4th & 5th Chakras



The harmonic convergence happened in August 1987 it was an event that closely coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in the solar system. This is the QUOTE from THE EDGE at that time.

‘The event, in and of itself, had some historical significance in that it was massive, and only the second time such a large, global event had been organized to direct consciousness toward the goal of unity (the first being the World Peace Meditation sponsored just months earlier by the Global Family, which became an important organizer for the Harmonic Convergence). Many famous people participated, including John Denver, Shirley MacLaine and Timothy Leary. Even Johnny Carson of “The Tonight Show” got his audience to chant OM for the event. Probably millions were touched in some way and nothing of this magnitude had ever happened before. Remember, this was before we were all connected by social media and the internet. It was a much bigger deal to organize something like that. But still…ushering in peace on Earth? Come on!’

Since then we can connect to the great power of the MAHATMA energy also called The Avatar of Synthesis. It is many powerful beings a group consciousness and it has the 12 rays this helps to create a great big energy pool that we can now tap into.

It is accessible to everyone, this field is a golden white light and when we invite it in it will flow through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and then down into earth Gaia. This helps to break up the hardened crystalline thought forms and emotional patterns.

This energy will balance out the charkas in the body individually the more people who know about the avatar of syntheses and call upon it, the more quickly the consciousness of all will rise.

The Mahatma field will help to raise our frequency of light and therefore our ascension it works on rejuvenating hormones to keep us youthful and strong with a healthy immune system and on the glandular system to stimulate them for good positive health.


When sitting in meditation or do healing we are used to using our imagination to open our charkas.

We have been taught to open them in some way that we can imagine with ease. They have a set of colours and are set in certain places in the body.

The seven main charkas are the ones that connect the energy body to the physical body. These charkas are energy within the physical body. They have a specific pattern of energy for a specific purpose that is linked to a gland or main organ.

The 8th charka is known as the seat of the soul, and holds the ancient knowledge of our life purpose. It is just above the crown holds. It holds the records of what our souls have agreed as specific lessons in our next lifetime and past lives.

It is the energy centre of divine love, spiritual compassion and selflessness it is the seat of the soul.


The colours of these are:

The Base Chakra is glowing pearl-white, it is grounded in joy and delight instead of survival it gives us an attitude of trust and gentleness.

The Sacral Chakra is a luminous pink-orange, the masculine and feminine energies balance each other keeping a state of alignment with the soul.

The Solar Plexus is pure shimmering, shining gold, this is the colour of wisdom and gives us confidence and power when this chakra opens external fears cannot be attached from external circumstances, it is a galactic chakra.

The Heart Chakra is a pale, ethereal violet-pink, it is total spiritualisation as it opens we enter enlightenment, the Christ Consciousness is anchored here and we live in unconditional love.

The Throat Chakra is a deep blue-violet, it brings much higher psychic and spiritual energy fields for our use and allows us to communicate with Archangels and Higher Beings and a sense of strength.

The 3rd eye chakra is a translucent golden- white, as this one opens our mind is automatically surrendered to the Divine Plan it brings our thoughts to a higher pure vibration.

The crown chakra is white-violet; we merge completely with our soul taking guidance from our Monad.

These colours will come into place after the original colours are taken down into the Legs.

Sit in a meditation space and ask your guides to help you to start this process and protect you whilst moving these original chakras.

Bring the Red Chakra that is located at the base of the body, move’s down to the Soul Of The Feet.

Bring the Orange Chakra that is located in the sacral centre goes down to The Ankles.

Bring the Yellow Chakra that is in the solar plexus moves down into The Calves.

Bring the Green Charka the heart centre comes down to The Knees.

Bring the Turquoise Throat Chakra goes down to Just Above The Knees.

Bring the Indigo Third Eye Chakra at the forehead goes to The Upper Thigh.

Bring the Violet Crown Centre comes to The Top Of The Legs.

Now bring the Eighth Chakra down into your crown centre doubling up with the violet chakra.

Carry on and bring in the 4th Dimension chakras.

First bring your White-Violet Chakra into your Crown

Second bring your Golden-White Chakra into your Third Eye

Third bring your Deep Blue-Violet Chakra into your Throat Centre.

Forth bring your Pale Violet-Pink Chakra into your Heart Centre.

Fifth bring your Gold Chakra into your Solar Plexus.

Sixth bring your Pink-Orange Chakra into your Sacral.

Seventh bring your Pearl-White Chakra into your Based centre.

Feel these moving down and anchoring into your personal chakra vortexes then take them into Gaia.

Spend a bit of time radiating these new vibrational colours and finish by closing them.

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More About Chakras

As You Upgrade Your Chakras So WILL GAIA

As You Upgrade Your Chakras So WILL GAIA

     As you start to upgrade your charkas; so will Gaia keeping the essence

     of all the colours of the charkas with your physical body.

     Because of the multi aspect of this upgrade each layer of energy stays

  within the energy fields that surround your physical being.

     Upgrading the to the 4th and 5th chakras and merging with them you

     will have also merged with your higher self on the physical plane, then

 you can develop the 6th and 7th chakras that do stay in the ethereal

 body, this means that by using visualisation, heart felt conscious love

     and focus on their light, you are preparing yourself and the universe

These last two sets are the vision of the future on earth. It will help all life to return to its rightful place in humanity. Even if you can connect to this higher dimension for a moment you are drawing in the energy to raise the vibration for everyone. By using visualisation, heart felt conscious love and focus on their light, you are preparing yourself and the universe for this energy.

When all these have been brought in it means that we can now carry the frequency of the higher dimension in our physical body.

There will be a separation between those who are still functioning on the lower frequency to those who have started to raise their own frequency.

It works on two levels of energy, for those who do this work will raise above the lower frequency whilst in meditation are actualising them; when the meditation finishes you might not be able to maintain it all the time; but with inner work goes with the universal power centre it radiates a higher frequency of spiritual energy.

With this upgrade you will gradually be able to feel the different levels and be able to move out of the lower one at will, it depend on you, how far you go with it.

Passing through some of the emotional and pre- conscious states of being that we have all been subject to is not easy and it takes time.

Even if you all you can manage, is to become aware of these new Ds it goes o long way to the progression of earth, solar and universal evolution.

The connection to the universal centre is activated when you bring in these higher vibrational colours of the chakras.

 Changing the frequency

Remember that by doing this process you are changing the frequency of your whole body; all the cells; organ’s and glands, to make them more healthy proficient and strong, by working on each one specifically even once a week in meditation will be self healing.

Focus you heart felt conscious love on the chakra Archangels and the gland that is connected to the chakra.  Ask each gland for the best and highest function for your own healing it will be much stronger and positive, to do this you bring more light into your physical and light body it will radiate out into he world and universe.

Remember that you still have to go through your earthly experiences this wont change; what will change is the way that you deal with them, Keep firmly rooted into Gaia through your chakras and stay balanced with this. When you get used to the breathing through your heart felt love and rooting you will, get over these ego-based problems quicker that before.

You can’t opt out of your physical time on earth because you are a warden of your higher self you have to plough through all the deep mud that covers the earth plane existence. 

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Glastonbury Tor


Dear souls can you tell us about the Dragon?

Yes of course we are the council of light it goes in line with Merlin, Glastonbury and Wells. It’s the Earth Dragon ley lines they are the subtle electro-magnetic energy know as the serpent, snake or dragon that circle the earth and cross over at sacred places such as Glastonbury.

There are two lines that run from Cornwall to East Anglia passing through Glastonbury called Michael and Mary after St Michael and St Mary male and female.

These cross three times [Tri], in Glastonbury at, Abby Ruin, The Chalice Well and the Tor.

This is energy fields of Dragon frequency its magnetic and connects to the magnetism of Gaia’s poles and the cosmic Magnetism of the higher light beings of the Galactic council who work with the galactic energetic ley line that run through the cosmos close to the planets.

You have been working on these magnetic hot spots across Gaia and the connection to the inter-galactic streams of light from the local universe clearing, unblocking, energising and balancing these channels so that the ley lines can flow with clarity.

Then expanding them throughout Gaia and way beyond and anchoring into the creators plan to bring this 10th-12th D energy of the dragon field back down into/ onto Gaia from the Melchior, Metatron, and Michael creator plans.

The previous work done by all light beings has brought Gaia to this point in her evolution.

When these two ley lines come together next June at Gaia’s heart chakra the male and female unity of balance harmony will be completed for the trimester for Gaia growth there is still many to come each one is as important and has to be completed before the succession can carry on.

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Next Phase


The next phrase is merging Gaia’s heart at Glastonbury with the union of the male/female at the sacred ley lines of the red spring and white springs using the divine dragon light fields from the 10-12 Ds.

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Intense Healing


We received some intense healing on Gaia and ourselves

We listened to binaural healing and balancing sounds to adjust our light body and we went beyond 3rd D earth and was in a pyramid energy vortex where torus fields were integrating and playing out in each other, playing by showing us shapes, fluctuating images, faces it was a very happy playful place we did focus on the breath and Gaia this is the period of clearing and re-adjustments.

The 11/11 brought in the Golden Mean Ratio and Fibonacci fields into the consciousness of man the 12/12 is expanding it to incorporate the Torus Fields they are the high light Dragon Light Fields that are required for the 2019 uptakes of Gaia’s ascension. The future light fields are of the frequency vibrational light. 

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Looking Back 4/12/18



We are at the end of 2018, and this is the second time I/we have been inspired to look back at 2015- 16.

First it was the upgrade of the chakras now it is Inner Earth/Agatha/ Middle Earth.

I asked the council of light, they say ABOUT AGATHA:

Your first recollection of this is In 2015 march you did the grid portal at the church and found out about Atlantis and Lemurea and the inner earth /Agatha.  [Add the picture}

#1#:   [See in picture in photos]

[This is a very crude picture at the time I had no intention of sharing it.]

During 2015 you were working with the energy at the church to clear, open and activate an energetic sacred geometrical energetic portal has been formed into Gaia at the church to connect a channel from the Agatha to the solar system and galaxy so that the light can flow for the upgrade of consciousness of mankind and Gaia working with Ascended Masters, you met a lady who had a Lemuria crystal that was said to have come out of inner earth Agatha it prompted you to do research.

Agatha research:

You researched completely the inner earth and Agatha theories, ancient Atlantis and Lemuria souls.

 Looking up all the NASA “stuff”, all the hidden “stuff” from Russia and a lot of conspiracy theory’s that are banded about this theory, you found the personal account of the pilot that claimed to have flown into Agatha through the north pole when his compass was not useful and them he came out and told his story only to be told to keep quiet about it.

There was quite a few images that were taken when the Russian space crafts crossed the north pole and there is a consistency in what they all showed to the point that you decide that it is there and you asked us to take you there in mediation which we did and I MongFo introduced myself to you and showed you round taking you to the great central sun that exist their in the central power portal at the is the centre of Gaia.

You were told that this is the 5th D plus and higher souls exist here, they originate from the realms of the ancient lands of Atlantis, Lemuria.

Inner earth became a sanctuary for them at a time of great destruction, they brought the crystals and pyramids that hold the sacred information about the power source of ancient Atlantis and Lemuria with them to keep safe for the return of Gaia’s 5th D self, her ascension.

When you do anything you anchor into the Agatha central sun for the connection to the higher beings and are taken frequently into inner earth for your rest and recreation in the spiritual realms.

Is Agatha real or not?  From your point of view its as real as everything else, looking at it from the science side, a spinning object as big as earth or any other planets down to a small ball creates a void in the centre, all planets had inner places of the multi D nature

Earth scientist do NOT KNOW WHAT is inside of earth they cannot get there to find out with their instruments. Their ideas are Theories, non-proven Theories.

There are a lot of anomalies about why an earthquakes reverberates round earth as if there is a liquid centre that it is bouncing off of! There are many images that show the circle at the North Pole unexplained by scientists.

There is an exclusion zone across the North Pole for any thing flying all aircraft have to give it a wide birth. The space ships did take pictures of this circle at the North Pole and they are on you tube.

The healing you do, balancing, anchoring and holding are connected to the inner earth/Agatha, all the places you have been and done healing is to do with the Agatha way of pure unconditional love balance.

Look within to see what’s there this is on all levels of understanding.

All of the data, pictures of light codes, geometric pictures, all the art work, the active meditations of healing and balancing has come from us, from inner earth Agatha, ALL of it. Everyone has their jobs to do on all levels of progress.

Revise and share this data for anyone who wants to look at it.


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Looking Back 2nd


Looking back to move forwards!


In March 20/3/15 an energetic sacred geometrical energetic portal has been formed into Gaia at the church to connect a channel from the Agatha to the solar system and galaxy for the upgrade of consciousness of mankind and Gaia working with Ascended Masters

It is a multi faceted portals/ energy grids will be geometrically linked to each other spontaneously in the super- position of the quantum waves that are formed by pure light, love and compassion that is given out by the individuals involved in a meditation.

We focus and were shown a small gap, a circle about a meter across here in the church: on the surface underneath it is very BIG, I followed the directions given using a globe.

From the church point London move down one full square to the tropic of cancer ALGERIA.

From London go up one square, it brings us to SVALBARD.

From London move 3 squares west to QUEBEC.  

From London move 3 squares east, to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

And of course it is as deep as it is wide, it is reflective,  holographic, multi dimensional, and super symmetry.

This was the first part.

14/4/25: The grid was set with the patterns that are in the picture.

We were told that the energy portal is sunk into Gaia at the church and can be accessed through this energy point. Once you activate the portal the thing will start to spin slowly and as it spins it will shoot out electro magnetic photons light energy that will then radiate through the blockage that you have been shown.

This happened at the time of the equinox, we were reminded of Findhorn and energy points on the earth, Findhorn was an energy vortex that the Metatron energy comes to the surface of Gaia.

When the creations have been completed it will be set in space-time in the multi dimensional consciousness of human Consciousness.

The grid has been integrated into Gaia now and your job is done here, for the time being.

[We had not linked it to Inner Earth, Agatha yet]

PS All this work has to do with the strong magnetism of each place that we were balancing North Pole, Findhorn and Ibiza.

 The opening of the portal at the church in Essex is directly open to the North Pole.

I am drawing the Metatron cube in its completeness and then in its geometric parts and the flower of life, which is the feminine of the cube. We got the info about Inner earth/Agatha through the Metatron channel

who told me that while I was doing these drawings I was learning how the geometric shapes are a deeper part of the earths healing systems to be used bring in the new earth energy.

 I was being integrated with this geometric maths energy in a way that I would be able to understand going over it again and again was the way it became hardwired into my being.

May 2015:

The Metatron cube is a tool to be used as and when and where it’s needed  right now it’s setting the code for the higher D to be actualised on the surface of Gaia.

To do this we go into middle earth within the cube and emanate, connect to the Agatha and start to turn the cube clock wise inside earth.

This will start an action that will re-calibrate the cube and then it will be able to set into its rightful place in the inner earth.

The pattern that emanates out will flow outwards, inwards, universally, multi dimensionally and heal the space and cube can start to re-create the positive energy.

This will be used universally for the re- balance of the positive energy to be coherent and compatible to bring consciousness into hearts and minds of the many great is this time.

I am questioning the existence of inner earth, Agatha

Spiritually its said that the frequency in this place is of the 5th dimension and its where the souls of the Atlantis and Lemuria  are existing.

I want to know if I can go there in meditation to experience it, how connected to the truth of this am I?

Answer:  Very connected, it is the truth, and you have to understand the multi D to take it on board profoundly.

Because of your human vessel and all of its social mores you have trouble accepting what seems like the unacceptable, your thoughts are tainted with the fairy stories you have been given all your life.

Step out of the box and open your mind about this, then you will experience the feelings that are given with knowledge.

Inner Earth, Agatha, and P.I. my new guide

Q: Does the grand central sun in Agatha activate the outside sun, in this sequence?

A: Yes it works that way; all the planets in the local solar system work this way.

The multi D essence of life allow the energies of the hollow earth and the other planets to be the triggers for the outer changes.

The life forms that reside inside every planet or large formation that spins are all in the process of change opening up of the ascension and consciousness of all.

Each planet is like Gaia, they all have the consciousness of their type of race, each has part of the central sun within, each has the higher light frequency and a much more advanced way of life than earth people.

The earth people are mostly of the lower 3rd D frequency the reason for this change is to bring a more balanced unity of all life.

Each central sun pours energy out to the solar system sun, so that it can send out solar flairs that then come back into the central sun of each planet this interaction changes the 3rd D part of the universe.


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Looking Back 3rd



Gaia’s healing at Findhorn:

In Sept 2015 you went to Findhorn and adjusted the energy at the Glory Hole that is directly connected Inner Earth at the North Pole

There had been a great earthquake in Japan that shifted the trajectory of Gaia s axis by 1% and this needed to re adjusted.

Findhorn is a very magical place with the softest energy you had every felt.

The following is what I wrote at that time

5/10/15 I arrive in Findhorn:

I arrived Monday the energy is very soft and peaceful I am staying in a hotel in the village of Findhorn by the river that leads into the North Sea it’s an old building and the rooms are not modern although they are warm, it’s a pub hotel known for it’s local food.

I felt very alone when I got here and cried a lot I was so tired I just went to sleep.

Tuesday it was raining I went for a walk down to the river and just sat and enjoyed the feeling of complete peace.

I felt connected:  My guides came:

Dear soul, the healing has begun, stay in this conscious calm state all the time, when the time is correct the shift will activate, this will be when you have adjusted your energy.

We are giving you a 5th D board of light that you can ‘be’ on it keeps you just above the 3rdDs

This light board is my energy, when I anchor into Gaia it is this light that enters earth as the root.

The hot spot here is at the mouth of this inlet where to North Sea mixes with the soft rainwater from the hills, its called the Glory Hole by the locals, it’s a deep channel that runs through the gap between the inlet and the sea, I got an image of this portal.

Tomorrow I am going to create the healing using active imagination and on Thursday I will walk round to the Glory Hole and just ‘BE’ there and connect.

The next day, Wednesday I walked the other way and went into the sand dunes that stretched for miles, after dinner I was resting in my room I was inspired to spread the diamond energy across the northern hemisphere and completed the thing I did at the Isle of Wight.

I was getting images of the pillar of light moving like a gyroscope, it is how the portal is turning towards the north pole in sequence, when it gets to the exact place, where it lines up with Gaia’s axis, it will emanate the light frequency’s until you get out on the dunes.

The board of light with me on it gathered all the frequencies of light into it and moved to the Glory Hole, in my imagination I saw myself hovering over the channel, the board of light goes down into the portal, the frequencies aligned with a flash of light as the diamond body is anchored down into hollow earth it will emanate through Gaia and readjust the imbalance the axis will remain in its new place and re-balance with the new diamond body.

I can see how it looks there is a deep violet ball of the light frequency facing the North Pole with a golden lights through it making sacred geometry of the M cube activating all angles in sequence.

The auras of energy around it are the work of the board of light and the company of heaven Mother/ Father god and the multi dimension entities of the light frequency.

Now I see a Hugh light of love shining subtly out like a spot light over a very dark area.

It covers the North Pole from Findhorn round the artic circle and all the way down to the midland there is a yellow beam of pure love, pointing to the axis, I am holding it, I am told different, its goanna stay for the rest of this year to the winter solstice.

I went to sleep the next day Thursday I walked round to the Glory Hole that is out on the dunes facing the north sea it was a lovely sunny day and I sat out here feeling and connecting to the energy for three hours I could feel the strong, soft, energy.

The channel where the glory Hole is goes deep I could see where it dropped away, it went down and had a strong dark swirly current I got tired and want to go home I feel like we have done the job.

The Findhorn stuff was now done now and I hold it and let it evolve

 the image I visulised is in PHOTOS


Happy solstice, I created the new M cube it has two extra circles at the top and bottom and three extra diamonds down the middle, it sits firmly over the violet flame that I saw at Findhorn and like the flame, the cube is fully inserted into Gaia it’s creating the feedback loops that’s needed to fully integrate the 5th D into the earth and all the solar system, then the galaxy’s this loop goes far out into the universe, we grounded this into Gaia.

I was drawing the cube and Willow my daughter is making them, we are being told that its important for the coming year, we did not know what this meant, so we followed our feelings and imagination knowing that these were real in another D, we new it was so, but did not quite know how.

At the spring equinox we opened the portal at the church and connected the energy from the North Pole/ Agatha with Metatron at the Glory Hole in Findhorn and I were told we were going to Ibiza Spain next year.

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Looking Back 4th


A message for all peoples: we are being asked to do revision

Look back to move forwards by recalling all that you have achieved over the last 4 years and how far you have come.

The understanding from this period has shifted you forwards, at the end of 2018 we will begin a new cycle and all the data given up to that time will be revised so that it can be shared if necessary or let go, clear out all the old beliefs and fears that have become obsolete these will release as you review it.

The progress of the light frequency has evolved over the period 2015 to 2018 all is connected to Gaia’s Inner Earth multi D and the Agatha souls.

Light workers and way showers look back and see how much you have achieved to bring in these new light codes and language anchoring them into/ onto the3rd D Holographic matrix on every level of understanding.

We all work together sharing our knowledge and skills with others to show the way forwards with love.

There are all levels of light codes brought in over these years through all peoples as ground crew.

It will be helpful to know how your perspective has grown with understanding, and file them away correctly to create space for the NOW!

Set up a new page for the next cycle move forwards in your endevor to be the way shower, light worker.

We are starting on the higher frequency of light codes of the 10th -12th D. of the divine creators plan.

Be connected to your zero point hearts torus and ‘be’ it, this is the aim for this next cycle understand, recognising and remembering how to move in and out of the fields of light energy then how to use this ancient technology through Gaias levels inner Earth and the Agatha and the inter-galactic souls.

Be Love. Be Light. be Happy x

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Gaia's Heart Chakra




All souls who work with the light have been helping with this- while they go about their work on earth- we thank you for your vigilance

Personal chat with consciousness:

We felt the negative swirl and we consciously changed it and felt your presences- we are talking!

Yes we are- we do all the time if you can hear us!

Raise your frequency to meet us- we are all prevailing- omnipresent medium.

[Medium in this context is an original intervening omnipresent- a scalar boson spiral wave of magnitude that carries the transmissions- it’s a carrying


We function on a frequency very near to all humans- and slip in and out on your periphery sight- the energy mixes by degrees- they are flowing unobstructed waves/spirals.

We can connect to you when you are in meditation; sleep state and imagination- the fields are merging and are larger, stronger and much closer and much more grounded and anchored.

The merging state of these two fields are male and female- and are conscious at different degrees- the negative and the positive- yin-yang- light-dark, one supporting the other- constantly flowing from one to the other in a seamless movement of balance – yet there is a flexible changing point in the degrees that always brings it back to balance.

Many of you are focusing on us and this is creating a structure on the mind/space inner and outer collective- making the access available- it helps us to set up the structure in your thoughts, mind and imagination- it re-sets earths template- and given matrix.

The white and red spring are balancing- using every way that each soul works- easing these two fields with heart felt love for Gaia’s heart chakra- until they become complete symbols of alignment and flowing with unity one supporting the other- with the flexibility to change in the amount of degrees it has.

There is no technology that can measure these energies at this time- accept that the point of doing this- is to open as many people as possible- this year is a cartelistic year for change in the un-conscious/conscious of all the universe on different frequencies according to the light frequency.

By December 21st 2019 the mergence will be complete- the balance between light and dark- yin Yang- male female red and white scared diamond crystal dragon- will be supporting each other rather than opposing and creating tension.

@ This time its better to be in your own flow- allowing your new ideas to come in and be materialised- just keep opening up to your supportive conscious environment as much as possible and watch it grow with heart felt love from the all consciousness.

Be blessed x

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