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Portals & Geometry



The portals of light are on the outside, surface, and inner earth of Gaia, they are conscious and are also connected to the cosmos.

The portals created are shimmering cover sheet within Gaia they are multi Ds and of the galactic family, remember to use our toolbox as we feel 3rd D lowering our frequency.

Everything we do creates a line: that line is the ratio of an energy field that is making a statement.

In geometric shapes every line and connection is a language, it is telling our physical body something and when we draw or write we are creating a message, an entity. It is an energetic entity with intelligence and consciousness.

We have an inmate ability to create new patterns with this field.

It is the energy of the intelligent geometric shapes that are encoded in the human body created by the brain energy; we all hold these geometric shapes in the body.

They tells us to pick up a pencil and drew a line, when we connect it to another one we get a sacred shape that is an entity of knowledge and can talk to us and give us information.

Consciousness and geometric shapes is another step in bringing humanity and life into conscious awareness.

The word LOVE is a sacred geometric scribe by the geometric entities of the divine.

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Carrier Waves




[Definition of carrier wave from dictionary]

Carrier wave- noun-

A high-frequency electromagnetic wave modulating in amplitude or frequency to convey a signal:

Carrier wave: is a wave of fixed strength.

Modulation: is a process through which information is added to a carrier signal to be transmitted over a telecommunication or electric medium: can this also be transmitted through electromagnetic medium that is human energy. CHI!

 The frequency of a sound wave or radio wave is the number of times it vibrates within a separate period of time.

Phrase is a stage in a process in the gradual development of something.

This is what we found out about this carrier wave and it seems to us that we could very easily be a fixed wave of a higher frequency so that we can transmit information, from the higher frequency source; what does anyone think about this?

A carrier wave is the fundamental signal on which the information is impressed, or carried. An un-modulating carrier is [ideally] a sine wave.

Nothing causes them they are a by-product of a process generated by some sort of oscillator.


This is a poser for anyone who knows anything about electronics to comment.



This one of those pieces of information that I am questioning and would like to have other people idea’s on it

ARE WE A CARRIER WAVE? We are appealing to anyone who is reading this data, to confirm this information OR deny it.

This channelling comes and we cannot find any science to back it up, there’s plenty about the carrier wave that only seems to be related to electronics and radio waves! Is it possible to say that man is a carrier wave and can transmit the frequency of light waves that hold information?

This information comes to our thoughts:

 Everything is an entity and we are the carrier wave that transmits the waves, is this a truth?

Carrier wave is a wave that transmits other waves, is it consciousness?

If this were correct then surely the scientist would know this.

A: No! In the 3D world the separation is used to keep science, math, spiritual awareness apart.

This data come’s from the top of the frequency pyramid of measurement that is used to explain the ranked position of the sacred light and information it is one of many.

No one on Gaia, has understood there is no separation; Nikola Tesla and many other intuitive physicists and scientists have done the coupling but came across the set belief system that holds the society of the 3rd D grip of blanketing brain washing that every one is working within.

We/you! Are the alchemists and work with the knowledge of all is connected and can be influenced by the consciousness of this innate connection within man, suffice to say, not all people will understand, there is a group/ground crew of souls from our frequency, positioned across Gaia and are KNOWING that there is an unopened area of progress that’s hovering to be explained.

Are we a carrier wave from the 3rd Ds to transmit the 5th D information: the carrier wave is a human beings perceiving information through the higher frequencies of light

Personal: I/we are sure that when we are doing the Gaia grids, portals, clearing, activating, drawing and holding, it is coming from another source other that our brain, we know we are receiving information that we feel through out our physical body that directs us.

Is it because we are a carrier wave receiving frequencies of light information? How does it work? Can we call it a carrier wave receiving?

I asked my daughter Verna Hawes and Annie Felix to comment on this information both of them gave valid comments about it and this next piece is Verna’s inspiration.


To your messages and ideas , we say, yes yes yes!!!

The words we use may not adequately describe what we are trying to understand. Preconceived ideas and beliefs marr the untainted knowledge at this time and space e.g. 3rd dimensional.

Now it is 5th DIMENSIONAL and the carrier wave(s) have themselves as an emotion/entity evolved as is true for ALL.

An emotion of such strength electric magnetically that at this level of creation holds everything, as we see it, in place. Membrane is the closet word to this idea in explaining how the different carrier waves, frequency modulations and phases can alter, evolve and change, giving our mind fields a chance to contemplate possibilities of change caused by the infinite evolving carrier waves.

So modulations and their phases are intimately connected to the whole of everything and whether it turns out we are the carrier waves, the modulating frequencies and/or the phases of these or/AND ALL of them at once as in Multi-Dimensional ideas and aspects, it proves one thing conclusively;




And the challenge is up for any who believe otherwise to disprove the above TRUTH! To the equal extent that science dictates through weights and measures currently.

LLLOVE ALLL 💚😁 Verna Hawes

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I/we have been using a different approach on creating our needs.

We have been given the belief that when we prey we ask for what we want,

“Divine god can you give me healing?”

“Can you hep those who suffer?”

This is a 3rd D belief that have we run our life are on.

If we are ALL connected as fields of light that overlap into interference patterns and we are ALL equal and there is NO Deity! Who! Are we asking? Ourselves or someone else!

We live in a world that has separated everything! Giving us the belief that we are in some way NOT qualified to help ourselves’

This is the way those who want power over others, control us, by telling us that we are NOT a qualified teacher or religious instruction and we can only get our needs fulfilled IF we ask, beg or pay for it.

In the truth of the multi Ds higher self we are the teacher- healer- and high being, living in a physical body and world of control.

We are our own divine self within our whole being- we are the light of the divine creators plan of our united fields of light.

To heal ourselves we move our thoughts to the inner under-lying segment of our energy field and direct our D N A to activate its job and rebalance, and clear the dis comfort of our enflamed achy bones.

We did it by the breath.

We are our own boss and not a subservient to any one; we work with our truth and true being.

IF everything is an energetic entity then we can direct all things by giving out our love to the entity we are wanting something from and speak to it as if its alive: [which it is in some way]; we can direct it.

Connect to its field and direct it to do its job, these entities is waiting for instruction.

It’s a totally different way of being respectful to everything and directing them with connected heart felt love, to fulfil their function, our D N A wants to release and heal any blockages in our body– rain wants to make things grow- sun to give us light and warmth- earth to grow our food in and trees to clear the air,

Connect to the pen and hand we write with for information from the higher beings that is residing in the 5th vibrations of light.

I/we are talking to our food, telling it with love to nourish us with its natural values.

This is our perspective on these things.

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Conscious Awareness

REFLECTIVE AWARENESS TOWARDS CONSCIOUSNESS - are we ready to go further into our authentic self - co

Since we started this page - the energies have expanded greatly for humanity, Earth and the whole of our universe – so we can now go into the divine light of the adamant particles the 12th ray of  light frequency thats on earth now – are we ready to go this step further and be resilient enough to move our 3rd dimension perception of the multi dimensional frequency of light?

This is within us as conscious awareness of changing and up grading our thoughts, perception, feelings, trust and consciousness on a personal level with our NOW! Multi dimensional body.

The information comes from the inner energies within our physical makeup - our D N A - it is the higher frequencies of light that our earth functions in now - accept this inner relationship of your authentic self.

we are rooted from the star systems, we have chosen to be here on earth at this time to help to bring in the new way for the future of all life

Becoming mindfully conscious of this greatly enhances the power within all peoples - it will give the human population the way forwards to create their own chosen life styles in ways to enhance there own life and support all life on Earth/Gaia in the future.

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Adamantine Particles


We have worked with the sacred dragon energy- since Oct 2018 - we understand how this energy feels and getting used it.

We are working with the masters of alchemy – Merlin, Metatron, Michael and Melchizedek on this level- understanding how fields are – how they undulate in waves- bringing in all the human emotions, fears and thought patterns related to this.

We are mixing the water and fire energy at the sacred wells! In Wells near Glastonbury, we will use exact weights measurement and mix etheric and emotions fire and water whilst anchoring in on Gaia through our mental body.

This will create a sacred flow of fire energy adamantine particles of the creator’s light. The serpent / dragon lays coiled its said to remain dormant until activated.

 The ancient say this serpent energy is the root chakra that has three and a half coils and described as a residential source of god fire, ethereal energy - it is said to open the sacred mind and connect the soul mind and the higher self of the soul- it’s the dragon /serpent fire energy of the creators plan.

The council of light tells us it’s the Earth Dragon ley lines- they are the subtle electro-magnetic energy know as the serpent, snake or dragon that circle the earth and cross over at sacred places such as Glastonbury.

There are two lines that run from Cornwall to East Anglia passing through Glastonbury called Michael and Mary after St Michael and St Mary male and female.

These cross three times [Tri], in the Glastonbury area - Abby Ruin, The Chalice Well and the Tor.

It’s part of the connection to the magnetism of Gaia’s poles and the cosmic Magnetism of the higher light beings who work with the galactic energetic ley line that run through the cosmos close to the planets.

These hot spots are connected to Gaia and the inter-galactic streams of light from the local universe they are clearing – unblocking- energising and balancing these channels so that they can flow and expand throughout Gaia and way beyond - anchoring them into the creators plan to bring this energy in. The previous work done by all light beings has brought Gaia to this point in her evolution.

When these two ley lines come together at Gaia’s heart chakra there will be a unity of balanced harmony between male and female for Gaia

Fast forwards to April 2019:

I/we sit in our house with clear spaces, floor and walls. It’s the equinox - we were given a pentagon portal in the garden as a ‘hotspot’ that we are clearing.

This will alchemically activate the entities of the geometric patterns creating a vortex round the whole building that will expand out connecting the whole planet in a star pattern of the pentagon, it is one of many layers of the light thought consciousness; everything is an entity.

We have moved to Westcliff on Sea - As Gaia moves through the seasons, this geometric entity is poised ready for the onslaught of these cosmic shifts through this year- it is secure enough for our higher beings to energise within and work on the deeper aspect of this portal.

As Gaia moves through the seasons, this geometric entity is poised ready for the onslaught of these cosmic shifts through this year- it is secure enough for our higher beings to energise within and work on the deeper aspect of this portal

The energy in this area is dissipated: unity is the key to this portal, to unify the band waves and anchoring the taproot into inner earth/Agatha.

This is a mid way station for the continuity up-grade of Gaia, it is the diversity of all people on earth, that has broken down the old 3D matrix hold and the area is running free with no guidance.

 We are gathered in this vast array of light nodes to amplify them into Gaia from the outer region of the universe. The array will be the extended pentagon star as it covers the earth.

In one-week this pentagon and pyramid has been established in the garden.

You are here- as ground crew- to open, activate and attune this portal/ vortex opening up a WIDE channel of light directly from the outer regions of the universe into Gaia at this place NOW!  In earth time.

This is to be the connection to the 10/12th D of the Adamantine Particles of the creator’s light, the Serpent, Snake and Dragon that lies coiled ready.

The message from Telos has backed this information up: it is to open a portal from which the Agatha souls can come into physical Gaia in their capacity as entities- not! As a pure physical being but as a light being that will make themselves known to you and others.

Your perceptions are already sensing this- the creative patterns on Gaia will emerge like a lotus flower vortex.

This ancient node is the Dragon 10th-12th red and white frequency it’s trickling with light at the moment.

 The time’ period for this is the winter solstice and it be activated in the 2020- it will take another year to become fully open and transmitting and receiving the entities- on the 3rdyear 2021 it will be used.

There are many of these latent portals across Gaia, the messages that have been shared about finding a sacred space to ‘be in the silence and meditate are these places.

Each soul who is intellectually consciously aware and perusing their path of way showers are finding these places as their personal sanctuary and connecting to Gaia and us the Agatha’s so that they to can have their direct channel of light to use when the time is right.

These connections will come in different guises according to the individuals understanding and knowledge of light- everything is CORRECT!

These portals will only open up to the highest frequency of divine light- NO-ONE will be able to activate them without the fine-tuning from the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE coupled with the understanding of the power and knowledge that they hold of their divine self.

Each soul will activate their portals with the frequency of light that they hold - there will be NO mistakes.

There is an activation clause that will stop these places being used for anything other than the highest vibration frequency of light.

Each portal will be activated according to the light frequency of the soul who is doing it and only they will be able to use it.

The one we are doing here is the advance node that is connected to the previous grid work done over the years and activated over the years, it is a prime portal for the UK to work on Gaia’s new high heart chakra that lays at Glastonbury the original one they will start to work in tandem when they are connected they will be as one and hold all the other earth chakras as Gaia energetic field break down and re-form into the New/ Nova Gaia frequency.

Each place where there is a main chakra on Gaia will have a soul or souls who are already aware of these changes and are in line to do this transformation in their own unique way Blessings to you all x thanks x.

P S.

There is a strong feeling through out our body that there is an enormous galactic entity hovering above this house- it could be called a ship except that this word evokes an image of a 3rd D earth, so we call it a galactic entity in the shape of an oval spiral of formed plasma of the universal intellect consciousness.

Q: Is it a vortex flattened out to an oval geometric pattern - and do you come down to us or do we come up to you?

A; We meet in the middle- ok! We are in it! Be love light now we write.

This is relevant to the connection of this field to open our heart energy and create our 8 feet field surrounding us.

And its also led us to become connected the 10/12th Ds light fields, for the deep inner D N A healing of this very refined light field and pass it on to others. Thank you x

The last part of our practice has been to do 3 healings and activations on three levels that is the final exam to initiate us into the spiritual alchemical frequency to be able to operate on earth with unconditioal heart felt love.

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To The People




Everyone is experiencing - raised hertz frequency of light - that earth is now in - see [Schumann resonance] – this is an extremely low frequency or radio waves that can be generated naturally in our brain or artificially and can phase with this same frequency in the human body it has an array of impacts on the human electromagnetic and D N A signals which effect the brain waves and state of consciousness.

Three years ago the Schumann resonance raised to 15-24 HZ from 7.83 HZ frequency above its usual

There is NO rule – everything is correct.

This is changing our physical body and how our brain functions through the electro-magnetic frequency in many ways - which is bringing people into their authentic self.

Mindfulness – Self-Development – Questioning the things that have always felt so comfy - Connecting to the deeper layers of your Authentic Self – Experiencing these level while you focus on your inner layers - Being able to recognise that you are far greater than your physical – Finding out that this is a frequency light field within your aura.

This is backed up by science and physics across the board – the understanding that we have innate energy layers, which we can tap into and utilise in ways to enhance our life and the life of all people.

Walking on earth and connecting to this field of energy: actually thinking while you walk about - how you are connected to the energies of this planet that supports you – how this action is feeding your body with the chemical elements – releasing the negative energy as you go- everything that you walk on, see and breath in, is giving you energy through the connections to the natural fields of earths frequency – physically it pump the blood - strengthen you organs and muscle - activating the chemicals in the brain relieving depression - bringing you into your authenticity of you!

“The time has come the walrus says, to talk of many things

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

Of cabbages and kings”

This came to mind – to talk of other things- different ways of looking at things – of medical research – physiology education how to focus and win a tennis tournament. Super-stars and great sportsmen - all follow this method of focus – concentrated imagination on the positive out come of their life dreams.

The people in the media and business and high commerce are using these methods - taking seminars to show their staff how to tap into their deeper layers and utilise them.

The actual breaking down of the old beliefs on earth - is happening as an undercurrent of the way of life – because its energy fields and waves they can run parallel - but this causes friction as it shifts along - it runs with this old way so that it can do this as an adjustment.

People who are conscious of Earth/ Gaia’s nature are feeling the disruption of these frequencies across the globe.

We are told to write from our heart - it will seem personal! 

Yes, but it is Earth/Gaia NOT YOU! It’s not single or alone - Its collective - all people have opted to be the representative of Earth  - in human form - with all its emotions, mental, thoughts, and actions - let them flow free in this manner of experience.

All people have their own direction - so that Earth can express herself through them.

It’s about balancing- yin yang- black white- negative and positive.

Earths balance is out of sync and all the things she and the human race are going through are working through to its new way of balance. Be blessed.

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Take Action


Something is emerging from the super-conscious: if we do not move out - of our regular routine in our life style - we can’t evolve into a new way.

The science is – As we do regular action every day – week – year - we create an energy pattern/ a wave that becomes very strong until we THINK we cannot live without it, its an addiction and its creates hard wiring in our brain.

We the human has an addictive nature so that we can’ survive- it’s an addiction to the food we eat – water we drink and air to breath - we need it to live - it’s a natural phenomena of life.

Our routine holds us in a constructive manner that feels like something we want to live by our routine - it keeps things in place so that our brain can cope.

That’s what we have been given - as a guideline to fulfil an acceptable life style; there is NO NEED to change if you don’t want to!

Your super-consciousness might urge you to change - to consider making a conscious alteration to one of your set routines - as an experiment to see how it feels and to open your perception up to a more forward way of thinking.

Do one thing different every day - this will change your set routine - in a way that will open a space - where you can have a new experience.

Try it for 3 days and be conscious about how you feel -it changes in the super-conscious of yourself and this is progress into your new way.

The human nature has been so set in this way for so long that it feels almost impossible to change.

It’s an old belief system that has been given forever! It is out of time now!

Everyone can try this: it goes towards changing the world view of the collective consciousness of humanity –

It takes a few courageous people to step out of this box of routine. It will change the patterns of the waves sending a ripple effect right through humanity consciousness intellect with love.

It’s a free will choice we do not have to change – it’s an option.

This is a guide to all people to start their journey of a 1,000-mile walk that starts with one step! And humanity is starting a long journey. Thanks X

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The Transition  1

THE TRANSITION - INTO EARTH’S CHANGING FREQUENCY: The first of a sequence of data:

The transition of this higher frequency - is changing the Earth’s frequency and our brain - is being taken on board and is unsettling for us human.

Sometimes it is disturbing, confusing and difficult to be in the right frequency at the right time -but once we realized that this is happening - we accept - take it on board and adjust our lifestyle accordingly.

The deep vortex of pure white light that has merged completely into the scared shapes of the new frequency Light of Gaia taking it on board and taking it down into the centre of Gaia to Agatha where it is being initiated as the next template plan for Gaia and all her people.

And I/we are being shown that we have to change our ways of doing lots of things – some of it is just changing our thoughts – other parts is remembering that we are changing and not slipping back into the old way.

First we are looking at the layers that we have to go through before we get to an understanding about the next one.


The deeper level of knowing is our prime directive that cuts through the layers of our given believes and takes us to our authentic self.

Master class:

We will REPHRASE our words and bring them into this new way - of alertness into mind consciousness – understanding our consciousness towards the collective consciousness.

ARE WE READY TO GO FURTHER - into our authenticity self and coming into the different layers of our understanding?

It can be understood by the feeling that you get in your heart and body when you think about it – it feels right – the feelings are quite important - because they are fields of energy - that are using our intuition - checking into these - rather than the things we have been cheeking into – in our old ways.

 We are passing these by - on our way through to the layers of the construct of our central being - that is within us as circles within circles, we will eventually get to the deeper ones - which lead us into the fields of actually knowingsomething that it is correct.

There is a lot of methods you can use to help you – it’s all there to be used - it could be mediation - walking - breathing into the heart - you can use any and everything that you know.

Basically its an open book - so that everybody can go into – we don’t have to talk about the religion or the masters or the galactic souls to get this - its the truth of the reality of earth now.


 These layer are in us as levels of frequencies - they are in the universe and on the earth - we CONNECT to them through earth - they DO take us into the realms of the light frequencies that are very fine tuning - the deepest one is the central being - that is your true self - going through the layers to get to it.

It does not have to be in meditation - it is breathing into your heart and feeling the earth beneath your feet - knowing that the energy of love is right at your feet.

 Use your methods to feel and learn about IT - learn that you actually have it and you have the ability to use it  - tune into the frequency of it - it’s the feeling that you get within you - once you get it - you know - you have got it – you can feel it as a very lovely powerful feeling within you! it, and what got them to where they are.

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The Transition  2


New way of sharing:

Personal dilemma:

The integration into this different frequency has jolted us into a whole new understanding about the way we are.

I still can’t say ‘I’ it has to be ‘US’/’ WE’.

This understanding WAS based on the way we accessed the SUPRA and ULTRA-consciousness and super-consciousness through the masters- that we perceived as being separate from us.

This has changed! I/We are as one with the universal divine SUPRA and ULTRA-consciousness, consciousness and super-consciousness- totally connected- COMPLETELY integrated.

Everything is in this place- all our dreams- all our personal ways of our unique understanding of how we feel- function and live our life- EVERYTHING IS CORRECT.

There is never a mistake in this consciously aware universal energy.

When we get a knock backs- its to give us an opportunity to learn from it and alter our perspective- not a MISTAKE!

This integration is a knowing - we also know that as a conscious person on earth- we will continually get knock backs in life- as an opportunity to learn.

It feels different! A constant deep feeling of knowing! That has coincided with being diagnosed with a de-generative bone disease- that we will keep fighting- to put our feet on the ground and stand up- as always.

The information is coming directly and we are talking as one.

Be blessed X


Hello everybody now is the time to stop talking and start doing!

Previous information given has built us up to what is going on now if you are ready to take it- if not - you don’t have to.

Mankind and earth have now moved into a new stage of frequency light fields- the adjustments in our body, mind, thoughts and emotions are constantly being altered by the physical changes in our earths vibrations – solar flairs are affecting our solar system changing the frequency that we are experiencing - while the ultra rays of the 12th light rays are grounding into us and earth.

These frequencies/waves/ fields are coming into earth.

The Schumann Resonance has been recoded that earth is functioning on a much higher Hz frequency.


EARTH IS RESONATING AT 15+Hz that means our electro-magnetic fields are in a different space - our brain is functioning at a different rate – our body is functioning at a different rate - we are opening up to things that we did not know we had - it is the dormant parts of our body have opened up - giving us a whole new concept of ourselves.

The suns solar flares are also affecting our molecules, which has changed the pattern our DNA.

D N A changes according to our environment- it affects the way we experience things – even our thoughts.

The energy coming from the sun has stimulated the heart, brain and thoughts of the mind; expanding our vision of what we believe to be true – the things that we have been taught may NOT be the truth of our authentic self or how we feel deep in our hearts.

Everything we thought was our truth- when viewed from this new perspective- is not real- its out dated- not a truth.

Breaking down an old idea that has held on the earth for eons of time is never going to be easy.

This is what is happening now- the worldview is changing in all aspects.

It’s happening in an evolving manner as the younger generation come up- they have a very different point of view about what they want.  

Slowly at the base line- the structure of society is beginning to set a new worldview- a changed paradigm.

Up to now the talk has been about personal energy fields in the old way of not being equal – that there needs to be a deity structure to gain enlightenment and that it cannot be gained in a person’s own right.  

We DO need others to talk to - to banter our strange ideas – being with friends and have constructive conversation – that DOES trigger each person- to gain another piece of understanding of their own true pathway- of thoughts, feelings and actions, so that they can come to their authentic self.

Changing our focus to becoming mindfully aware- using reflective consciousness awareness, towards how we really feel!

How much do we realise that we are conscious!

How long can we hold a single thought without our mind field diverting us?

In his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”- Dr Joe Dispenza says, we are only able to focus for up to 6 seconds without a diversion and that we can learn to focus longer with practice and he gives a method to start this process

The method is to constantly change your thought pattern - become aware that what you are doing is a belief system.

“Do I really feel that?   

I am saying this; do I REALLY! Feel it?”

“No, I don’t! What do I feel?”

Questioning your self: changing your thought pattern: constantly trying to do that!  Keep changing it – in the end your neurons in your brain will change - the hard wiring will alter into the new way of thinking and this is when you can connect to those inner levels.

Letting go of the old beliefs and setting up new ones – its changing the hard wiring in your brain by changing your thoughts and beliefs as they come into your life.

Don’t act unconsciously- act consciously – don’t act re-actively act pro-actively – these are the keys to it.

So much has been written about this- for a very long time- it’s been on the boarder line of everything- it is coming into the mainstream media now

Work on how to do this intentionally to find your authentic self – using all methods that are available to move forwards.

Given from the heart x

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Earth's Neutering


All people on earth are one with their higher understanding- this is the different frequency levels- within the fields that make up the human body.

It is intelligent consciousness- soul- spirit- super-consciousness-supra-consciousness.

It is accessible and is pro-active with you directly- to pass on information- the confusion is - everyone has different levels of learning- teaching and sharing.

Talk and listern to your higher self to connect to where you want to create a positive action – your thought’s is your command- to create as you become connected to your higher self

12th ray has integrated into earth through the heightened Schumann Resonance and is layering it with the positive light – the ways you think will create and become balanced with this light?

Find your way by going into your heart and the intellectual consciousness of your higher self that holds your truth – term it what you feel comfortable with.

Nature and Earth is the one continuous solid ground for your truth- higher being and physical body to rely on, it will always be your support in all things- food- heat- shelter from the storm and companionship between people.

When all is spinning around you and you don’t know which way to turn – go into nature and SIT AND BREATH and feel your higher self connection to life on earth/ nature, trees, plants, sea, sand, wind and rain.

You can rely on all these to ‘be’ exactly what they are – simply life- each part is its own truth - some of it can be transformed like water into ice - over time- trees to coal/ diamonds- still its reliable it does not change its natural system.

Walk on earth no matter where you are- as you walk, breath down into earth and feel the energy - become conscious of these innate fields of energy- with the understanding that it is a connection to the source of all life-  as you are.

 Tuning into this part of you while walking will bring about a balance- you can create your own outcomes in life- becoming free from the shackles in life that holds us in a given belief systems.

See through this and understand the part that feels the injustice – the part that wants to know the truth.

Understand that a thin bright light flows right through you as a light of understanding and the feelings of the heart felt love.

Feel it – expand it – express it while you walk on earth and learn how to find your peace- we are all attached to earths energy fields, learn to connect to it from the true feeling of your heart.

In these higher fields there is no reason for fear of anything – there is only transformation and life – No actual death!

Energy does not die - it transforms – the physical body has a time span and will break down- because of the toxins we put into it- your body is regenerative and can go on for much longer than the 70 years.

In the higher fields these is no need to absorb toxins – therefor there is no need to fear this thing called death it does not exist outside of the 3rd D earth - time does not exist beyond the 3rd D earth and holding these fears is what keeps the ones in control-  in power.

Going into your heart while walking in nature- shows you that these controls can be looked at with NO fear- only awareness of what is occurring - it can’t be stopped!  But you can dethatch from it and you will find the feeling of freedom.

Be blessed x

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Path Creation 1



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Everything is leading towards understanding consciousness- to create a flowing construct of consciousness in the imagination- a model that can be used until the understanding of the bigger picture and is being affected by the higher frequency MHz on earth- it affects everything- including consciousness.

What is the super-conscious mind? It is omnipresent, one mind expressing through all. And each human mind is only an individualized centre of consciousness of this one mind. The term unconscious mind stands for your individual accumulation of knowledge through personal experience, conscious awareness of this one mind.

These are the key points of word re-phasing change.

 # Alertness into consciousness of mind:

 # Mind consciousness- understands our thoughts- consciously- towards collective reflective awareness- and consciousness:

 # Going into our authentic self: understanding consciously our inner layers that lead to our true self.

 # We start to see our potential.

 # Healing by Thought.

 # Focused concentration/ paying attention’s to compassion- lights up our frontal lobe.

  # Observation is a skill- we can train our mind to concentrate on one thing.

 # Conscious is the instrument- self aware- free will- individual. # Use consciousness and improve our concentration.

There is emerging out of all this- some kind of plan- everyone is being brought to a point where they are questioning their normal 3/4rd D life on earth.

“The Kybalon” philosophy book The teaches that everything is connected - runs in scales from light to dark - the polarities of light and dark are the same in nature but different in DEGREES.

These degrees run into each other, as a flow- there is no exact point where the light changes into dark- or good becomes evil.

It must be to same for consciousness, reflective awareness.

The higher frequency on earth has changed the degree that we are vibrating on- giving us a different outlook- opening us up to our inner consciousness- because that too’ must be in the way of a scale.

It does not explain the subject but it gives us a better understanding of how and why we are feeling different needs.

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Path Creation 2



knowledge#light#divne light#unconditional love#

Consciousness is intelligence and all prevailing- it’s a density of light knowledge- intellect and the diamond rays- where everything lives- all knowledge lives in the intelligent consciousness, which prevails throughout the universe for everything.  

The light rays are changing the perspective of everything- all that you see is different- its opened up part of the consciousness- which has only been accessible in dreams, imagination and meditation- this is now open and flowing out.

Consciousness has not been defined, it is still the “Hard Problem” there is no answer to it- but exploring the idea of your own consciousness- is the way forward to finding the right answer- looking at yourself and becoming aware of what you are doing- by exploring our own consciousness- you can ask questions and search for answers.

Understanding how the consciousness unfolds a ‘bit’ at a time’ teaching you what it means within – each time getting a bit closer to your authentic self at the inner level by keep looking and questioning yourselves- adapting things as and when they come up.

Knowledge is power- as you begin to understand- your fears will fall away quickly- the consciousness rises to the surface- it’s not possible to go straight through- it has to be a process of clearing and understanding.

This information is coming through the non-local phenomena and Super/Supra and Ultra consciousness from these fields of energy- to be shared.

By reading this everyone can glean from it their own perspective about what it means to them, every word is light energy- that has the power to open the minds of those who read it- with its given power - there will be a light bulb moment- and they will know what is changing.

Every one is exactly were they should be -we all have the ability to work magic from our innate natural being using the heartfelt love- it is not absurd, we are all the creators.

Given with great love x

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June - July - August


We are @ the time period of June when we can look back and understand the culmination of the last twelve months- and decide what to let go of and what to keep.

 Old beliefs still control our perception as always! But as we anchor into our personal conscious awareness- we can feel our clarity- before the old belief systems swamp the new awareness of our life patterns- this experience is gradually showing us a different way of living in our balanced conscious thought.

This guidance say- that June is the time for balance and re-balance of all aspects of personal life- ready to make a firm stand/ footing for the July- August new years light and channelling- for the up-coming spiritual new year.

Use this trimester to re-cap and release our personal energies and Gaia’s and universal consciousness of the prevailing ALL.

The advice is to LET ALL THINGS SLOW DOWN!  It is possible to do this using this trimester period- releasing old ways and reflecting on our feelings- life style and actions in this new understanding of conscious anchoring.

It’s in it’s infancy- it has created tension along with the new 17th rays of light interacting with the old field frequencies- to gain a balance is goal for June - but nobody has to change unless they want to.

If the drive is so great or we have been thrown into physical chaos- this will be a good time to surrender to our decisions and accept them as our own- they are not always happy-happy realisations- they can be very disturbing- emotional mental and physically.

Things we hold from our ancestors and the ones that come into our life path- all play a part in this dancing, balancing, trimester of the end and beginning of the new spiritual year.

We have all received these light rays- it enhances our ability to question ourselves about how conscious we are and what it is: no-one on earth can give an answer to this “Hard Problem”.

During the September equinox the 22nd rays will be coming into Gaia for her upgrade and the December solstice will bring the 27thrays will be installed.

These rays are being anchored into earth through the ground crew- the awakened, enlightened, light workers the people on earth who are spiritually aware of these changes.

It is also done on the UN-CONSCIOUS layers of all life- including mankind- and will stay there until such time as a person might want to acknowledge it for them selves when they are ready.

The others are moving their perception into it consciously- it is a wonderful opportunity to sit back and enjoy the energy waves of positivity- as they anchor into life- in ways that please- thereby spreading and enhancing the balance of earth and mans physical body- inner and outer – it is positive and freeing- and all forgiving.

Using authentic thought and action- will be the transforming energy- to consciously balancing earth’s fields- engraving into these conscious fields that do prevail in the universe as a medium.

[Medium in this context is an original intervening omnipresent- a scalar boson spiral wave of magnitude that carries the transmissions- it’s a carrying wave!

We are given this ‘bit’ of data and have nothing to back it up except the discernment of the readers.]

 It gives the human mind a construct of HOW to perceive consciousness as a supporting guidance towards mans growth and understanding- THERE IS NO PROOF of this- its up to the reader to decide how they want to see and act towards it- given with great love from ourselves on earth as humans WE ARE ALL ONE at different degrees.

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Being Aware



How do you know when you are consciously aware of anything?

Feel it in your heart- shoulders- tummy- legs- arms and head.

How do you feel- happy/ sad/ confidence or not!

Angry about something!....  How important is it in your real life? Are you relaxed or tense?...... What is making you feel this way?

Can you decide what’s making you feel this- is it completely serving you or not!

Answer your own questions and see how consciously aware you are.

Life is given to us when we are born- it’s a gift- are you using it to serve or not?

Do not let another person upset you! - Smile through and connect to your inner, authentic self and walk away instead of engaging.

When you engage you are giving away your personal energy- when you walk away you conserve your energy for yourself.

Energy is free…. be in nature…. breath in and absorb the energy- that is constantly being given off by all nature- build your own energy from natures natural power light/ dark fields of energy.

 Every element on earth is energy being given freely to everyone and it becomes more powerful when consciously activated- as you walk out in nature feel the power of love in your heart for earth and connect to it for your support in all things.

The sun makes us warm…. water fills us with life….. food grows to sustain us…..  we are physical beings with the ability to harness all these in a balanced way from earth/Gaia.

Blessings: given with great love: x

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