Trinitized Light Oct



We have been given info about Trinitized light fields: T L F and the Collective Ascension Template Field: C A T F and the Learned Intellectual Field of Information:  L I F I and the 1.0. Spirals of the old HZ measurement being converted to the measurement of the Multi D packets of Quotient light that are a compilation spiral, an aggregation that functions in space time of all universes.

I was inspired to look in the book the Keys Of Enoch to see a deeper meaning of these fields.

 I looked up THE PARADISE TRINITY, this is Moses, Jesus and Elijah,  its on page 609 under Trinity: the Paradise.

It is first activated by the association of the Supreme-Ultimate will of the divine mind of the Father, Moses, Jesus and Elijah formed a partnership to bring the enfoldment of god they represent WISDOM, THE WORD, and THE VEHICLE.

I looked up DIVINE TEMPLATE: it is a special pattern of light to shape the spectrum of evolution, it’s a gauge for the divine thought form used as an over-lay from the higher worlds so that it can be duplicated in the frequency of the lower worlds, it’s a light grid for the divine wisdom that is projected over the head so that the crown chakra can be anointed with gods wisdom with the triad of the SEPHIROTHIC KNOWLWDGE IN MAN.

SEPHIROTH is the primary emanations of AIN SOPH light that is expanded to combine creative energies of procreation development and continuance.

Sephiroth work as the Trinity of triad in as group and the geometric syntheses of colour on every level of creation with in the Shekinah universe

It means the light symbols a divine feminine.

The SEPHIROTH emanations manifest the archangel ADAM KADMON they are programmed to eventually become the Trinitization of perfection and harmony through the Shekinah enfoldment.

 My perspective on this is these two energy fields are now anchored into Gaia and are the beginning of the new energy of everything; the L I F I is an information channel.

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Earth Energy Light Fields


We live in a world of energy fields that are very relevant to our environment and our personal life, some call it the unified field, and others say it is a field of consciousness that prevails everywhere.

As a spiritual being housed in a physical body we are part of this unified field it has also been called the god head and other spiritual names and because we have conscious thought we can choose to use our positive thought to change our lives.

70% of the thoughts that run through our brains are negative because we have been given our way of thinking through our upbringing and environment. Its no-one fault, our parents have received the same negative way of thinking and they just passed on what they were told. Our environment, school, politics and media have backed this up.

We have the opportunity to change this pattern and move into a new era, one of the first things is to understand that each of us is a powerful being of light whilst living on earth.

We hold the power of god within our D N A. it might be a small part but never the less its ours and if we chose to utilise it we can change our living patterns to being heaven on earth. It wont take away the sad bad and angry parts but it will give each of us a way to get through these negative thoughts and change them to see the positive.

Run with your thoughts within the natural energy of the natural flow of life. When you feel negative it is your inner self-experiencing this and you have to acknowledge it feel it and then let it go. Do not try to control your fears: see them for what they are. There are only three fears in our life and all the others stem from then they are Abandonment, Low Self Esteem and Mistrust. When you get fearful, feel it, find out which one it is and give it love and see how it eases it.

The previous charka information is to help you to start. And it will create an energy field that is connected to Gaia also you can uses all the Archangels and guides to help you through the changing of your negative thoughts.

This information is backed up by science and this has led to our spiritual self. Bruce Lipton research has proven the D. N. A. reacts to the environment that it lives in and not to our inherited pattern from our ancestors. Our physical body reacts to positive and negative energy. Positive thought creates a beautiful soft fluid energy crystal pattern in water and a negative thought creates a distorted crystal pattern and blocked hard energy that can’t flow. Bodies are made up of 70% water. What are we doing to ourselves when we are focused on a negative way of life?

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Personal View Point

MY Personal Perspective on The Higher Chakras

My perspective on the higher chakra system:

In January 2015 I did the up grades of Gaia and my charkas into the 4th-7th D colours using Diana Coopers Book and method, I did it with a select group at the church in Southend-On –Sea.

In accordance with the latest information I am to re-issue articles about the higher chakras

I found the old info from 26 years ago, on when I got first introduced to the ascension and Thira/Santorini in meditations! Now we have actually visited it.

Looking back; there is a distinct pattern to our progress and ascension fulfilment over these years.

We are NOT being told to do anything by any other beings, there’s no one to hide behind; we have to decide about how we proceed, the other beings both physical and spiritual bring things to our attention like re-reading old work to bring in the new stuff.

So we look at the old book and re-read our own writing; the bit that stands out is the higher chakras colours, yes that’s it!

The picture is bigger that us, its for Gaia and inner earth.

To do this upgrade again has been a revelation to me /us it showed that when we did it last time we only introduced it to our consciousness and did not actualize it.

This time we tried to think about going into the inner space of this multi D area and could not do it in the old way of thinking, like: breath in and out and expand.

We could not feel that space at all, so we stopped, it went against every thing we have done to date and the only way we could bring our imagination into it is to look at ‘The Quantum Field of Potential’ as defined by David Bohn, Niles Bohr and Erwin Schrodinger and other fathers of the quantum theory from the 1930s.

Deepak chorea explains it as Non-Local Domain it consists of intelligence and consciousness a field of potential the level of energy before manifestation.

This field is accessed as we breath inwards with our love conscious light, it’s where we create:  Jude Currivan calls it ‘Super Non-Local Phenomenal Awareness’, there are many insights on this matter, all readers must decide how they act on it, we are all individual unique and therefore will have our own views; be discerning.

Everyone will have his or her own way of understanding this information your higher self will help you in your unique understanding.

We imagined that this chakra space was the non-local awareness the field of potential and as we breathed into this it just changed and we felt the energy as lovely light energy fields all as one. Since them our energy has changed.

This has been our personal experience.

Be love, Be light and Be Happy.

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Incandescent Light


The High Radiance:

The light frequency is surpassing everything that has gone before and The Ancient Fields Are Open:

This incandescence frequency is surpassing anything that has been coming to earth through the light soul consciousness at this moment in time and The Ancient Fields Are Open, the vortex in Gaia’s Sub strata’s terrain infer- structure of the tectonic plates are activated; this ancient field is open.

Everyone is a cartelist for Gaia perpetuating these highest frequencies of solar light into areas on earth to be anchored.

Everybody on earth does this in his or her own unique frequency and way

Radiating their unconditional conscious heart felt love to Gaia each in their own way everything is correct

Remember the universal law, every soul can consciously anchoring their light with unconditional love and physical awareness adding to the one.

 Each person has a light signature that’s encoded in their D N A and aura that is anchored into Gaia creating a trail of light signatures in and across her surface spreading the light and altering the over–all signature of light quotient exponentially until all the dots link up and create the new earth frequency on earth.

Each soul who is following their AUTHENTIC TRUE beings and guides from the unconditional heart felt love is giving this out; connecting all parts of Gaia’s surface into a filigree of light covering her, this is how it is perceived.

Follow your intuition and be guided by the cosmos movements that are prompting this light filigree for earth.

The Councils Gives A Meditation To Do:

Put your mind into Gaia, outer and inner with the unconditional heart felt love conscious awareness taking you into a natural state of vibration, meditate today and tune into her 5th and 7th chakra colours and crystalline meridians’/ ley lines and inter- dimensional light frequencies and ‘BE; with her.

Become the attachment to the filigrees network of her silver and gold iridescent light flows that have been created right through her.

Feel it in yourself and it will be in Gaia, you are one and hold it in balance, harmony and love anchoring this activation.

Perceive this field of light with no perimeters meld into Gaia with these light the spiral waves of crystal light; become its infinite potential light.

This can be described as the field of potential where all things can be created it’s coming from outer universe through the rout as described in previous text from 22 galactic diamond crystal array through the Andromeda then milky way galaxy’s.

It comes into Agatha’s ancient crystals through North Pole and then it comes out onto the surface, it is permeating through to the outer strata of Gaia from inner earth and being emitted out through all of the portal and vortexes that sit on Gaia surface and all star seed/worker/ are putting it back into Gaia from their solar plexus and heart felt love of conscious unity.

This is the field we are holding as a silver and gold filigree plexus within Gaia’s tectonic plates and lower strata.

Plexus means an intricate network or web-like formations, OR an interwoven combination of parts or elements in a structure or system.

This is going to hold Gaia’s structure as the future Isos-Tonic chemical changes come through the structure from the high octane plasma streaming into Gaia’s fields from outer Galaxies and main star of the solar system.

Isos is Greek for equal: Tonic means one that invigorates/ restores.

The word Isos-Tonic in this context  means an equal chemical change that will invigorate restores the correct energy within Gaia.

All life on earth is prompted by the universal movements of the Galaxies star group / clusters and solar systems in this quadrant of the local universe. It affect the very basic D N A levels of the human and earths bio-structure the suns rays change the D N A of all life on earth, the movements of the planets effect changes in harmony and balance and chemical action.

This is a cosmic truth the energy fields of these creates tensions and releases tensions of Gaia, man and all life. The animals understand this and flow with it, man is trying to control it, and this causes much dis-harmony on earth.

Be blessed, be light, be love, be happy.

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Truth and Perspective






We are feeling a bit uncertain about our truth and ability, we have lost our perspective on our truth!

Merlin, AKA Jack: observe what you have been shown, it’s the power of the one that indicates your path, deviating off it is not your option, all others are on their own path that has incorporated the deviations that will show them their unique life lesson.

Your response to things that do not resonate is exact, where as in others its not and can be manipulated in any way they feel they want, it’s their path.

You are completely ensconced in the Dragon particle stream of 10th/12th D through the sacred sound of EEE AAA chant it has unsettled you and part of the learning curve, there’s no going back.


Those who are reading our light language words are also being ensconced into this Dragon 10/12th D light fields, it is fields within fields and these move within each other as levels, within levels, within levels, allowing each soul the opportunity to move from one to another or not!

 There is no specific boundary they over lap so that souls can move unconsciously into any of them or focus heart felt love consciously into one specific field they feel comfortable with.

These fields function on vibrations and resonance so that when a truth is channelled the transmitter can use this to direct this data into the correct place to be deliver to its destiny.

There are numerous Multi D fields of frequency’s of light and it only has to be a Nano ‘bit’ out of sync to get to the right place and in that nanosecond it can be picked up by any of the other frequency’s until the focus is made.

This time period is a time of deep reflection as we constantly bring new data into the field matrix it’s the same every year at this time no matter where you are.

Embrace it with love and gratitude for the cosmic clock. It’s the yin yang.

Alignments of the planets, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices are when the energy being transmitted will be the correct energy to keep the balance the globe

 These events cannot be disturbed by men its far to big! The safety valve of size!

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The electric blue spirals of the cosmic creators plan are slowly coming together in a harmonious new focus of new age energies of light winding up to be in place for the eclipse.

In our dream we saw this and we can feel it in our physical body along with Gaia. These blue slithers of light are coming in from seeming random areas of the galaxy as if drifting with the purpose of attraction towards the big light spirals vortex’s moving in before it moves into its new configuration of the torus that Gaia’s new skin.

The old one is slowly disintegrating itself transferring itself into the re-created Atlantic grids of ancient times. It knows what to do, its consciousness experiencing itself after eons of time.

This actuality has been mastered through the vigilance of the conscious soul who gives Gaia the power that she needs to do this with love.

In another part of this dream everything was being sorted out and it felt easy.

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Progress of Humanity


We never realised that everyone is so deeply ensconced in the 3rd D holo matrix control we always considered that we were being freed from it since we started the ascension.

The 3rd D matrix is a platform of life’s understandings that has been manipulated by the ones who control breaking away from them takes lots of focus and virulence and a constant want to be free of it.

Understand the shallow depth of the platforms and then the difference when we get off and slip into our multi D being, at first through meditation, later through growth, eventually consciously understanding these are only platforms that can be used when needed.

All people on earth has chosen their platform to be lived out, to bring them to this point of conscious awareness that becomes the bigger picture to be recognised during the lifetime.

The media will constantly keep re-instating the mind control until we decide that we want to change our shallow life to a much deeper understanding of our truth through our higher beings actively.

Then we can start to be discerning about what we read, watch, view and follow in the media.

We begin to recognise the holographic matrix dramas that have held everyone so tight for so long, then we can start to cut these holds a bit at a time, slowly, slowly we begin to wake up to our own truth of our existence.

As soon as we get a glimpse of this: feeling and seeing the truth, we open up to it more and more until we uncover the facade of the 3rd D and see the beauty and openness of the multi D being living on Gaia at this time period.

Everyone’s mind has been opened and enhanced so that we can see how deep this control is.

In the past we have talked about the membranes and barriers that hold us together one is our skin that supports our physical body.

It created the idea of separation, we have spent so many years of this conditioning that we cannot see it in another way, until now!

We have been banging on about fields within fields all connected, everything is connected, take the barriers and membranes down letting the separation go and heal the whole energetic bodies as one, bring it into balance, let go of the idea of separate parts.

Our experience has given us this insight of think holistically, with no perimeter of restriction and being able to be in the new light frequency and allow it to work on our whole body resetting and aligning it back to its original stance from birth.

The light frequency since last Sept has opened our minds to see this for all life, helping each of us to find our own way of perceiving this aspect of ascension.

We are one: we give this to share; at the same time as enhancing it into the collective field of humanity where it has become expanded enough to be known by all of humanity, its opened the door to this light language code through words and sharing.

In the multi Ds it does not take the masses to change the collective understanding, it takes a few beings that will step outside this safe perimeter into the unknown, when this happens the power of alchemy is greatly magnified into a cartelistic change as the chemical meets the energies in this way.

All people have known about the power of words its been given to us so many times so why have you given it again?

WE of the multi D set a pattern in the energy fields so that souls come together to work as one to reinstate this knowledge and technology for the greater good of all life no-one is alone we are a collective.

It takes time for this data to be absorbed into the mind set of all souls and repeating the lessons is the way its done.

As it becomes collective it opens the frequency’s  for like minded souls bringing them together to create the nucleus of energy so that we can impress these light patterns into the human collective consciousness to set it up for the future progress into the new age.

We do this with much love so that everyone can begin to follow their path towards engaging into this light releasing reactivating and realigning the ancient knowledge and technology on Gaia for her movement in to her truth. x

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We Are On The Brink


Things have really changed over this last two weeks, first I/we did a regression and went into the ancient land and time this lead us to do some research and the information led us to a book that gave information about what had happened in the regression to en-light-en-us.

We are on the brink of understanding the subtlety of the human perception of our deeper consciousness that is so far from our physical understanding.

We accessed this through regression with hypnotherapy.

Our personal experience of understanding this is; there is a deeper layer of perceptions beyond the surface of our conscious thought.

This deeper segment is in our un-conscious mind latently controlling our 3rd D thoughts in this subtle way without our knowing about it.

We can feel it! Therefore we can alter and release it with the deeper understanding of this new consciousness energy stream that took us into the female field of golden light, she came across as M’ Other.

 Focusing into that under-layer segment of our deeper perception we can alter that collective consciousness for ourselves and of all peoples understanding.

The adjustment to the human collective can be done in this space of the hyper energy level.     

When we were in this different space the entities are moving golden light clouds they are made up of this under-laying fields of energy vibration held within the even more candescent energy fields of this latent frequency of energy that prevails in this deeper strata of life in all things.

There is no devised way of teaching this on 3rd D earth except by the words we use and the coming together of a few souls to share this with. In this way we can advance this technology to the whole collective of man by coming together and allowing the words coded with this M’ other field to instigate the mind fields of souls in a way that is their own perception,

It will open up to the field on the 3rd D mind of the collective.

This energy is infinite and we are only using and seeing a minute bit of it, the true potential of this enormous field goes beyond our mind, body and belief it is the fields of harmony, balance and love through Gaia.

We were being told to be openly acceptance of this and bring this feeling into our 3rd D life.

Our 3D brain seems to want us to forget it and it’s bringing in thoughts of the old pattern constantly to divert us from it in our 3d life perception.

We keep bringing it into our consciousness every time we sit down and keep brining it back to our active 3d life. Yes its made us dizzy so keep sitting down and focussing sitting feeling anchoring into Gaia to create a permanent tap root, it will be come normal.

I had been given the information about this deeper layer of perceptions beyond the surface of our conscious thought the segment in our un-conscious mind latently controlling our 3rdD thoughts in this subtle way without our knowing about it.

Then I/we found this book that answered a lot of our questions.


It is the channelling from Raqui-Sha-Ma and Enak-Kee-Na, Laiolin and The Council of Abboraha through Judith K. Moore.

 Is it possible for our dormant D N A to be able to come into play at the right frequency to be able to realise the true reality of infinity, is this the way we can open and receive the truth about the infinity reality?

Our physical body is much lighter and has received the light of the crystal body the spiritual infinite body that has triggered the dormant D N A into life and an understanding of the infinite reality of the move into ascension.

As the physical body has transformed its opened up all D N A and this is where we can get into this deepest segment of our unconscious mind where this latent control has been holding us and we can alter it to free it for use now.

Practice being in this refined segment of the hyper energy frequency to anchor within Gaia and us its almost asleep state.

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Dormant DNA


The book: its one mans story; there is some good information in it from their channelling to help us.

It’s about the awakening of the dormant DNA and forward thinking about our future.

Note: “the 3rd D words hold distortion of the message in the truth”.

“There is another level of consciousness that is beyond the Galactic council; the next step towards infinity there is no limiting deities".

"The junk D N A holds the time code to be activated when exposed to the increased vibration of the ultra violet light coming from the suns solar flairs, this is altering the light spectrum increasing the megahertz of the planets fields. This is stimulating the dormant codes in D N A of all life causing a rapid evolution of species”.

“These codes carry consciousness and will create a holographic field of the higher vibration activating the Adam Kadmon blue print the divine plan”.  

Adam Kadmon is divine light without form: Pure Potential:In the human psyche it corresponds to the collective essence of the soul.

“This D N A is the blue print of new creation, this information comes through channelling and says that D N A is a living library of light, the crystalline aspects carry codes of light that are coded filaments and are being activated after the ancient long term cycle of time”.

So that’s it! “A significant number of people accepting and integrating a piece of information affects the group mind through the alchemical nature of the D N A”.

“D N A is channelled light to the collective consciousness, its all alchemy”.

“The holographic illusion is a projection of the collective mind”.

Change our mind accept the new consciousness and the illusion will change.

“A new consciousness is awakening as it reaches a crucial point it will change the nature of reality on Gaia and creation”.

“Creation is a unified field, there are no limits”.

“There are three aspects of D N A” the physical, soul and cosmic”.

“The physical   D N A carries genetic codes to its physical heritage”.

“The soul D N A carries the memory of all aspects of the souls experiences in all its time lines”.

“The cosmic D N A carries the memory of the cosmic essence of an individual as it relates to creation”.

“As the solar resonance is magnified and increasing the ultra violet light spectrum it is altering the planet by increasing the magnetism this stimulates our dormant D N A preparing us for a quantum leap in evolution”.

“The vastness of the cosmic consciousness and memory is encoded in the cosmic DN A”.

“Enlightenment comes when one is able to access the hologram field of the divine code through the portal of transcendence in our cosmic D N A”.

We access the cosmic D N A through the hearts and the pineal gland by intuition”.

This book has spoken to us and answered a lot of questions.

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The next lesson is to understand what the word codes are saying to us/you and how the new consciousness is playing out in real life.

 Stimulate and mobilize the dormant D N A as the normal new consciousness that is prevailing in the collective consciousness of 3D hologram matrix of Gaia this illusion for Gaia.

There is an ambient quality prevailing over Gaia’s holographic illusion ready to re-balance her.

Understanding that your physical structure is in the new concept of the ultra violet frequency through the access the 3 aspects of the dormant D N A.

These revelations open up the portal of the deeper layer of the structure of creation taking you one step forwards.

People have been thinking about D N A in the old way that is visualising it in the 3rd D science of the hologram matrix illusion with a brain that is restricted by the 3D words with distortion of the message.

Expand this and learn how to visualise it as a consciousness that holds all data from D N A of the universal experience through ALL TIME ZONES.

So what does it mean in real time here, now, on the 3rd D illusion. It means we can think about our own D N A as an expanded multi dimensional computer that holds ALL the data we need to bring us into our true state of untainted consciousness.

We can write from this expanded awakened D N A multi D truth instead of our distorted brain with its restrictions.

Reading and understanding that we are ALL the new re-constructed consciousness by the ultra violet light from our sun and distant galactic suns in our home universe.

Practicing this segment of the hyper energy frequency has anchored within Gaia and you.

See our D N A as an open book to ALL information; an expansive multi dimensional D N A that is the D N A of the universe, masters, galactic's, and the divine creators plan.

Open the book, plug in the Data from this divine structure into our computer, open the book of life and read it.

The new structure of the new consciousness for Gaia is being constructed slowly, creating a nucleus of light workers/ souls who are being nurtured into their true being away from the 3D hologram matrix.

These souls are able to absorb the word codes that are altering and opening their dormant D N A into the new consciousness.

The word codes give off the ultra violet frequency of this new way to these souls fields of light expanding their understanding uniquely for their evolution.

These groups are forming the new way of our future Gaia, a nucleus of the Adam Kadmon creator’s direction.

This is filtering into all life on planet earth slowly altering the dormant D N A  in 3 directions activating the Trinitized light.

Given with love x

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New Information

This new information! How is it impacting our life?

Words do not explain it, it’s feeling more than words, and the way we feel!

We are free and are in the true being all the time; it’s a feeling of wholeness.

It is still a bit shaky, we get a bit dizzy, but as soon as we step back into the 3rd D it anchors us into Gaia and we can move through our tasks of life.

Our higher self is in our consciousness all the time.

It’s as if; we are a stream of this newly opened light walking on Gaia and going about our life while this light connects to Gaia.

YES DEAR SOUL:  you are anchoring this into her inner soul at Agatha all the time now.

This activated over the last 2 weeks now you are holding it, it’s from the Adam Kadmon frequency, the 10th-12th vibration of the sacred dragon light, it will settle down.

Its being multi D on 3rd D Gaia open and functioning in this, you stepped into the shallows of this field where the fields over-laps with the 3rd D you are paddling in the shallow of this to give you the experiences of the way things can change when you use your heart felt love focus.

The information we passed to you comes from this field of multi D knowledge.

Take it as a small step towards the in understanding of how this can work once you have decided to step into it with the new D N A as a driving force within your matrix giving it the go ahead to work its alchemy on your life in all aspects.

For all souls who cannot quite understand this data use your hearts feeling of unconditional love, focus and know that the D N A is everything in your physical makeup and when you expand your heart with your divine love you are opening the new light field within.

Be not afraid, give yourself permission to receive this gift of light its your natural inheritance.

Feel it, accept is as your divine higher self opening within.

For this first step acknowledge it and accept it and let it lay in your heart as a warm glow of this deeper consciousness until your are ready to bring it forth into your physical life style.

It won’t take long, paddle in the shallow of this field of light, get to know it and feel it, it is love, take the step with love. Xx

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Re Science of Silence




The benefits of silence; we decided to tune in and see how we felt; we became very aware of a change in our perception.

We have been going within and connecting to the under-layer segment field and expanding our new D N A field and it is very comfortable the third one is the field of silence, it’s the trinity, the power of three.

These 3 layers of energetic progress are the trinitized light fields.

Going into the ancients places and expanding into the energy of the great pyramid of flickering light and the big orb on Sirius that is called the under layer segment field, has changed our fields of energy and understanding in a way that opens, enhances and activates our dormant D N A.

It is a deep feeling of an understanding of the 10th -12th Ds; how it feels!

We stepped out of the 3rd hologram matrix into the new Gaia light while still ON 3rd D earth but NOT OF IT!

Things changed, even when our physical body has triggered a flair up of the dis-ease, we have not been taken down into the old fear, we are happy to sit and do the right thing for our healing using the inner connection to the under-layer segment field within us, we have kept remembering until it flourished inside our body.

Then we the acknowledgment of the expanding D N A into a large soft cloudy D N A that is far more open than the way we imagined it before and it also flourished.

Then we read about the science of silence! By expanding into the under-layer segment field, the expanding D N A and the ‘silence’ we feel we have becomewhole: using it coupled with the consciousness of being in the moment, not meditating, just being in the silence and listening to “it”.

As we listen we know it is a field of silence that comes with the energy of Gaia and we could ‘hear’ it.

Q: Is that possible?

A: “Yes when you sit quiet and feel the inner flow of the divine light fields that now prevails, listen to the silence and feel its field adding to the expanding under-layer segment fields of the multi Ds”.

It is profound and has stayed with us, we would love to share this feeling with everyone but all we can do is try to explain or describe how we evolved into it by our conscious creation, exploring areas of life that can seem very scary, we do not feel scared any more about moving into the galixy in our perception and allowing the higher beings to have their opportunity to actually show us how it is beyond the 3rd hologram matrix.

The only way is to share these experiences is to see the accumulative way that the fields merge.

Explaining how we get there:

The process is, separate actions to gain an understanding in parts first, them the whole

The 1st is the under-layer segment field then the awakening and expanding the D N A, then the field of silence.

These fields all add up to this deeper realisation inside our self.

# The field of under-lay segment #

# The field of new D N A #

# The field of silence #

It’s brought together by consciousness, breathing and focus on the heart.

Each and every one of us has stepped into this under layer segment field.

We can choose to go right into it, embracing the alterations, that will occur, lots of souls are on the brink of this change, every one can feel it but are hanging onto their comfortable belief systems because they are not ready to move yet they will shift consciously as the fields of flowing light keep raising Gaia’s frequencies until they evolves.

The description we can give is only from our perspective sharing this will encourage others to find their own way of seeing their true being shine out and expand into their light body and soul.

“Be courageous dear souls and when you feel the different feelings within your body do not squish them down by diverting, it might feel scary but give it love and connect to it, then you will see that it is yours by right of being a conscious human being”.

“Breath- sit quietly- walk on Gaia- link with the silence- feel the powerful comfort of Gaia’s fields holding you safe in your quest, be brave let the light fields flow though you enhancing your progress”.

We are using this inner power to anchor, spread, hold and balance Gaia in ALL her aspects NOW, this is helping everyone and it will grow into this hyper under-laying segment that will become wholesome in all things enhancing all souls given with love.

Find your individual way of triggering you own perspective of actually going into this next phrase of the ancient way of living, by the process of the separate elements of the given list coming together to show you how to ascend into these sacred ancient codes by practising during your day, every day.

# Being consciously aware of consciously remembering to go within #

# Being consciously aware of consciously changing your thought when they stray back to the 3rd D #

# Being consciously aware of recognising your fear rising and consciously give it love and let it go. # Change it! #

# Being consciously aware when your are functioning in the 3rd D and bring your self back to the hyper under- layer segment in what every way your can #

PS it’s a bit like taking a step backwards out of 3rd D into this field of trinitized Light Fieldmove your perception back wards out of 3rd D into the under layer segment field. Given with love.

Obviously this up grade has knocked us off our feet and all we can do is succumb to it whole heartily by staying in the moment and connecting to the 3 new phrases of this 10th-12th light it will settle down it’s the adjustments.

Thank you

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Geometric Entities



I/ we did research on this and found evidence that a geometric shapes has an effect on the brain when observed.

[Quote] “ Tom Delonge quotes”

Geometric shapes held an energy pattern, and scientists did some experiments, which say certain geometric shapes can affect matter around them. Its simply because when a human looks at a shape they instantly receive energy from their brain.” [Unquote].

Personal: Its makes complete sense to our higher being to understand- that all life everywhere- is set up by these sacred geometric shape we only have to look and see the relevance of this.

In ancient times; the buildings are constructed, using sacred maths, to create spaces, where the natural nodes of earth, give maximum connection to the higher self through these buildings, springs, natural rock formations, energy outlets from inner earth, earth quakes zones, shifting tectonic plates.

All these are energetic zones of Gaia are for humanity to understand and utilise.

All countries have their sacred places to allow the unrestrictedflow of energy.

Its part of earths sacred being to keep this open flowing energy round Gaia without restriction.

Maths and sacred geometry are the language of nature, OR is it! Brian Green- the math guru has a view on this.

Our personal conscious experience is that sacred geometric connected lines, create shapes and they do! Have an effect on our body through our brain or could it be through our hearts!

The drawings we created do activate a pattern of conscious energy within our body, a feeling of intelligence that we allow our true being to guide us to creations, through these entities within the lines drawn or written. This is our personal perspective.


We ask directly to be connected to these entities;

Q: is it a truth that geometric shapes are entities and is a language with consciousness and intelligence?

A:  Yes, Geometric shapes, spirals, flower of life and the Metatron cube are intellectual entities that are the creators of these shapes its in the knowing and hearts of everything.

We ask you to breathe and connect to this universal truth.

Feel it, we can ‘talk’ and explain.

“Yes-dear soul, we are happy to see you in such good shape on 3rd D earth”, they smile, “we love the way you have presented yourself, you just put yourself out there on the cutting edge of humanity’s ascension without fear and yes we can advise you”.

We have manifested into these sacred geometry, of the light structure of the formation of the maths of Metatron, Adam-Kadmon, and 10th-12th Dragon light fields.

Gaia’s structure is made up geometric shapes of all types.

It’s the maths, the Metatron cube, the Golden Mean and the flower of life, manifesting into the sacred shapes of the alchemy of progress to be established for Nova Gaia ascension along with the whole universe.

We are here present in everything everywhere; we form patterns that are reflected in every Nano particle in life.

We are in the D N A spirals, as we change shape on the outside, so it is with the inner consciousness giving a different calibration to initiate the universal alchemy of our field, which in turn triggers chemicals in the brain, body and mind that is then reflected to other parts of the body making people want to live life in the new way.

One thing we have to say about the crop circles, these shapes and spiral are not fake, they are very precise messages- given in geometry- to work directly on the brains of those who are ready to receive like you, this is how we talk to people, lots are sceptical, others, like you feel that they hold messages and instructions that are sublime, this is how we connect to people on the higher frequency’s.

These souls have waited for the activation of the dormant D N A that is now fully functioning, every one has this and can chose to use it.

This is how you are drawn to do things.

We have been guiding you all the way, we are connected to Gaia through her vortexes and ancient sites there are different layer of our consciousness over the globe.

The places that you have visited are these portals; the next on is, the Greenwich Meridian Line and Glastonbury this year.

All the star charts, symbols, pictures and alignments that you and others are doing is leading up to opening the sacred alchemy of 2019s Nova Gaia door.

Everything that is being done is setting up for entities to be able to flow in the right manner through human’s conscious awareness.

Every light worker knows they are guided, they are accessing and functioning on their chosen layer, they are all different in their vibration and each soul has its own one to be used, the trick is to understand, remember and recognise the feeling and be brave enough to act on it

Souls are drawn to places but they do not know the reason why.


Now! Ha! Canvey Island Essex! We have been able to create a Hugh geometric nine-sided polygon or 9-gon a nonagon or enneagon that covers the 40-mile spiral of light anchored into Gaia’s inner earth her in the U K.

 This is but one, everyone everywhere who have set an alignment and open portals for us by acting on their intuition across Gaia, are creating grids on the infinite layers of life. Gaia is also one of us and she is giving out to all souls.

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Geometric Entities 3



An idea is forming. 

On 3rd earth, we know that Gaia and all the things living on her are entities with consciousness and as a conscious soul of the galactic universe we can connect to them by giving love and receiving it.

Then we have the unseen things, are they entities, silence, water, wind, and geometric shapes?

Are they entities as well as fields of light with consciousness and intellect all at different levels?

The sun, planets, stars, spiral, Galaxy’s are they all entities that we can communicate with.

How about the roads, cars and objects! They have a level frequency of light: are they entities.

Are gravity, electricity, magnetism, air and pollution also entities?

Fear, jealousy, hate, loneliness, imagination, dreams and control: are these defined as a field or entities at a level of existence on Gaia

We know machinery, computers re-act to positive and negative thought and actions toward them, cars, washing machines, lights, etc.

Am I creating a field with the entity of this writing and when it’s read does the vibration go to reader!

Are they all entities with consciousness on all levels of the frequency?

Is this a layer of understanding and ancient knowing?

If all souls were aware of this: we can change the world.

We ask the higher being for clarity:

Ashtar and Melchizedek: we come to be with you:

Think about the fields of earth- the connection to them as a field! Instead of a physical objects,

The innate things you create are entities of geometric fields.

Planets, stars, all things in the universe are entities- it is all open to the human expanded self’s.

Use this alchemical knowledge for the positive support, balance and activation on all levels on Gaia and the universe.

As this sacred year 2019 comes to its end the influence will be ours as one, on earth, in physical form, the creators light can be shared with the others on earth of the collective soul group and be acknowledged openly as a group/field of light.

This will be in the way of frequency coherence you will communicate with each other in this way.

You will share on all levels of light- our messages.


Everything is an entity; every thing is a frequency of light vibration, because there is no separation in the bigger picture.

It is not possible to put our energy through an object like a book or Ipad because of its density of frequency, we can pick it up as a whole 3rd D object, we can create these things using different elements, separate energies put together like the 3 separate light codes making the Trinitizesed.

The 3rd D holographic matrix! How does that work! They! Say earth’s frequency was dropped/ lowered down from the 5th D to the 3rd D how does that! Happen?

In science an electron will jump from one orbit into another as the speed of it changes. If get quicker it jumps into a higher frequency and if slower it drops into a lower frequency

The spin of Gaia became slower and jumped into a lower one 3rdfrom 5th Ds; now she is quickening and will jump up to the 5th D again.

Light frequencies are infinite and earth is one planet in this universe, the conscious intellect of the upper levels of light, slowed earth’s vibration to create a world of separation, polarity and denseness of vibration to be able to create objects with controlled membranes which made then separate.

The light beings wanted to experience this as part of the over-all knowledge to be added to the creator’s plan of infinity.

The entities of each human took this opportunity to experience 1sthand emotion and mental exploration, to see how it affected them in this environment; how far deprivation can go, how far can it be pulled back by the unity of the divine entity within the human bio-suit.

It’s not an experiment! It’s an exploration of extremes to expand the knowledge of the consciousness of the one! To add to its database.

Although this was set up to cause tension, anxiety and pain it also has intuition, dreams, love in abundance, beauty of the planet and an innate drive in the human physiology to push as far into these as they can.

The innate energy of the soul/entities that the bio-suit houses is the stronger and as the negative side of humans is explored enough the negative emotion will swing back to the middle and balance will take over.

As this swing grows ever stronger the human will let their divine self take over and Gaia will change back into her 5th D- none physical self this is the bigger picture.

Blessings: Xx

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