Dec and Jan 2018


 December and into January 2018 energy portals of light;

“Welcome to 2018”, Rae said to herself, she was sitting in her room in Spain, being on her own gives time to do any work that was required by her higher being over the winter solstice.

This is a time when Gaia’s magnetic core was alighting with Vega’s to exchange magnetic energy from their core.

The energy was exacting, disturbing and it made her very tired, things came up from her unconscious during dreams, she had one about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

This dream was bringing up unconscious thoughts that she did not realist she had and at the same time the words, “it’s the winter solstice”, kept repeating all the way through as a a blue light was being put thought her and Gaia continually.

This day is important in the new earth energy, during last nights dream, Rae was aware of a blue light being given through her constantly and the words “it’s the winter solstice”, repeating all way through the dream, this light is causing an imbalance, Rae is being used as a receiver of the light to anchor it into Gaia.

The elders speak:

“This is the new element that we have been nurturing since 2012; it’s fulfilled and is being anchored into new earth Gaia in close proximity to the old 3 D earth.

You are the cartelist to bring it into, and onto, earth at the place where you are.

Its powerful, it comes from the outer diamond crystal grid, through the two galaxies Andromeda and the Milky Ways light centre and across the star grids, into earth, where it is anchoring into the magnetic core, through the magnetic grids that has been set up, sink your field into Agatha and expand, anchor through your feel into central sun and expand out.

On the 9th of January the re-alignment of the magnetic energy in ALL things has completed.

Rae listens, saying thank you for the information, she stands in her expanded universal self and anchors into Agatha, she extends her field out to them and as far as her knowledge of the universe can understand and calls it the Off-World Field.

“My field is as big as the cosmos, its attachment to earth as a pinpoint through my physical being, this expansion is to bring the cosmic upgrade into Earth”, Rae tells herself; “things have changed! The information and explanation of the way forwards is still coming in a completely different format.

Hermes Trismegistus came into my dreams he stood in front of me and told me of the way he finished one part of his progress and started on his secret path; how he did it.

He said, he did it in small steps and low key and people just followed him silently and I need to look at the ancient books on myth and magic to find my way forwards in my new path. The information is in the Akashic records through the ancient Greek, Egyptian and the Atlantis mythology.

Your guidance is to look at the Kybalion and other old texts.

Rae was feeling the undulating energy washing over her; “I wonder what I can do! I can feel it, associate with it but what good is it".

The answer is: make a cohered frequency of calm and bring it onto earth and balance as an undulating field of connected light wrap the violet flame to transform give out love and love.

“I can use it for my connection and balance to hold waves around any situation so that it quietens”, that’s answered my question”.

A universal soul has influence on the quantum super non-local awareness phenomena; the consciousness of your physical does have the ability of the ancient gods as depicted in the myths of the Greek and Egyptian gods. This is not in the way of religion.

If you take a peek at the very ancient way before the known history of man, its interest was an advancement of the evolution of humanity. You have connected to that origin source and hold the light of balance.

In my awareness I am holding, feeling and understanding the light language as extra sensory perception merged with the normal field consciously.

It tells me how I can be like the gods in the film of Jason and the Argonauts.

They say if that’s what it takes for my physical to be able to visualise and imagine it, then do it, so that I can do this new energy work.

Use your mastery as one of the Galactic beings as a unity connection to the great central sun, son of Yahweh.

This unity is a conscious group with the physical beings on earth and we work together to the collective consciousness unity of man and humanity.

As a unit we cover Gaia and her peoples with this light language streams with balance, it’s up to the individual to do it for them self’s by changing their belief systems; they can use the light language of the worlds, the omens and then act on them positively.

 The light language is a deep knowing from the Akashic files that have become a tangible feeling of energy fields within me that is so strong it has form within my universal field.

Rae Grasps the information: “my new mission is to connect to Gaia on this level of understanding, holding the balance in my new awareness and undulations, to hold Gaia’s balance on all levels, she is opening into her new earth creation of light in the undulating universal expansion within”.

I am a daughter of the order of Lord Melchizedek to reveal this ancient eternal order.

My connection is complete and I am a stream of light and knowledge while I remain physical.

What a privilege, Lord Melchizedek comes up in the bible as being a representative of God, he is equal to Metatron, Michael, and Merlin in status and they are the alchemists and they deal with the collective consciousness of humanity.

Everything in my past has lead me to this place to reveal the ancient order back into the collective consciousness of humanity so that the cosmos can transit into its next vibration of existence’.

The healing in the Off World Field:

 Rae tried to expand her energy to go into the O W F it was being blocked by energy with bands of light gold and deep green energy strips that were holding it.

She expanded it until it was a cloud of colours and her light could flicker into every particle changing it into light white energy.

She holds it, it is quantum healing, this is quantum healing in Gaia and herself, its hard to think that while she is focused within its happening on every level of life as well.

Appling the crystalline living light spirals and vortexes, makes it much easier for her to imagine and its sit well with her.

Rae focuses onto a specific train of thought to bring a deeper connection to the solar light and anchoring it into the Agatha C Sun, the healing and adjustments will automatically shift, heal and balance Gaia.

She cannot repress her human trait of the emotional undulations, she has to experience both realms, as she trudges through the rest of her life, everything is correct.

WE are all one:

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The Alchemist


The Alchemists says take a break!  

There is a lot of disruption on Gaia and her people during this period of time, which means no one is in their frequency field of focused intelligent consciousness.

People, entities and beings including the unseen and innate fields of life are not anchored to their old beliefs systems, these old waves have disintegrated in the light of the suns highly evolved emissions, it is slowly releasing the controlling hold of the old earth way.

People are feeling this is many ways, one minuet they are balanced and in wonder of Gaia beauty, the next they are plummeted into the depth of the old way and are having trouble understanding how to deal with these two opposites.

This is a time to just ‘be’, do not try to understand or put a human interpretation on it or even change it, just let it be. As soon as you feel the energy drop into the lower frequency- allows it to be- for as little time as possible- before you take action to re-balance it. It can be as easy as one breath or as difficult as climbing a mountain.

Whatever way you feel it; is your personal perspective on how to deal with it.

People are dealing with it is in the whole spectrum of the emotional fields that humans race can / is functioning, these fluctuation have become a lot stronger than ever before, it’s coming to a tipping point of human emotional awareness of every individuals understanding.

It is bringing about a deeper cavity between these two fields 3rd and 5th + of Gaia.

As we have said before you have your knowledge your toolbox to help you to adjust.

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Galactic Fields of Light


Galactic fields of light:

During the beginning 2018 there has been wave after wave of high frequency living light coming into Gaia, as the vibrations raises it creates fields within fields on the earth we are all fluctuating in and out the these dimension, getting used to this id a gradual process.

I am assisting the higher frequencies by grounding and anchoring these pulses of light into earth, it takes me into spaces of different realities; each level of light has its own reality, some of the dimensions are so fine that the only way I can do it is to go into active sleep state and being completely aware of what’s happening.

January and February’s intense quickening of light and re-calibration is moving us forwards, in March in a dream I was adjusting the light quotient that’s coming into Gaia, I could see la large circular object with shell like patterns on it these are the adjustments panels in the 6-12th dimensional space earths light quotient has raised over the last three months to a level where all peoples are altering their D N A.

The equinox brings a massive light flow into Gaia’s core, this happens spontaneously over the seasonal changes, each turn of the planet as she goes round the trajectory will bring in another packet of light quotient into Earths core.

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Waking Up Time 1


Waking up time:

We are the inter-galactic beings and you are seeing the pathways that we talked about earlier this year.

10/4/18: The first activation of the light spirals being place round Gaia:

This channel comes from the Galactic council of light:

Gaia is very close to portal highways in the galixy, they are super highway for inter-galactic exchange of energy.

The inner earth super hyper-tunnels are reset and activated, these pick up the portals in the galaxy’s fields then the universal fields, they open and shining.

The position of the hyper portals that run parallel with earth in the solar system are the source of balance for her as the solar system re- configures its magnetic and electro magnetic fields it will hold Gaia in place as these changes occur.

 These are lighting up the path for the iridescent light particles to surround Gaia and all planets in the galixy and the local universe through black holes of distant galaxy’s to bring in the up graded light for the ascension of all in your local universe.

Its what you can see in dreamtime and feel in the makeup of your D N A and dimensional auric fields. Be light x

Personal observation:

Now I am awake this ‘bit’ of writing came in while I was half asleep.

I could ‘see’ the bright light streaking across the cosmos towards Gaia they were wide at the based and widened even more as they approached Gaia and me/us. They had iridescent rainbow colours and silver and gold streaking through them and at the same time this message came into my head I was compelled to sit up and write it in this manner of script.

I asked who they are:

We are the inter-galactic council giving you this information to share in this manner of writing, it will be best to make it into a story about Rae and the alchemist Jack so that we can talk directly to you and tell you what to do with this light.

Jack came knocking on Rae’s door to tell her to be ready to anchor these light particles into Gaia through her auric field.

  “Rae” he says,

  “This is important, today the numerology is set to open the consciousness of Gaia and humanity to receive these light particles directly into her D N A.

This will instantly affect all life on her as well.”

We sit together and openly meld with this field to keep the balance and anchor it into the plexus filigrees of gold of her outer structure by sitting and breathing into the inner space within us and Gaia and becoming one field. Taking down all the edges/ membranes that hold Gaia in her 3 D space for this moment in time and she can accept /allow these galactic stream into her multi dimensional fields we three, you us and Gaia id the unity trinity of this trimester quota for this month.

We merge together as one beautiful balanced field of light before we anchor into Agatha’s central sun holding it in the outer regions as it penetrates and alters the 3d structure of her matrix.”

In Rae’s minds eye she see’s this as three fields of resonating light open fields coming together as one, integrating the three different equal elements together until they are all one with the new earth light field as individual coherent elements.

Jack speaks and brakes Rae’s train of thought.

    “Rae, you are seeing this in the 3D way! I will try to explain how it is on the multi Ds.

There is only polarity /separation on 3D earth!  Its hot/cold, up/down inside/outside etc., you envisage this as being on the ‘outside of Gaia! Not correct! There is NO outside!

Try it this way: Gaia, Agatha, you, me, we are all fields of energy with no perimeters.

The frequency of light vibration of each field signifies the different entities

The way these fields act and re-act is due to the frequency of the spiral waves that make up the field.

Example: Gaia’s field functions on the multi Ds each one of these has its own signature vibration and they can be inter-mingled with the correct weight and measurements of unconditional love focus from the divine hearts that is a unique field of the one.

Human beings hold this ‘bit’ of the divine light that can be utilised as a light stream when given the correct emotional conscious heart felt love with conscious thought.

All other beings who are responsible for lighting up these quotient of light applications in the inter-galactic councils of the creator gods grand plan of light packets have their own requirements.

See it this way: as a being on earth your consciousness, heart felt love focus allows your fields to meld with me and the inter-galactic light fields so that it can be anchored consciously into the collective consciousness of Gaia to bring her + all life into line with the new earth fields of future earth galaxy and universe.

 We also do this in Agatha’s fields that is as one with Gaia within her multi Ds. our restriction is we only work on the 5th-7th D while we are here on Gaia as a physical human being, you especially cannot go further, I can but not with you and this job.

We are assigned to this trimester to help all peoples to understand these different aspects of the tapestry of existence in the multi D universe expanding the minds of all peoples.

So now we see the fields and how they are inter connected by their vibrational differences and how we can do this connection to see / imagine the universe as fields of light energy.

In the universal law like goes to like: a persons light vibration will bring them into the correct place with the correct people to experience these differences and recognise them so that their life path can be experienced to its fullness of what they have written in their life plan.

Do you understand Rae? Jack askes.

Rae sit and thinks about this info, she is not sure yet and says.

     “I need time to think about this Jack, these teachings are so different and I must go over them a few times to be able to realise what they mean to me here on earth in my human capacity.”

 Jack answers,

    “That’s ok, you are ready to take this concept and by next summer you will ‘know’ and recognise the value in these teachings, please share this its for all humanity you are just the channel.”

Rae thanks him and he leaves.

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Earth Dragon


Earth Dragon Glastonbury:

Dealing with old beliefs and perceptions:

This new turn of events and next phrase has thrown Rae a bit. After the experiences with the Trinitized spiral waves of light and the most uncomfortable feeling on Thira she is glad its over.

Having shared the information about the multi Ds in the chakras she knows she can move on.

Having acquired the beautiful blue carpet with the dragon in the centre she knew she had been give a gift that was special.

And now the significance of this has become clear; Glastonbury, Wells, Shepton Mallet and Merlin.

Getting up from her relaxed place sitting in the sun of a glorious Indian summer she decided to go to the café to speak with Jack the alchemist he will be able to straighten things out a bit.

Walking across the fields Rae feels the lightness of the atmosphere and how content she is with it now, its become ‘normal’ and Gaia’s environment is at it’s most beautiful at this time of year she is in her last trimester of 2018 after which she will start her journey back towards the sun in December.

She reaches the café and walked to the back where she new Jack would be and there he was almost waiting for her he had ordered two drinks so he did know she was on her way he picked up on her intentions.

He tells her to sit down and he starts to talk; she listens.

       “I am glad you chose to come and see me at this time

because there are things that need explaining.

The sequence you have just finished, emerging and incorporating the last three years works into one completely unified field and creating the filigree plexus round Gaia has released you for this new venture.

Holding it is your job and will carry on to bring the thread across to the next experience, it has to be linked”.

“There are a few things we need to get straightened out about the perception of the Earth Dragon energy fields, the concept of the Dragon on 3D earth is NOT correct, far from it, this light field comes from a much higher dimensional field than the 3rd D.

It comes from the Metatron, Melchior and Michael level of divine light as the light shiny flow of translucent crystal clear tendrils spiralling and flowing on and in Gaia’s entity embedded in Gaia’s inner earth crystals, Agatha.”

Rae said,

         “I always thought dragons, serpents, and snakes come from the under world along with fairies elf’s and the little people, being from Celtic roots Rae had always known about the little people and had played with them as a child, knowing that if she was bad she would bump into the ones who lived in the under world.”

Jack listened to her story and laughed out loud.

        “You consciously played out the old belief system of the 3rd D earth didn’t you Rae.”

Rae looked at Jack and felt a little bit silly and said,  

     “What else could I do”?

Jack answered,

        “As a child! Nothing; but now you can remember to use your understanding knowledge of you’re higher being and know that everything is as one. Change your belief by changing your hard wiring, shut off your 3D brains hard wiring and focus on your higher brain”.

Again Rae looked at Jack not sure what he meant.

Sensing her confusion, he said,

        “Think about it! You are sitting here talking to me about alchemy; you are in touch through non-local awareness and have already seen these souls in your physical vision as you did the little people so why! Do you have a problem accepting that they are the same as the giants of the inter-galactic souls! Why! All is one macro and micro! And all exists in the field’s to potential via non-local awareness”.

 Listening intently, Rae instantly new he was right and she felt even more foolish. Jack pick up on her thoughts,

        “Don’t be feeling that way”, he said “its quite normal for a soul to completely forget things when they take on their bio-suit for the earth experiences it has to be that way or it will not work as a3D experience will it”!

A big smile spread across his face and he took her hand passing a great security of comfort to her by this action and Rae became at one with this knowledge.

Taking a bit of time and drinking tea they sit quietly for a while enjoying the ambiances of the sunny day.

      “Yes”    Said Rae,    “You are right, I do know and I am aware of these tall souls and the little people and all in between.  I don’t know why I was being so resentful about it”.

 Jack replied,

        “That’s because you are still living on earth as a human, still learning how to change your thoughts, still living in your set body with all its belief systems in place, your are like a baby just beginning to recognise these other aspects that are hidden from you on this planet. All you have is small glimpses of the cosmic inter-galactic worlds, a very small glimpse”!

      “When you get one of these and you know it’s the truth it confounds your physical beliefs and your brain cannot make head or tail of it.”

So you write it, share it, try to follow it and come to a hard wall of dis-beliefs for all other people until you feel like giving it up! But that is not an option is it”?


Rae says

      “I can’t stop it or shut it off”.

Jack looks at her knowingly,

     “Remember Rae your soul and group agreed to come here and expand your life as a human being at this time in Gaia’s evolution to help her through your own experiences of changing your physical beliefs, understanding and bringing back the ancient knowledge so that others can follow on in the fullness of time. This is just the beginning the earth time period is 25.000 and 250.000 years onwards the bigger picture”.

“That’s enough now Rae lets go down to the estuary and find a couple of sunbeds to relax on and we can bring this information into your real imagination where you can really experience these beings in the wholeness of the higher realms”.

As they wandered across the field there were people and children playing chatting and Rae new she was part of this as well as the higher being.

She could feel the lightness of her feet treading on Gaia’s surface and feel how tall and how small she is all at the same time. Looking across at Jack he was gliding as one with nature he was so integrated, we found a good spot, the scenery was not all beautiful, the tide was out and the bed of this estuary is mud, dark sticky mud strewn with black rocks and old bricks from the old sea walls.

Then as we look across the silvery ribbon of the river channel and beyond to the beautiful green hilly landscape of Kent topped with a beautiful azure sky all the elements in one big view. Rae loved this aspect of where she lived the beauty and the beast of the 3D life.

Finding a small sandy beach in all the mud they set up the chairs and relaxed into them.

Jack told her to breath into her heart, immediately Rae was transported to the sanctuary of her true soul self.

She felt the unconditional love focus of the unity of the one through her hearts felt love.

Looking around the galactic souls were asking her to open up and expand her inner self then she was in the airy, fairy space with the T light anchored to inner earth.

All round her were light beings the giants, little people, dragons, angels, serpents and snakes Adam kadman Melchior Michael and Metatron all of these fields of light patterns recognised through the feelings and impressed thoughts through her energy fields.

The light in this place is iridescent, gold and silver all soft hews of the rainbow colours shining with crystals that flickers and reflected all the fields of light energy.

A big dragon came close to her and imprinted in her field that how he was her new partner for the next journey into 2019 and he/she was going to guide her new foundation to bring her to the correct frequency to be able to accomplish the alchemy at Glastonbury unity white and red springs into one male/female unity.

As the dragon came up to her field there was no physical form it was as if he merged with her field and she felt a slight blip in her solar plexus as this happened and then he was near side by side.

Suddenly Rae could hear the Brent Geese flying low in perfect harmony they fly in the shape of an arrow and calling to each other this penetrated her inner vision and Jack said

     “Yes they are sacred and we are blessed to have them living near by. They are keeping the balance on this island for all souls, its perfect for the geese and they in turn protect this sacred space from very dark negative influences”.

Rea said,

      ‘Thank you”, to her Dragon and he impressed her with, I am not leaving you now, as you walk on earth as human I will walk with you as an element for the higher field of light from the Melchior field we are all one.

Turning to Jack she said,

      “Thank you for this teaching for my understanding and the way of the dragon alchemy and I will meet up with you again”.

Jack smiled and did not answer instead he got up and walked home to the café. Rae turned and went home thanking the higher beings with great love.

When she got home and looked at the dragon set in the carpet she new this was the lovely new earth of light, as she read through her diaries she could see how it all linked up.

Participating, universe conscious fields of radiance and inner iridescent colourers of light, what we think is what we are, participating in a universal conscious field of radiance inner iridesant light to resonance within our human bio-suit that is housing us to help bring Gaia’s evolution forwards.

Rae is at one with the idea of the truly light beings of the serpents, dragons, fairies, little people and snakes.

She understands that this is the creator’s plan.

Thank you x

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Waking Up time 2


Reflection on Waking up time:

QUOTE  from waking up time 1:

In Rae’s minds eye she see’s this as three fields of resonating light open fields coming together as one, integrating the three different equal elements together until they are all one with the new earth light field as individual coherent elements.

Jack speaks and brakes Rae’s train of thought.

    “Rae, you are seeing this in the 3D way! I will try to explain how it is on the multi Ds.

There is only polarity /separation on 3D earth!  Its hot/cold, up/down inside/outside etc., you envisage this as being on the ‘outside of Gaia! Not correct! There is NO outside!

Try it this way: Gaia, Agatha, you, me, we are all fields of energy with no perimeters.

The frequency of light vibration of each field signifies the different entities

The way these fields act and re-act is due to the frequency of the spiral waves that make up the field.

Example: Gaia’s field functions on the multi Ds each one of these has its own signature vibration and they can be inter-mingled with the correct weight and measurements of unconditional love focus from the divine hearts that is a unique field of the one.

It’s the feelings of these fields that’s been eluding her:

The councils come in:

 “Gaia’s field is multi D her mantel and sub strata down to the tectonic plate are function on the 3rd D and this is the area that is transmuting into the higher frequency of quotient light, its this that we /you and us the ancient galactic beings have been changing adjusting releasing energy and holding the new waves as they have been coming in from the cosmos since 1992”.

“The substrata are the part of Gaia’s field that holds the negative energies that have prevailed over the years.

Agatha is the field where we the ancients + have been holding the balance until the times of change come.

This is what we mean when we talk about Gaia’s multi Ds and its what we mean when we say man holds a ‘bit’ of this as well, man has his inner earth/ Agatha’ bit’ to use to access the lighter Ds of fields within fields”.

Rae says,” I still don’t get it fully”

They carry on: “you are part of the sub-strata part of Gaia and live on the surface upon her mantel as a part of her 3rd D holographic matrix field frequency but you hold the Agatha ‘bit; within your fields”.

Rae’s question:  “Is that is in an individual way to each person”?

They answer:  “NO! Every person has it in his or her field on the natural state of earth.

The difference between people’s perceptions is what they act on due to their conditioning through societies life style.

It’s the conscious awareness of the inner part the ‘Agatha ‘ ‘bit’ within the human fields bio body’s makeup that dictates how far you can move your attention towards the multi D and be able to accept it.”

“Those who are consciously moving to ascension are able to recognise and understand from the angle of the accepted meditation ways given by the societies knowledge.

Once you tap into it even a little bit you start to unravel the tangled threads of what is real and what is an illusion.

You start to understand the inner Agatha ‘bit’ is the real and only one and the outer concept is an illusion designed to distract you so that there is no time to sit and ponder on the inner self.

Once this begins to seep into your mind it begins to change the awareness of life.

It’s the same with Gaia, her strata and sub-strata is beginning to seep into the inner earth Agatha Multi Ds

The highly charged energy coming into Agatha from the cosmos and outer universe in through her north pole is being permeated out to the sub strata and surface and out to life on earth.

Inner earth is emitting these waves outwards to re-set the balance of the outer surface so that the new in-coming spiral ratio arms of light transforms the outer layer of earth and in-so-much the peoples of planet earth done of the Binal type codes using the Golden Mean Ratio arms of spiral light the sacred language of the creators grand plan the ONE /ALL.

The filigree plexus is also done in this way it has no perimeter only tendrils of the golden mean ratio spiral making up the sacred pattern of new earth light reaching into the mantel and substrata and outer hyper tunnels on and around earth and cosmos done in the same way with Golden Mean Ratio spiral fields consciously transmitting and receiving”.

God bless x

RAE thinks this has enlightened her understanding a bit and is thankful.

Her Personal perception:

If all things have no boundary the field of inner and outer Gaia + us and all masters and all things in the cosmos are as one.

Breathe it down to earth, inner and outer and our entire local universe.

Its all in one place, none is bigger that the other, all is equal, the outer is residing with the inner and we are residing with it.

The energy of the ones who are not using their conscious awareness is denser than those who are, this is the negative part of the strata and is a comparison to the lighter part of inner Earth.

 For man to access the inner ’bit’ use the conscious heart felt love focus of creativity to connect to the inner space of the multi Ds changing frequency to ‘be’ in this moment of focus creating the ability to ‘be’ free from fear.

Understanding if I /we want any info from the ancients or inter Galactic and master we just use our method of conscious breath and focus heart felt love and the energy steam from this all in one place of initiate energy will be drawn towards the conscious breath and free to transmit the needed info.

SO we transmit our request coupled with Heart Felt Love conscious breath and it is received by the like frequency field and that will receive it via our non-local super consciousness an we try to remember it or write it down we experience it and document it to share.

So when we are ‘Talking’ to Jack or Merlin or Dra-gon we are transmitting our request and their field is responding and give out as info for us to receive and its all done on a binal type code using the Golden mean ration spiral arm soft light the sacred language of the creators grand plan the ONE/ALL.

The filigree plexus is done in this way. There is no perimeter only tendrils of G M T spiral making up the sacred pattern of new earth light reaching into the mantel & sub strata and the connecting to the cosmic hyper tunnels that are the connection to the outer galactic energies and attaching to the 5th-7th Ds of inner earths multi D souls.

Ray thinks this has enlightened her understanding a bit and is thankful.

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Waking Up Time 3

Waking up time 3:

 This 11/11 light spiral has brought the shape of the G M R spiral of the Galaxies into Gaia’s and mans consciousness of the collective humanity awareness and actually with in all bodies of life on earth and other planetary bodies balancing through out the universe as a way to open up the sacred portals with this formation of light spiral waves.

This is what’s in Rae’s thought at waking time. She   was dreaming of being at a Diwali celebration.

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Waking Up Time 4


Wake Up Time:

She calls the councilS of light and the alchemist come in, “this is different where is my perception”?

They come forwards and tell her it’s the perception of the 5th D becoming the normal environment for all peoples, the 5th-12th galactic chamber field has ascending within mankind on an inner-self level as with Gaia Inner Earth/ Agatha.

 Yesterday the sacred unity stated that the Ain Soph field has been anchored into the inner Earth/Agatha and the hyper tunnels and heart centres of the local galaxies, this as a magnification that is ascending outwards through all magnetic portals on earth all gateways as in the galactic fields.

Everyone has a magnetic attachment to these they are open and emanation this magnificent light into all light workers consciously and unconsciously who are picking it up and interpretation it in their own way of understanding.

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Practice Consciously


 Practice Conscious Experiencing Itself:

Rea thinks, since that last data she has been trying to practice these thought changes.

Today as she come off the train to go to an appointment she felt pain and changed her thoughts to her field consciousness and felt it move through her pain, repeating to herself whilst she walked, she kept it open and she was completely aware of it and her physical pain subsided and she realised she was looking at the world, people, shops and everyone going about their business from the outside of the 3rd D holographic matrix drama and she felt good.

Remembering to breath into her field that is beyond of the 3rd D matrix hologram, centring into this field that has no connection to the earths hologram matrix of the 3rd D she realised that she was in the high consciousness experiencing itself while residing in a bio-suit separation on earth in this moment.

Personal observation:

This piece of data that came in the middle of the night on the 19/11/18 is powerful light code language that holds the ability to transform the brain and DNA of mankind so the inner alterations of Gaia + life and humanity starts to be processed.

Beyond the 3rd D holo matrix is being outside “Plato’s Cave” except the outside is NOT as we know how earth is.

Instead, its all fields and wave poriential that moves, flowing into any object you want to create.

Its not a set landscape of how we see it in our 3rd D vision, it’s the Multi D vibrational waves spirals of the Golden Mean Ratio, in the 3rd D holographic world we are static; out here we are light flowing energy with colour.

My Q:  What about the Galactic beings are they tall and human like or are they just fields?

A: In the same way your body is so is that of the galactic souls, they are beyond the3rd D H.M. They can shape shift and be any shape they want

It’s the peoples 3rd D holographic belief that there is any shape; its all energy.

The energies pick up on the intelligent conscious and understanding of the souls or groups they are giving data to and personalise them self in a matching image so that the souls can get the message and accept the understanding.

Colour is useful in the energy frequency each one has a different signature. Middle Earth/ Agatha is beyond the hologram matrix the higher beings, Galactic souls function in this space.

Personal observation:

Its been 28 years since we first heard of the holographic theory and 8 years since we started to really study it and then we set about re-setting our own holographic drama to eliminate old beliefs that do not serve any more.

In terms of Steve Davis book “Butterfly Are Free To Fly” there are many more people at the back of the theatre and very few who have stepped out of it completely, there are still many sitting in the theatre watching the screen.

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Torus Fields


Galactic Souls tell us about the Torus fields and Zero point:

This morning we were looking at the way of the pyramids and we found a video of the Toroidal field and it resonated with our frequency.

We felt the galactic souls and the councils coming in with data about this and it is important to understand it for the brand new way of being on 5th D Gaia and the work that’s to be done with the healing and balancing of Gaia Solar system and galaxies.

And this is what they wrote.

All energy moves in a Torus field manner this means the energy sent out will form a sacred pattern called a Torus and move back to itself making this doughnut shaped pattern.

The heart possesses the zero point from which this torus field stems from with the thought process of sending energy out.

Keep it love not negative for everything we send out will coms back to us.

It comes from the point of unity and expresses itself and then comes back to unity, the zero point. It’s a self-organising field of unity.

This self-organising energy goes back into itself always.

The point it stems from in the body is the heart zero point and that’s where it goes back to, what a person gives out is what is brought back to them on the torus field’s sacred geometry it is in line with the GMR and Fibonacci spirals.

Zero point is the place in energy where there are no particles it is the field of potential that is pure light wavelets before it has and form and this is where we can create.

This is in the hearts of all living things and when given unconditional love focus create a torus field that goes out and then comes back on itself.

Merlin comes into our field at this point:

We are acting from outside of the hologram close your physical eyes and see through your 3rd eye.

Breathe into your/our/ Gaia’s hearts and activate the Torus GMR spirals of crystal light.

Remember we are beyond the 3rd D in the 5th +Ds of oneness, focus into the grand central sun in Agatha with your conscious awareness and give out/ transmit unconditional love field and feel it when it connects start to organise itself to go out to! Where?

It goes out to the local star systems in the Milky Way and Andromeda and as far as the 22-diamond galaxy array in mid heaven.

It floods this area with heartfelt unconditional love that is consciousness experiencing itself through us all, bringing in the sacred light fields that stem from the ALL and Unity of the Zero point.

Know that the connectedness as one is always in play, we all stem from the one zero point and we all go back to it.

 As the torus field forms and then comes back on itself it brings with it the brand new light focus back into Gaia and all planets in the local universe down to the smallest creature on3rd D Gaia as it comes in it expands up-grades and imbibes this into everyone and thing; all previous work will now carry this new galactic coded light frequency to en-lighten it to its next period of self truth and to outside and inside the Gaia hologram matrix and in the beyond space the true world of pure consciousness.

As you’re a seeing in the 3rd eye it’s happening on the multi light levels at the same time we must keep the focus and energy.

Every linier grid that has been set by all L/Workers over the last 20 years is now lined with this Torus GMR crystals spirals in the consciousness of the collective of the wholeness, there is nothing linier left in the work. Today its being transmuted in its sacred geometrical Torus and GMR infinite shapes consciously with the correct weights and measurements the math has been up-dated into this new 5th Gaia in the hologram and in the light fields that are beyond.


We feel that we are looking at info that is to be understood before we can go to Glastonbury and balance fire and water next June and this is part of that.

Being consciously aware that we are living in the beyond the 3rd D holo is quite liberating and quiet strange in so much as we do feel part of it but also detached, it’s a quandary, a paradox.

We are being told to share this as the new way of being on Gaia to facilitate this up grade. We are going to share it with a friend.

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12/12 Fields


 12/12 fields The Galactic councils say:

We are in the opening of the 12/12 fields leading to the winter solstice, and we feel like we are in a void, nothing is settling.

The councils tells us:

Yes of course, it’s the next cycle of light this period of time is very intense, no sooner do you receive one upgrade you get the next and the next until the 1/1, after that it will quieten down a bit!

I/w can feel it changing within it’s like a frequency fudging feeling, not quite tuned in.

We can tell you that you have not become accustomed yet, its still settling down within, there must be NO resistance.

All this is happening to Gaia and all peoples, please keep grounded into inner earth and the high hearts use the binaural sound, keep learning about the torus field and keep practicing consciousness experiencing itself until it becomes natural, this is helping the collective of humanity, Gaia and all planets, galaxies and universe.

This 12/12 light spirals are of the nature of the Torus integrated system it is enhancing all peoples awareness to their unique learning path. It’s a beautiful bountiful light it’s the Torus, Golden Mean Ratio, the Flower of Life and the Metatron Cubes sacred geometric shapes of pure light within.

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Council Direct Us


 Listen dear soul ‘we’ councils and galactic souls want to direct you.

All of this latest stuff coming onto the media about consciousness and ascension is from the 2000-2018. The ‘new-Bee’s’ are coming forwards into mainstream media. They are reiterating what we learnt over this period of time.

Its taken 18 years for this to filter down into mans collective consciousness to get this far. Only look at it if you need to revise any of it to understand these new concepts like the Torus fields within your hearts, Tan Tiens chakras and sacred breath.

You are breaking through the groundwork for the others to follow: you are working from beyond the matrix you dip in and out of it, the info from Billy Carson is up to date.

 A Torus is an accepted model for energy fields, it is a dynamic, closed circuit and a self-sustaining system that flows freely in all direction with an emphasis on an ascending and descending spiral flow of energy.

In the centre is zero point this is a place of limitless potential and generates re-organisation and its stable.

Torus is the under lining structure of every atom, molecule, cell, crystal, plant, human, planets, solar systems and galaxies.

 They are nested within and integrate into another more encompassing toroi, it’s the nature of the universe.

Within humans each chakras, acupuncture point and every energy centre is a toroidal flow; it flows within itself in both directions.

The inner torus connects to a larger tori connecting to the larger human torus the aura field round the body they are all connected to source that is all enclosed and encompassing.

Humans are connected to the universal tori through source above and below its moves up and down at the same time, this like chi in chi kung except its not linier its spiral.

The Zero point in the human body is above the navel and the high heart, in chi Kung this is the middle and higher Tan Tiens its electro magnetic pole to pole.

It does relate directly to the practice of chi kung and the chakras it’s the expanded version of chi kung inner breath.

Breath in with the torus spiral breath instead of a linier breath,

Take it down to the lower chakras/ Tan Tien it will rise naturally to middle and upper chakras, it spins in a spiral down and up all energy points in the body.

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Rae's Little Story

Additional Information

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The Way Showers



Our question to Jack: is there enough people without fear to activate this moon meditation with the undivided conscious heart felt love to actualise it this time?

Answer: No! People are not ready yet to implicate their own truth about their fear, some are, but not the many yet. Jack smiles and tells us that we are at the birth of new Gaia.

The blogs put out will touch some as it has touched your freedom soul, there are the way showers who are actively transforming Gaia’s Matrix, the two tone sound EEE’ AAA’ is resonating within her as with you it is re-adjusting the inner core frequency to accept the advance moon activations, she is the one, humans are her cartelist for the energy injection with this alignment.

The clarity of unconditional love intention is not at optimum to facilitate the Advance Divine Flow, it is tainted with too much un-conscious fear, based on old beliefs from the many, its not time for this yet.

This is a time for the many to bring the truth about their life style and beliefs using their intuition to go into this meditation alignment so that they CAN understand and let go of another layer of energy reducing the fear that holds them.

Each alignment/step takes humanity into their next level of fear reduction from Gaia’s point of view she is ready for this injection of divine advanced pulse of refined light.

The way showers who are atoned to their fearless state of being are the ground crew dotted round her to be able to openly receive this anchoring themselves into the great central sun and holding it within their own bio-suit while Gaia assimilated it this time round.

It’s building the concrete base for the future of all life layer by layer to make it strong enough to withstand the next 20.000 years of progress slowly, slowly, catchy monkey as the saying goes IN TRUTH.

Your part is to do this physically as your on-going assignment as ground crew and share is as always.

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Talking to Jack




“The darkest night of the soul is before dawn, your perception of fields of energy has not jelled yet has it Rae?”

 Jack says.

Everyone has been going through his or her fears, memories and insecurities at this time of re-configuration.

“No, I guess not, mine seems to be about the way fields act out in my physical body at these changing times, changing the mind set to ‘see’ things as fields of light and energy is not an easy concept when all our eyes can see is solid physical objects set out in a certain pattern, a tree is tree! All put together as separate things we can’t see how they merge as fields with our eyes and brain.

We can feel it and understand the concept of light fields.

How do we envisage the field of air that we breath as a field, let alone fields within fields within our body plus abnormal fields of light that’s bombarding our planet at this time, its hard?”

Jack says, “remember everything is correct, all souls have their own foibles to deal with, some are more extreme than others and they all cope with them in their own right.”

Jack carries on, “I am of the galactic realms and have told you before why your trip is hard you chose it, may we remind you that you do your assignment on Gaia, for Gaia’ and you are required to spend time in meditative restful state, when you are forced to rest for any reason it’s a time when we can work with you while you are on the 3rd D holographic matrix of changing light.

Light workers and way-shower do have to experience the lower light fields that prevail earths 3rd Ds its part of the process, for most its not a deep negative experience that cannot be diverted from; the 3rd D matrix has many diversion that are to use when needed.

Some souls are equipped with great will, determination and resilience along with courage to do these life plans and you are one of them.

Souls experience the lower fields so that they can shed divine lightness into it diminishing it for humanities collective consciousness by mustering as much light and love when going through these times.

You do all right stop pondering on it, by the 20/21 Jan the build up of tension that is created by this cosmic movement

is released and all souls, entities, planets, galaxy’s and universes will shift en-mass into the new light of this galactic calendar,

Every soul on or off Gaia will be able to see the big expansive picture if they decide to look.”

“Thank you for this chat,” Rae says, we can move forwards into our new Gaia light with harmony and love.”

“Yes you can and know that all you have experienced over this period has been crated by the activation of the cosmic alignments to open up this light frequency and set the way for other to move seamlessly into the full moon torus portal with grace, love, and consciousness experiencing itself with the knowledge that they are safe and fears will diminish as their truth takes its place.

It’s he transformation of many from the 3rd holographic matrix into the 5th + multi dimensional reality, its job done for this trimester leading into the next one of en-light-en-ment for the creators plan to be accomplished.

You are still fragile so be aware of not doing to much physical excretion and rest when needed, you will not become wholesome until the24th Jan even then there is a constant need to be in the moment and aware of your physical needs.”

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