anger/sadness/fear etc.).

It is our belief, which deems the judgement of better/worse, happy/sad, right/wrong, strong/weak, however the laws of nature state - you have to have both to know one and/or the other- void of judgement, ‘IT JUST IS’!

The energy shifts that occur during springtime in the macro (Earth, Solar System, Galaxy) are also occurring in the micro (Us). 

These surges affect our brain, intimately; causing higher levels of polarity/counter-balance/friction- it can appear as chaos, confusion, blaming of others, for how/what/why we feel and experience, at each moment.

The bigger picture within the natural laws of Energy- is that ALL events/experiences, ‘JUST ARE’ and the acceptance of this without judging is EVERYTHING.

This allows us to counterbalance our polarisation becoming more balanced and harmonious within the laws of OUR OWN NATURE, which in turn is within the Macro (the Bigger Picture of Everything).

We know within ourselves that death is A Truth of Living and we all have this experience, so doesn’t it seem strange that so much effort is put into ignoring/denying this truth through belief polarity?

That instead of fear through ignorance (lacking information) we can Re-Remember this PERSPECTIVE/REALITY and TRUTH and celebrate ALL EXPERIENCES and having counter-balance and harmony for our-selves and ALL others as OUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING.



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Verna's Work 2nd




If beliefs of the mind are constructed,

Equally they can be De-constructed.



What is Happening Here, Day to Day- Moment by Moment? By Verna Neville:

All fears are up for grabs, seeing, feeling, watching, re-acting and Pro-Acting, we have asked for this- as Energy- Being Human. To clear out the past traumas encountered over lifetimes, individually and collectively.

The DNA memories are real and correct as everything is now.

The release and healing of fear- comes through remembering more and more of who and what we are, Eternal Energy, expressed and available in many forms- known as Diversity of Creation.

Surrendering the fight of resistance and accepting of our truth, of the above is represented through all traumatic experiences.

Through our surrender we find release from all fears- caused by resistance and move into peace of mind, body, emotions and spirituality.

Allowing every aspect of our Being as a huge and open-ended endeavour, which requires courage and self-honesty beyond what we have been taught. The Unknown Perspective is everything!

It feels uncomfortable walking towards the unknown and walking away from the known, as you have no idea where it will take you. Therefore you cannot be prepared- and must deal with each step, in each moment.  To do this, WE TRUST our place and role on/of Earth/Gaia and the wider cosmos.

Our breath is our direct link to specific processes of Earth/Gaia.

Our bodies are designed to breath and function with awareness and unawareness-consciously/ unconsciously/sympathetic/parasympathetic.

We can choose to be aware and think about the state of our breath- or leave it to the auto-pilot -and be ignorant (lack of information) and unaware of what our breath is saying- about us at each now moment (e.g. ‘Am I relaxed or Am I tense’?).

Our connection to everything is very clear through our breath- and there are many levels/phases/transitions/potentials as a result- of our own unique-

ness- and our willingness to choose to increase our own awareness- and help others if they wish to do so and/or respect those who choose to not.

Through seeing the bigger picture within and without of ourselves- we can understand our role and truth- at any moment- as we are designed to evolving with/for Earth/Gaia through our shared breath.

Love All Namaste:

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Verna's Work




Challenges are required - to tap into the knowledge and wisdom of our BEING the CO-CREATOR with our Mother Earth and Father Universe - we are one in the unity of all creation - here on earth and the outer/inner reaches of Universes.

That which stops us IS we have chained ourselves to the illusions of the given belief systems- this ‘reality’ is finished!

Our DNA is transmuting – evolving into the collective consciousness and understanding of the expanding awareness and consciousness THAT HAS ARRIVED!  What can WE do and what does it mean?

We are experiencing the Co-Creation with our – cosmos –our sovereignty and through our birth on earth.

When we expand beyond our 5 senses - we begin to Re-remember the feeling - of the expanded infinite knowing and the potentials that are found beyond the limitation of our mind.

The capabilities of science to define and measure, the expansion of awareness and consciousness, is limited- enough information HAS been discovered to contradict many out dated beliefs in both science and religion!

We as transmitters and receivers transducer – we do receive and re-direct electro-magnetic fields of energy phases- it alters them towards new ways of being and living- as an active part, in the processes of evolution through our DNA sovereignty.

You own it- beam it from your own inner energy core, through the central sun of central suns, expanding unknown energy fields towards unknown dimensions!

The Truth is so profound the illusions Religion body’s  and Establishments are becoming very thin through their own doing. 

The desires to satisfy self only- are fully out of sync with the truth of our DNA SOVERIGNTY - all foundations that are built on illusions, are crumbling.

Energy takes time to dissipate and or build. PATIENCE is BLESSED in our KNOWLEDGE of this TRUTH,




Slowly, the Wisdom of Energy is returning; into our Awareness and Daily Life!!

Science aims to understand the workings of the mind, head and heart connection; attempting to explain the Universal Laws with pure logic.

Spiritual Wisdom- talks from our heart and feelings, relying on Intuitive Infinite Knowing:

To complete the picture they STAND TOGETHER SIDE BY SIDE AS ONE.   Modern Physics says the Whole Universe is one dynamic fabric (plasma), constructed through Energy Patterns AND that the Observer is actively, seamlessly integrated and part of them.

The consequence is that all beliefs and ideas of separation form this pattern is an illusion- we are always CONNECTED to Earth and our universe directly!!


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