Galactic Field of Light


Galactic fields of light:

During the beginning 2018 there has been wave after wave of high frequency living light coming into Gaia, as the vibrations raises it creates fields within fields on the earth we are all fluctuating in and out the these dimension, getting used to this id a gradual process.

I am assisting the higher frequencies by grounding and anchoring these pulses of light into earth, it takes me into spaces of different realities; each level of light has its own reality, some of the dimensions are so fine that the only way I can do it is to go into active sleep state and being completely aware of what’s happening.

January and February’s intense quickening of light and re-calibration is moving us forwards, in March in a dream I was adjusting the light quotient that’s coming into Gaia, I could see la large circular object with shell like patterns on it these are the adjustments panels in the 6-12th dimensional space earths light quotient has raised over the last three months to a level where all peoples are altering their D N A.

The equinox brings a massive light flow into Gaia’s core, this happens spontaneously over the seasonal changes, each turn of the planet as she goes round the trajectory will bring in another packet of light quotient into Earths core.

The alchemist:

Rae walked to the café that was tucked away from the highway of the 3rd D where all souls of the New Nova Gaia hung out and found the alchemist having coffee; it was a very small shop that most people would not ‘see’ it.

She sat at his table and spoke about the work done in dream space; he turned and looked at her with penetrating eyes and smiled, “Its not what you ‘see’ in dreams’, he said, ‘it’s the conscious focus of your light body flairs that’s doing any kind of alteration or work, the light body flairs are light quotient packets going into the objects that are to be triggered by your focused consciousness.

When you are dreaming and you do not recognise it, as being your normal 3D understanding it’s your light body flairs that are working the alchemy.

These are places where the ancient records and information is kept, releasing these records onto the physical earth has to be done by a physical light being who has enough consciousness and understanding to be able to recognise and utilise these from the higher realms.

When you are aware of being in this dream space do not try to recognise ‘What’ you ‘see’ concentrate on ‘where’ you are, how you feel and what you know in this space, you are functioning in your light body capacity, focus on how much you are aware of it, you are beginning to feel it forming within, becoming aware of it in dream space helps you to feel it in your awake space”.

“Come”, said the alchemist, lets walk and practice this”.

They stepped out into the sun and Rae felt the connection between them and the nova light emanating as they wandered towards the river smiling light heartedly and almost floating along the road that led to the field and beach.

She suddenly realised what he meant about feeling her light being and being aware that it is lifting her, making her feel slightly raised out of the heavy 3D frequency while moving across Gaia; nothing looks different the vibration is comfortable, happy, free from the stress levels.

As they walked down the road Jack the alchemist and herself were existing in this light, in this moment, every one they saw was smiling and happy in that moment, the flow of this light wave was moving along with them and spreading out to all who came into it.

 The souls who were incompatible crossed the road.

She thanked Jack and walked home understanding how the last few weeks had been so disruptive and how; now, the nova earth flow was swamping her personal self on all levels and she was settling into this with great comfort, knowing that this IS where she came from before she took the physical form this time round, it was relief for her to comprehend this; it put everything else into an acceptable point of view.

She felt vindicated from all the doubts from her family and all other who had been so detrimental towards her perceptions, she smiled inwardly and as the light of Nova Gaia filled her very soul and expanded out into the universe with great love.

Her confidence was growing towards speaking her truth without fear, she knows that Jack and herself moved together in this light even though he was physically over the other side of the village, they became one in the new nova Gaia light for ever connected as one.

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Galactic Information


As the information comes of the vortexes and spirals Rae understands that she must share this.

Since the fall of Lemura and Atlantis and the original spirals were destroyed and shattered it is time for Gaia to come out of this now and the vortex of crystal living light is awakening on earth.

 The earths core is a vortex that holds the spiral matrix they six big spiral and lots of smaller one emanating outwards they are rooted in the central sun in the centre of earth, Agatha

Everything is spiral’s and vortex’s they are macro and micro, they reach the 22 galixy Diamond Crystal fields through the centre of the Milky Way, they anchor into the central sun in Agatha once they are re-activated a chain reaction will open up billions trillions all across Nova Gaia.

Humanity holds these in their consciousness as light spirals, as man becomes conscious they can tune into them and anchor them into Agatha’s central sun and Gaia’s crystalline being.

Researching the spiral in the Key Of Enoch, in the third chapter they are called vortex yah it involves A.A Metatron who is the lord of light, a master of master; its fields and frequency’s of crystals and spirals of living light and the planets Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, and the connections to Gaia.

The alignments of the of planets open up the spirals and Vortex Yah on and in Gaia, consciously connect to these spiral crystal light vortex’s and take them down into Agatha, they spirals from the greater cosmic master plan to bring in the inter galactic living light to Gaia through the greater local planetary groups and star systems Orion, Pleiades and Sirius.

The natural shape of light is spiral, its, it never goes in straight lines it undulates all the time, it flow into the deepest layers.

The spiral changes the frequency, like an electron jumps as the spin gets faster its spontaneous.

The south east coast of the UK has a living light portal, forty miles in and circle from the south eastern corner of the country going inland towards London; this is a Hugh spiral of living light it spirals down into Gaia’s central sun and then it will expand through Gaia and out the other side making another large spiral of living light somewhere in Australia or new Zealand, this is the hub. This is ancient technology.

Man holds these spiral in their chakras they spiral out from the heart and solar plexus, light workers and way showers anchor these into Gaia, connecting, anchoring, balancing and holding while letting the spirals emanate out through earth, they greatly expand into the universe, this holds Gaia as the pulses come into her, they are picking up these equinox waves of light codes to bring them into Gaia for the building of Nova Gaia.

Re- Archangel Michael; this is relating to MU and Atlantis, they had giant crystal spirals of living light implanted into earth that extended high into he skies above the ground.

They were receivers and transmitters of sacred geometric codes of light from the greater central sun, that the energy codes/ frequencies of earth were radiated back to the higher reality so that the progress of the earth can be manifest.

Due to the cartelistic event on earth they were broken, shattered and buried deep in the earth the one that are left are under layers of rock and soil, they are called the ascension anchoring stones, the fragments of crystal stones hold fire light frequencies and will perform the function of receiving and transmitting.

The link between the high and lower vibrations is the spiral; they change through the spiral of living light that allows consciousness to break through magnetic structure. It’s the spin of the electrons speed that allows it to shift onto another orbit.

Please note:

Everything is pointing to spiral; this is how energy can change from one frequency to another as in the spin of the electron and how it jumps, its spontaneous and natural.

The first activation of the light spirals being place round Gaia:

Gaia is very close to portal highways in the galixy, they are super highway for inter-galactic exchange of energy.

The inner earth super hyper-tunnels are reset and activated, these pick up the portals in the galixy fields then the universal fields they are open and shining.

These have to be activated by a physical being on earth the higher beings were connecting Rae the light worker to the living light field.

Laying down she feels her whole being sinking into Gaia, as her field touches and anchors into Agatha she looks around, in front of her were three light beings in the shape of pyramids, a tall one and two smaller in size.

They tell her to sit on a big step and wait, they moved away from her returning with another light being in the shape of light streams.

“Good” the light stream said, “she’s here” lets get on with it she is ready”.

Rae listened and watched with interest.

They started to move round her creating a circle of light, the step Rae was sitting on became very soft and she lay back relaxing into its light becoming consciously aware of receiving this living spiral of light from the outer galixy of the 22 Galaxy Diamond Crystal Array.

“We are activating the first set of light spiral that’s to be placed round Gaia here and in the USA”, as Rae looked about her she could see another light circle with someone in it.

“These pulses are coming into the consciousness of mankind and are the key to bring about a shift in Gaia’s upgrade”.

Rae and the American are using their light knowledge consciousness to anchor this pulse into Gaia’s central sun.

These souls are telling her about how there will be enough energy for all living things to use freely “of course”, they say “this is for the long term future of Nova Gaia, there is one planned for Bermuda when the time is right then after that there will be a steady build up of these creating a network going through Gaia using the hyper tunnels and grid points already laid.

The position of the hyper portals run parallel with earth in the solar system are the source of balance for her as the solar system re- configures its magnetic and electro magnetic fields it will hold Gaia in place as these changes occur.

The bigger picture shows that the light spirals are connected through these outer hyper portals into the outer regions of the universe and are held by the 22 Galixy Diamond crystal light fields, anchoring them so that Gaia can remain balanced through this reversal of the fields.

These tunnels, spiral’s and galaxy’s are the holding element in this situation; the consciousness of man holds these as well.

Rae gives thanks for this with great love.

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Galactic School Part 1


THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is a place where likeminded people can come together and recognise the energy light codes that have been given since 1986.

It is not a school as we know it on 3rd D it is a school for recognising what we have already been giving, doing, and actively using for a long period of time, now is the time to adjust these things and bring then into the ADAM KADMON light frequencies codes of 2019 with NO RESISTANCE.

Now is the time to recognise that everything you have been doing on 3rd D earth in your way of personal progression is using and learning these codes; they have been given out many, many times from many, many souls and are still being given, but if you cant recognise them on the higher Ds you are still planning it on the 3rd D.

THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is just to bring you into another line of thought and being inside yourself and recognising the power you hold.

 You connect with Gaia, the galixy and the universe with the loving pure light, it will ease Gaia and your life: recognising it and applying it to your life is not as simple as clicking your finger.

 You do need some guidance or a group of people talking together to help you all to realise what your personal aim is.

Every single person has their own perspective on it and everybody’s unique in their divine light.

THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is going to be groups of people coming together giving ideas, each person putting in their little bit so that everybody can evolve into the ADAM KADMON unified light field. 

This is what my guides are telling me, this is what it is, so everything we have been doing up to date has been to introduce these things into our 3rd D life, brain and body and now is time to bring the adjustment up, its not to learn we already know it, it is recognise within ourselves and its done by feelings it’s the feeling of love in our hearts, the feeling of the frequency of light as we approach someone we love, this is where we are looking thank you very much.

THE GALACTIC SCHOOL is not to learn something different, it’s about recognising what it is to become naturally aware consciously of the new divine light within and practice being in it and using it with unconditional love.

The power is here; now; in all things, it’s crept up slowly becoming a natural part of life.

Many souls still hold the essence of the 3rd D and are functioning on these patterns.

All it takes is to realise that your daily practice is shifting into the recognition of the power of the list that is being used all the time.

There is a need for people to come together to exchange ideas, info, Data, to expand upon this new concept of light fields that we are in.

Brain storming, sharing, bantering, talking about fears, ideas, ways to open up and recognise these beautiful light fields.

As this year opens out each sacred time, cosmic line ups, energy portals will be giving more light; recognising using and aligning with them with the new found understanding that the ways you do things is to be greatly enhanced way of your recently open dormant D N A this is reacting to this light.

The sun is changing the frequencies on earth, solar system and galixy, the emissions coming of our sun has changed the megahertz on Gaia.

This is what we are receiving; if we try to hang on to the old ways of light by resisting changes it causes a blockage within. Be un-resistant to new thoughts and ways of doing things, start a new pattern in your life.

Give yourself 10 mins of quiet time every day and see how quick you become aligned in your own physical matrix newly open D N A fields within. Be Light. Be Love. Be Happy. xx

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The list:

# Focus on your hearts. #

# Walk on Gaia. #

# Give your self-love. #

# Let go of fear.  #


Go within and recognised the power of intuition and dreams that have filled your body with that light field and you feel it.

Focus on your hearts with conscious thought while still feeling the inner field.

When you fill your heart with love it emanates outwards as far you can send it, across the universe if you like or anywhere you feel the energy is needed.

Reference:  See Gregg Braden @ The heart Math Institute you tube,


Personal: I got his first book “the Matrix’ in 2000 he talks about the sacred ancient codes.

It explains focus on the heart and why it’s so important.


The benefit you gain from this is the energy being given off from earth, trees, plants and animals it is an energy source that will resonate with you and calm you.

The field of light will resonate if you walk, connect, go within and focus on your hearts. Gaia’s fields are to nurture feed and keep us warm and sheltered.

Receive this gift it will be an exchange of light energy.

Your physical body reacts to this stimulation when you feel tired or weary talk to Gaia through our hearts feel love.


Accept love and respect yourself when you feel abandoned, low self-esteem or you are feeling miss trust, these are the only three fears all other stems from these: that would be the time to stand and connect to Gaia to receive the extra energy.

Again the book The Divine Matrix covers these things about our fears the way to deal with them must come from your own perceptions of the information.

I/WE studied Jung psychology for 6 years his theory of dreams and imagination are, that they are as real as everything else we experience, its up to the individual to find the way to make his or her own assumptions of this data with love.

Dreams and imagination are NOT a 3rd D illusion they are a reality in another frequency field a reality in the higher field of light take, note of them.

Given With Love x

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Galactic Trek 1st


The Santorin Spiritual Trek Sept 2018:

This is part one:

11/7/18: Rae had this dream; she was getting ready for a party, it is to do with going to Santorin for her sisters wedding, she was to take a step, to attach herself to a light structure that was made up of long straight strong lines of white light, or something like that, she felt apprehensive and did not take the step thinking “I am not ready”!  A thought came into her head saying, “You will be”.

Waking up Rae wondered what these two stream of strong light were, they looked like two big Tram Lines coming towards her and she realised she was a bit fearful of this.

She thought she was going just for the wedding but this dream has put a whole new light on the trip, the power of this dream was still with her she asked the higher beings what it was.

These light flows are coming from 22 Galaxies Diamond Crystal Array that sits outside our local Galixy.

They are the beginning of the new earth energy that is to be received, anchored, balanced and held over the next few weeks.

It is coming into Gaia and Rae through her new chakras and Tan Tiens, as she receives them so will Gaia, they are as one.

[The Tan Tiens are the three energy portals that are part of the Chi Kung breathing practice.]

While she was sitting quietly Rae realised there was something else going on in her semi unconscious state of being.

“I can’t quite get a handle on it, it’s to do with getting me ready for the Santorin trip and activations, can you tell me”.

Yes, we are all moving into the galactic level of frequency where we will evolve our quest/ work/ assignment into this next stage, practice being in and out of the Multi Ds to be ready to take on these streams of pure light crystal and anchor them.

They come from the outer Galactic frequency and will go back out once they have been brought into Santorini through you to hold while it moves round Gaia and into Agatha covering all previous light work, it will connect to the cradle, all the other surface grids and into the electro magnetic core of Gaia.

The cradle across the Atlantic Ocean is the expanded part of Gaia’s birth into the next phrase.

We are re-gridding this area to bring it into the next level.

The grids and hyper tunnels are clear the electro and magnetic fields are primed, everything is ready for this Santorin trip it sits on the cusp of the tectonic plates, the activations will be completed and the magnetic crystalline energy will go round Gaia grids from east to west this will be picked up by all sacred places and portals, it’s setting the energy to spread right through Gaia and the collative conscious of man.

‘This is the same as when I got told to go to Findhorn’, Rae thinks, ‘except this has been done for me by circumstances’.

Metatron answers her; in 2015 it was north, cold, artic’ now its South, hot, volcanic this is the coming together of the magnetic North and the volcanic South creating elements together in balance, water and fire, it has to done by the Temperance Tarot card that depict you standing one foot in water the other on land poring water into fire from one hand to the other, it has to be the correct measurements and weights so the alchemy can work of grace and gratitude.

At the wedding on the 6th Sept in Santorin this will happen it will re-generate you as well, your sister are your anchor for this work while you are there they are holding you for us in their unconsciousness.

Galactic Council, Light Council, Council of 9 give Rae a message:

Rae, you are locking down into the Great central Sun of the 22GDC Array, through the Milky Way and anchoring it into Agatha’s Central Sun, feel the security of this to help in what you have been going through.

16/7/18: The master light comes in as a strong Multi D stream that’s got an aura with all the levels in it, expanding outwards, its an Angelic, Arc Angel, Master stream and the aura is Angels of all sizes going down to micro in the quotient packets of light these mini angels are able to merge into all atomic structure across Gaia altering everything by making it lighter in colour, frequency and light.

This is just one field every master, guide, group and light being are fields of energy.

This deep coupling into the 22G D C Array into the B/Hole of the milky way is making the connection into the C Sun in Agatha, it has expanded the fields to facilitate this, its going to profoundly alter the thoughts, actions and feelings on earth.


Don’t worry, be happy we/I am looking after you and its time to power down, this means you dis-connect from the 3D world now!

Instead of powering up with Chi Kung and connecting to Gaia’s 3D world, do the Chi breath and let go of all directive thoughts, breath into the core matrix of our light and let it go in with no direction except flow outwards in light waves.

 Powering down from the 3D world will allow the transformation into this light stream.

Rae listens’ she feels the light waves flowing, it is setting a neuron pathway down her spine, it feel like a shield of light waves, it’s the 5-12th D ray, it is coming into her spine spiraling through her, opening 6 new chakra’s and spinning the new light into her 3 Tan Tiens and original chakras that are balancing and anchoring her into the new earth energy.


The Galactic council guide her.

The tramlines of light you glimpsed in the dream are the energy that is the new earth spiral light that is going to be anchored in Santorin.

It has become a shield over your back, NOW change that thought and imagine it pulsing through your self wholly back to front.

Its clearly integrated as a duplex spiral, this means each strand of light has two parts allowing transmission of two signal simultaneously in opposite directions, it is the double spiral with 4 strands going through the body as one.

This complex of light streams is completely different to anything given for eons of time it’s integrating automatically into everyone both consciously and unconsciously. This is the 1ststream of three Celestial Beings of the Trinitized light.

They will pulse through the chakras and T Ts so that you can expand them out in the 22 G.D.C. Array where they will entwine with our duplex line spirals creating a interference pattern exchanging energy, light and information and replacing and re-aligning neurons, DNA, amino acids and ribosome.

Rae think’s “OK what I need to do now is to start to think about this and alter my images accordingly”.

The guide carries on; as the Lion Gate opens a new spiral [of light time] is being created from the Lion Gate that will affect all of Gaia’s life form, this has been locked outside of mans perception until NOW! 2018 brings the opening of new earth and its being re-connected by the Royal Lion Guardians manifesting the sacred spiral of light time for new earth with complete clarity and integrity.

They are on the 12-24th D’ Rae tuned into their frequency.

It will jerk everyone into the 6th+ Ds we have interfaced with you through the expanded spirals through the chakras and T T s we are integrating the high light codes into your D N A, Every one is getting these in their own unique way it is effecting neurons, DNA and amino acids.

Rae recaps: we have the Duplex Tramlines from the 22GD C array that has been integrated with the Royal Lion Guardians field of light to bring energy, light, information and replacing and re-aligning neurons, DNA, amino acids and ribosome in our body

It’s the 1st of the three Celestial Beings of the Trinitized light coming through Gaia and my energy vortexes.

8.8.8. Meditations We resonate with these light frequencies and new earth with peace, harmony and balance. We are aware of this shift of ages and we prey/ meditate and know that all will make the transition and ascension into the new light into the 5th D new earth frequency of divine design. We know don’t we?? We do not resist I/we are from the ancients of Lemunre, Atlantis and Egypt. And are remembering and seeing the city of the central sun- its light codes and higher D of the age of light this year 2018 is a cartelist for our return to light, WE BREATH IT.

It’s the new earth collective Supreme Creator that includes the Royal Lion Guardians light spirals Galactic Star and Solar Hearts that have connected to our personal new chakra set up in and round our bio suit opening and activating, aligning to the R L Gs light spirals of ultra light within expanding them out to the RLGs spirals of wisdom and light logos who are reaching out to entwine with ours creating an interference pattern that transmits their Ancient Information, light waves and new earth light spirals.

5.00pm Rae is recapping: I have spent most of this day half or fully asleep dreaming about the way of the new earth land scape is, how it is, fields of energy- how it changes colour from blue to pink in one Nano-second, how energies emerge out of a flowing field to form a perfect oak tree then it evaporates before my eyes- how a field has golden symbols forming in set patterns in it- how its a field of a building with golden lights- I have not seen any people there are light beings moving across the area or fields of light forms into a face of a person or master or Vernon or a woman and they all know us.

I/we have been absorbing this L G transmissions fully to day, it seems to have eased now,

Open chakras and T Ts

Intergalactic royal council

Royal Lion Guardians make contact and send back new earth rays from the evolved light, this feels like a soft tingling in every cell of the bio suit, it’s information to D NA to keep the flow balanced and continuous e adjustments, it’s a wavy tingling pressure in ALL PARTS.

I/we connected to the Galactic Solar Heart Field, a green field with a beam of gold going through It’s from the council of lights on the hierarchy of the Father universe diagram in the Keys Of Enoch page 169.

This is coming in through the 8th chakra next to the crown connection its replacing/ altering neurons D N A, amino acids and ribosome.

The Galactic Star Heart field comes from the A.A, Metatron, Melchior and Michael through the councils of light, it’s a silver colour and it is from the Supreme Creator, M F God, great central sun in through he 8th chakra’s from the inner Galactic federation.

This ray shifts everything into the upper Ds, vibrations, and frequencies of light, 5th – 12th MD. In this place there is NO PAIN!

This group speak: On this day we are filling Gaia humanity, you with these rays until they activate on earth, the adjustment you received last night and today until 4.00 pm have aligned your matrix for this holding until 12.00 tonight at that time a single flow will expand out into a new earth field ready for the next phrase- Santorin.

The Supreme creator, Galactic Star Heart, Galactic Solar Heart and the Royal Lion Guardians fields bring four rays that turn from a beam into a field that merges with the green field of the Star Hearts as one, angels are abundant, everywhere, comforting, guarding, holding with love.


Rae meets up with her friend and they talk about working the ancient technology understanding, awareness of being conscious of the things we do, like breath deeply connect to earth, meditate, feel the heart felt love, ask for things and situations we want. All this IS USING the ANCIET technology and EVERYONE does it the entire time unconsciously un-aware of it because we have been brought up NOT to believe it so it has no energy.

The negative energy will block this flow of light connection.

Since the star seed, light worker, way-showers have began to experience these inner changes and have shared them more people are going into the quantum space and balancing by the breath, they are all using the ancient technology, light language and codes that are surfacing now into the fields of humanity.

The conscious awareness has become spread through all walks of life it’s crept into the media under cover, but its there if you can recognise it. Main stream radio and TV are using the words like take a deep breath and relax into life, even the children are shown how to take a breath and bring their energy down.

Other methods of healing, guiding, art, dance, sport, writing dreaming and imagination, these are ALL Ancient techniques for using the light language focusing with heart felt love gives it the energy.

Everything we have learnt to master is from this old source and now we are using it.

PS, I was going to change the way this is set out but the powers that be say leave it as it is, this is how it comes. xx 

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Galactic Trek 2nd



In my book ‘Trekking To Mindfulness and Self-Development” I spoke about methods to help bring in our higher beings, becoming consciously aware of being in the world but not of it and learning and understanding that there is much bigger picture that we can tap into to help ourselves, others and earth.

My understanding is that there are many species of life in the universe and we are just one, its based on frequency’s of light harmony and balance. 

Science shows that our physical body has a certain frequency and it’s limited, we can only function in it on earth as a 3/4th D. the other part of our make up is our wave energy field that is housed within our body but has the ability to be as big as our balanced, unrestricted hearth felt feelings and imagination.

Although our bio-suit is limited its controlled by beliefs, thoughts and emotions; change them; and we can change our whole life and body.

Keep a distance from the media it energetically hooks into our 3/4th D earth this stops the control loop, break out of that and feel the freedom of the true being that you are its 90% of our whole the other 10% is our physical part.

For eons of time man/earth has been locked into the control of the few and 3/4th D world has held them static.

As in all cycles our universe has come into a part of its cycle that’s opening up higher levels of light frequencies that is having and effect on earth and man its time for Gaia to move away from the negative controls; earth, humanity and all life is reacting to the energy that’s coming from the cosmos, our sun is emitting different, strong radiation, the planets conjunction eclipses’ and star formation all create field of energy that engulfs earths peoples, the long tern calendar has started another cycle.

Because of my life path I am aware of these different frequencies and have consciously decide to think into them to expand them into my life.

It’s given me a much bigger picture of life, there is no evidence of a scientific nature to this and many might say my views are that of a crazy person, I am happy to be that crazy person with love.

I can write this as Rae Mundy or BJ, we are the same, some of it is from Rae’s viewpoint and there is direct teaching for BJ.

The first previous articles:  ‘What is Ancient Technology and Techniques?’ ‘The Trinitized Light’ and ‘The Santorin Spiritual Trek Sept 2018’: Is the latest data and I am being told to share first then give the lead up to it.


Trekking Into the Galactic Frequency:   

This trek is year one, Dec 2017-Dec 2018 the earth transmissions through the year has open up a Hugh understanding about LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE-STAR SYSTEMS and how we are all connected and one with source.

Rae’s thinking about her certainty that she is a Galactic being wearing a bio-suit it is something she knows in her hearts she’s here to assist Gaia, humanity and universe as the Galactic spiral turns and begins the cycle of the Supreme creators new plan for the coming of the Multi D way of life.

She knows when the energy fluctuates as she slips into her Galactic light body.

She feel that she is living in the MDs and she pops in and out of the 3/4th D world to carry out tasks that need to be done to maintain a balance in her life.

It is offering her advice most of the time and she feels VERY comfortable and at HOME, how many times has she read or heard that when you get to the truth in your heart you will feel as if you are home, and her she is feeling this in a way that is so much better that any kind of home she has experienced on the 3D world so far.

Back in Dec –Jan 2017-8 this is what she wrote.

“Welcome to 2018”, Rae said to herself, she was sitting in her room in Spain, being on her own has given her time to do any work that was required by her higher being over the winter solstice connected to Gaia’s magnetic core that was aligning with Vega’s to exchange magnetic energy from their core.

It is exacting, disturbing and it made her very tired, things came up from her unconscious during dreams, she had one about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

This dream was bringing up unconscious thoughts that she did not realise she had and at the same time the words, “it’s the winter solstice”, kept repeating all the way through as a BLUE LIGHT was being put thought her and Gaia continually.

This day is important in the new earth energy, during last nights dream, Rae was aware of a BLUE LIGHT being given through her constantly and the words “it’s the winter solstice”, repeating all way through the dream, this light is causing an imbalance, Rae is being used as a receiver of the light to anchor it into Gaia.

The elders speak:

“This is the new element that we have been nurturing since 2012; it’s fulfilled and is being anchored into new earth Gaia in close proximity to the old 3 D earth.

You are the cartelist to bring it into, and onto, earth at the place where you are.

Its powerful, it comes from the outer diamond crystal grid, through the two galaxies Andromeda and the Milky Ways light centre and across the star grids, into earth, where it is anchoring into the magnetic core, through the magnetic grids that has been set up, sink your field into Agatha and expand, anchor through your feel into central sun and expand out.

“On the 9th of January the re-alignment of the magnetic energy in ALL things has completed.

Rae listens, saying thank you for the information, she stands in her expanded universal self and anchors into Agatha, she extends her field out to them and as far as her knowledge of the universe can understand and calls it the Off-World Field.

“My field is as big as the cosmos, its attachment to earth as a pinpoint through my physical being, this expansion is to bring the cosmic upgrade into Earth”, Rae tells herself; “things have changed! The information and explanation of the way forwards is still coming in a completely different format.

Hermes Trismegistus came into my dreams he stood in front of me and told me of the way he finished one part of his progress and started on his secret path; how he did it.

 He said, he did it in small steps and low key and people just followed him silently and I need to look at the ancient books on myth and magic to find my way forwards in my new path. The information is in the Akashic records through the ancient Greek, Egyptian and the Atlantis mythology.

Your guidance is to look at the Kybalion and other old texts.

As Rae was feeling the undulating energy washing over her she wondered what she can do with it; the answer is: make a coherent frequency of calm and the violet flame, bring it onto earth as a balanced undulating field of connected light to transform and give out love.

“I can use it for my connection and balance to hold waves around any situation so that it quietens, that’s answered my question”.

A universal soul has influence on the quantum super non-local awareness phenomena; the consciousness of your physical does have the ability of the ancient gods as depicted in the myths of the Greek and Egyptian gods. This is not in the way of religion.

You have connected to that original source and hold the light of balance the very ancient way before the known history of man,

In her awareness she is holding, feeling and understanding the light language as extra sensory perception merged with the normal field consciously.

It tells her how she can be like the gods in the film of Jason and the Argonauts.

They say if that’s what it takes for her physical perception to be able to visualise and imagine it, then use it so that she can do this new energy work.

Use your mastery as one of the Galactic beings as a unity connection to the great central sun, son of Yahweh.

This unity is a conscious group with the physical beings on earth and we work together to the collective consciousness unity of man and humanity.

As a unit we cover Gaia and her peoples with light language streams and balance, it’s up to the individual to do it for them self’s by changing their belief systems; they can use the light language of the worlds or the omens and then act on them positively.

The light language is a deep knowing from the Akashic files that have becomes a tangible feelings of an energy field within Rae it has formed within her universal field.

 As she is grasping the information: Rae thinks, “my new mission is to connect to Gaia on this level of understanding, holding the balance in my new awareness and undulations, to hold Gaia’s balance on all levels, she is opening into her new earth creation of light in the undulating universal expansion within”.

“I am a daughter of the order of Lord Melchizedek to reveal this ancient eternal order.

My connection is complete and I am a stream of light and knowledge while I remain physical what a privilege, Lord Melchizedek comes up in the bible as being a representative of God, he is equal to Metatron, Michael, and Merlin in status and they are the alchemists and they deal with the collective consciousness of humanity.

Everything in my past has lead me to this place to reveal the ancient order back into the collective consciousness of humanity so that the cosmos can transit into its next vibration of existence’.

The healing in the Off–World-Field:

Rae tried to expand her energy to go into the O-W-F. it was being blocked by energy with bands of light gold and deep green energy strips that were holding it.

She expanded it by applying the crystalline living light spirals and vortexes until it was a cloud of colours and her light could flicker into every particle changing it into light white energy she holds it, it is quantum healing in Gaia and herself, it’s difficult to understand that its happening on the multi Ds as well.

Rae focuses onto a specific train of thought to bring a deeper connection to the solar light and anchoring it into the Agatha C Sun, the healing and adjustments will automatically shift, heal and balance Gaia.

She cannot repress her human trait of the emotional undulations, she has to experience both realms as she trudges through the rest of her life, everything is correct.

See: Energy Update, Galactic Information and Galactic Light.

Your emotions are high because of the updating of Nova Gaia the power of these fields is greater than ever before so it is amplifying all of the field including emotions it is a field for you to balance, do not take it personally!

‘Sometime’ Rae says, ‘I have just had enough of it and I want it to stop please give me a break from the emotions’.

Answer: you chose it, so stop whinging about it, its waves and it undulates through everything so it will turn too positive.

Loosen your sacral and base chakras, expand your inner core out 40 miles in a circle from where you stand again, make it a spiral of living light, plant it into Agatha and holding it on the surface of Gaia as well.

Rae say’s, ‘You are telling me about this light ship a 40-mile living light spiral portal that’s changing the molecular structure of everything in this portal so that it can be in direct contact with Agatha’.

Yes it is the hub where we can have direct contact with you once the anchoring, planting and grounding has happened.

This energy portal will become the main source of energy,

You are doing the ancient technology light alchemy.

March 2018: Rae is getting a message from Melchizedek and Sananada who are still saying there will be points in time on Gaia when she will become Nova Gaia as big pulses of photon light come in at the times of the solstice and equinoxes, this light is aligning and will gradually lift and balance the expansion.

Waking up from a dream Rae remembered that she adjusted the light quotient that’s coming in to Gaia, there were images of large circular objects with shell-like patterns on it, these are adjustment panel in the 6th-12th D space. Earths light quotient has risen over the last 3 months to a level where all peoples are changing their D N A.


The equinox pulses is interfering with Rae’s field as it did on the winter solstice when she was in Spain, the difference is she is not panicked about is as she did then, my heartbeat is pounding in my whole body, it seems to pump into my head, as I breath into it, it eases; no panic!

Q: how can I reduce this?

It is the outside chakras, expand the inner ones to catch up with the BIG outside ones to balance it, expand the light body to the size of Gaia, then the cosmos, then take it back into your body, breath into the hearts with the light breath and let them ‘be’ while your higher being remains in the centre sun of Agatha connecting, anchoring balancing and holding while letting the spirals emanate out through earth, they greatly expand into the universe, this holds Gaia as the pulses come into her.

Rae thinks, ‘I do have to keep them open like this as my holding job, the size of them are making my physical feel very fluid, wavy and energetic,

They will be merged with the cosmic portal by the end of this week then balance will prevail’.

‘All I need to do is keep being aware of it, not that I can forget, its dominating my being, As I walk it feels as if I have four big wobbly, energy, conical shapes all around my body, I can think and act round it but I am very aware of it’.

These spirals are picking up these equinox waves of light codes to bring them into Gaia for the building of Nova Gaia, my higher being is over-seeing this, physically I have to put up with the discomfort’.

The equinox energy has powered down a bit. Rae had let go of the spirals and rebalanced her body the inspiration said that the flow has been successful and Gaia has engaged the Nova energy.

She has been upset by this transition of energy and she decides to take it easy when the solstice comes.

She decided to move to where her daughter and grand children were living on Canvey Island, she had moved into a mobile home.

The higher beings say that by moving nearer to her family will make them more secure, they are on their own with no father to help them and as the mother its my job to do what’s best for all of us, I love being close to them and they love me being there.

As Rae has let go of the spiral she has to take her chakras back into her body it has had a positive effect on her she almost feels normal her balance has come back she is thankful for this.



“ Hello galactic council of light, what do I tell the lady who asks where does it come from”?

Tell her that this is information is coming form the lost codes in light language it’s about the way forwards for mankind. Tell her you are being given this channelling to be shared with all peoples of Gaia.

It’s information from ancient times when earth was in the last 5th D existence the time of Lemura and Atlantis.

The ancient texts gives the same information, there is a continuity to it from all ancient old religions like Verdi, Sanskrit, Mayan and ancient Egypt this can be found on Internet.


Rae is feeling the fluctuations of the energy.

It is so different, it feels like I am living in an atmosphere of soft, ambient, living light, water that I can breathe in”.

Dear soul we an tell you that Gaia and you have reached a place in the ascension process where you are anchored and holding and this is how it feels, they ask, “how do you feel is everything alright”, yes, of course it is, you do not feel lonely, isolated, compressed or restricted any more, you are standing on the edge of the future looking at nothing except the now and we are within both of your matrix and core, the crystal beings thank you. X


This call for energy work is the culmination of the work that was set over the winter solstice in Albir when Gaia and Vega became one and exchanged their magnetic core, plus the expansion of Gaia and your energy out into the planets, galaxy, then universe. Since then you have been transitioning through each earth sequence as they played out, the equinox, 1/1,  2/2, gates the alignment of major planets and solar flairs engulfing the earth, you have been anchoring grounding and balancing these all the way through to bring you to this time, the culmination.

Rae sits and thinks about how these pulses of crystalline living light from the 22 galaxy array coming into her crown chakra makes her feel. “My eyes can’t focus, I am spinning into this feeling, surrendering into it and go into the feeling.

 ‘In my minds eye I see a hole with energy poring into it over its rim from the centre are rays of light fanning outwards and upwards.

I ask the higher crystal being’.

They all come into my perception saying, ‘we need you to immerse your being into Agatha’s central sun.

I sink and expand into Gaia’s central sun in my core and relax. An oval shape appeared round me with a gap facing upwards this connected to a great big energy field that is being transposing it as it filtered through the gap and come down into Gaia’s core and Agatha’.

I relax and let it flow in as it anchors into the C Sun, it is then being reflected back out into Gaia’s whole body and out through the vortex’s and sacred sites, portals and any place that it can resonate with the surrounding solar system, planets and stars in the Galaxy’s, it came in through the black hole into Gaia and out to the galixy and universe to make the connection for the next part that will come by 21st June, its so strong its knocking me sideways.

It goes out to the other C suns in the local universe where it reverberates across all space.”

The things that influence our life: planets, sun, galixy, and other celestial bodies that we cannot do anything about but we are also being lead by our society beliefs and constant brain washing by the media.

These we can change and become mindful of how they are not giving us any free time in our head, mind and life to be still and hear our inner voice that is our truth.

Using methods of meditation self-awareness centring our body with breathing we can let things go that are not resonating with us.

In everyday life as you begin to become your own true self and are anchoring into your reality, you will be less likely to be dragged into the negative talk and other things that are shown consistently in the media, this leads to a more relaxed way of life style.

 To become understanding of the way of Zen means that you know that we are one with planet earth Galixy and universe

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Galactic Collective



Dear souls we are the Galactic Collective Council and we smile at the progress of all souls coming forwards in the 3rd D holographic matrix life path enacting out their life in a way that is totally accepted on a global level to gain momentum in the 3rdD earth through the use of their holographic dramas and have worked hard to set up the communications platform, IE Internet, this is a majestic time of change.

These souls have created a vast network of follows; their light frequency is a guiding light in a world that may seem dark and fearful because of old beliefs, and perceptions.

People search, and turn to the light through this medium of information and find others who hold the status of teacher, guides or friends.

With the back up of many eminent scientist and physicists and people who in the opinion of the main stream 3rd D earth CAN be relied on for there truth.

The masses of souls on Gaia are moving towards the light through these souls, they incorporate all deities and belief systems from every part of the globe, they are opening up to the idea of the 5th Ds and multi Ds and the theory’s that go with this like the holographic matrix of the 3rd dimensional life of Gaia.

Science is proving without doubt that there is a link between science and consciousness and how man is proactive in this theory.

The souls holding the key to the media are being inspired to expand their own insights into these possibilities and it’s showing itself in what they choose to share on their web pages.

Remember fields within fields, all unique, the levels, and the pyramid format.

This has greatly expanded with the coming of the new waves of photon light flowing into Gaia triggering and opening up the light for everyone to share; information is shifting everyone forwards into the quantum frequencies in their mind to be able to share this new data in a way that will reach the many and be taken on board so that they can all shift.

All souls take heart and know that everyone has a part to play, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the bigger picture, everyone IS equal, there is NO separation only levels of the SAME consciousness experiencing itself for the greater plan of the creator raising the frequencies of light.

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Galactic Council



There is no confusion in the multi Ds there is collaboration between us all; the intuitive souls who are drawn to specific places to ‘BE’; are aligning these sacred places on Gaia that needs attention they are the places that hold the crystals of ancient information.

 Our guidance say that Egypt and Greece were connected as one with the core of humanity rooted here as the centre of Atlantis energy collector point via the sun alignment to Gaia, it is the balanced place of Gaia that was used in ancient time as the power source collector for the energy of this period.

It has the pyramid alignments that are reflected into inner earth and outer space with the reason to collect and store the light frequency of that time that was/is generated by the high light particles of the sun from outer universe,

There can be NO physical proof of this at this time on earth.

 The intuition of light workers is the proof, they are called on by their higher galactic self to go to sacred places and ‘BE” the ground crew to give us the focus point that are a primary connection to these in-coming frequencies to be anchored deep into Gaia at this time period

This is activated by souls dotted across the globe at places of zero magnetic points for this transfer to take place in a very balanced wave.

Your streams of filigree light are connecting you to Gaia making a web across and within Gaia to activate it.

It’s a difficult concept to understand the bigger picture from the 3rd D brain, but that’s not important we the galactic council understand this and ask you all to trust and only focus on your own way of perceiving this tuning into the light it will take us all to the correct light place to do this action, all activities done leading up to the solstice is significant to the balancing of energy for this adjustment. 

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 Information: every soul who comes to this information is the core group of the collective humanity setting the way for others to follow.

We your galactic friends understand that there are questions.

What shall we talk about?

Knowing how the progress is working, become aware of the direction, recognise see, feel and know that the field of progress has become much bigger and clearer.

The info/data you share from our collective beings is being acknowledged across the globe, triggering all like-minded souls who are ready for the shift forwards in their own progress.

You are also receiving the new wave fields and are channelling the same messages of the ancient ways, to be in touch with the inner higher being.

It is passing the old 3D way of channelling to attract the next wave of data on how to recognise and access it, incorporating it into the higher Ds of earth life.

In the early days the image of earth ascension was that there would be 3rd D as it has always been and the higher D earth will be within the perimeter but expanded into fields surrounding old earth.

We have given this idea before, we bring it again, this time though the understanding of humanity has greatly expanded and the use of imagination, insight and memory have given everyone the knowing of the difference between the 3rd D and the higher Ds of Gaia: her expanded fields of light.

These newly set up field arrows of light are flowing and functioning on the expanded fields of Gaia, drawing all people towards their destiny by channelling.

Realising and moving into this unfamiliar high way of the hyper frequency of pure light as it grows, more souls will be attracted to its freedom from the clay body of 3rd D earth.

Look out for this field arrows, its there right in front of you, ‘look up’ to the sky and deep within Gaia/ Agatha, breath within to realised that Gaia has shifted and you can go with her in your own life with all those you love.

It may mean that your perception of life will not agree with all the people that you know and there lies the practice of tolerance in understanding that all souls are equal and in their own individual frequency, every one can and does live side by side.

The band of light frequency is quite wide and even though others might not wish to openly participate in your perception they are with you, their resonance is in your band of vibration and needs to be given the freedom to express their views.

As a working higher being on Gaia there is a need to give love and understanding and have fortitude to give out love and gently show your light ‘in the best possible taste’ to quell the fear in peoples hearts.

As you flow in the field arrows; so will they, you will all flow together.

When hardship comes into your ‘life’ know that it’s to give you the opportunity to act in a way of balance and humility, which is part of the process.

This is the beginning of the long awaited shift OUT of the 3rd D earth into her expanded self that is flowing round, in and out of her old self,cshe cradles her old self until the time is right and all souls have shifted.

This field arrow forwards has been set for all star seeds, light workers and way showers are adding to its phenomenal, conscious, information fields and it’s picking up momentum, it is light it’s in place, shimmering and flickering every time you look at nature.  Be Blessed. X

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Each cosmic alignment and sacred numbers, gates and portal activations have brought us to this point~ of physical and spiritual ascension. 

Everyone has taken part in this in his or her own unique way,

the karma gateway has been created and accessed through portals, nodes and gateways~ each living soul has experienced these up grades in their own way of understanding- enabling access to the karmic wheel of life in Gaia on her

No upcoming events.