The New Earth Perspective


 The new earth perspective is about being in the higher frequencies in the same place as the old earth and anchoring, rooting and activating it into the soul-self of this NOW.

 Basically in life, all things are in the same space vibrating at a different frequency that can be accessed by the thought and love given from the heart consciously.

This is how a person can anchor the new earth that vibrates on the 5th D into their own body; by being quiet and breath in the light energy of the new earth and anchoring it into the heart of the physical body then into Gaia’s 5th vibrational frequency this will change your perspective of what the new earth means.

Think the thought, be quiet, breath into the lower body, connect to your heart, Gaia and the lighter being, for this moment you are anchored into new earth.

People have moved into a new perception of how they feel, the clear thinking, the different attitude and feeling within, the space inside, the calm and the peace, its been promised.

It’s the 1st step to new way of being and feeling confidence about staying in it.

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Research on Atlantic Crystals


There are places on earth where the crystals have been hidden

There are 3 crystals in Arkansas: 

2 at Brazil Bahia:  

1 at Bimini Bank Sargasso Sea:    

2 at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia bear lake Titicaca.

The crystal skulls are in Alexandra, Egypt and Giza. There is one in Yucatan Mexico.

There are also two-glass pyramid under Bermuda and this is the 2nd most magnetic place in the world.

The Azores is thought to be the tops of mountain of the lost city of Atlantis

Ibiza is the 3rd most magnetic place on earth the 1st one is the North Pole

Shoeburyness is where I work from for 47 years.

Findhorn is the place where Master Metatron can come to the surface of Gaia.

Algeria is on the tropic of cancer is another point on the map. Quebec is another one.

Svedberg is another.

 Kazakhstan is the last one.

The North Pole is the starting place.

We are going to be healing, balancing and activating these crystals separately to their fullest capacity and project a hologram 5th+ Dimensional space, which will gravitate from Bermuda and shine across the Atlantic Ocean.

This way we can make ourselves know without any physical contact except speech or resonation and harmony frequency of light.

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The Atlantis and Arkansas Crystals

The Atlantis and Arkansas Crystals

Last year was a year of change when the frequency gave all conscious souls a new set of instructions for the future of Gaia and humanity.

The future work is to include the re-activation of Atlantis’s and the USA ancient crystals and pyramids that are buried in earth in the sea and on land both east and west plus all the work we did since 2015-16.


This place has the 2nd largest deposit of crystal that is the largest continual deposit of quartz on the planet and it is changing in it’s frequency, properties of light.

There is a larger deposit in Brazil but this is not a continual sheet like Arkansas.

The sacred codes of these crystals hold the light language and are connected now.

Each point has been mapped on earth and holds the diamond  codes and light language. This was done over the last 2 years with the crystal entity beings.

It does not work for the 3 /4th D earth, it is working on multi D of the new earth reality, it can be accessed through the conscious understanding of the higher self.

There are underground hyper tunnels that have been set up by the Atlantis people eons of time ago.

The connective energy that has been opened from the N/Pole has re- activation of these tunnels they have been connected to the areas on earth that have strong magnetic places and energetic places where quartzes crystals plateaus.

Portals and vortexes have open across the new earths multi Ds; its not the same as you have envisaged so far.

Portals on the multi Ds are a lot different to the ones on the 3rd/4th ds, they are NOT FLAT.

They are an open moving mass of pure light that is gathering to build enough power to project itself into the in-between- space to create the very essence of the new earth other portals will also start to form and open across the globe.

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Pennsylvania Portal 1

11Hour/11Day/11 Month:

 Its enough to know that these rays going into and outwards of the Pennsylvania portal is of a circular oval nature because of the spin on the planet they come from and go to everything in the our local galaxies and others creating the doughnut circle effect.

Just attach to us the councils of this galactic fields and let it flow through your expanded field that is encompassing Gaia on her surface and on the multi D of her inner earth.

We are projecting out through ALL magnetic gates, nodes and portals on her surface anchoring these light pulses as they infiltrate and clear the Pennsylvania portal re- aligning it to the higher vibration of the new earth pattern for earth re-construction of the unified group as one to work together to regulate and overseer a unification of life on Gaia.

This is the beginning it will take time for this to unfurl into physical life.

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Pennsylvania Portal 2



Listening to Patricia' video we are told we do not work on this level, the creators’ plan does not pick out a country or single entity.

We the councils of the light group are working on the collective of ALL peoples and entity’s. We are going to bring in a collective energy focus to that portal on our inter-galactic spiral waves.

It will be universal the balance of this portal is to be enlivened into our supreme spiral waves of the divine light. There are four streams of light spiralling into this portal and it’s coming from four directions of far off galaxies from the far reaches on our cosmos.

And it’s going to penetrate through Gaia at an angle through to the other side of the globe at the point near Australia just of Flounders Bay the far South-Western point of this country.

Its coming in and out as four fold, North, South, East, West and it will encircle Gaia giving her a four circles outer grid to hold this new GMR spirals so that all countries can be given the balance for political equally in the new age light frequency.

This will take time on earth to pan out to its fullness and it will be through the younger light souls as they grow into adulthood with this light balance within them all across the globe, be patient, be love, be light and know that this is where the changes will come.

As these four parts move through Agatha, inner earth we the ancient souls are working with this activation to reinstate this portal so that Gaia’s countries can become up-dated we are instilling the human element into these waves so the they are compatible and will give an energetic boost to the field of the individual souls of light to move towards a change for governmental balance in time.

Politics creates separation by its nature of two or more separate groups trying to gain control, separation and polarity, NOT UNITY.

On 3D earth this works, on an inter- galactic unity of the one it is NOT compatible, there needs to be a radical change in the way countries are organised with everyone working together in unity not in separate groups this is separation not unity!

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Advanced Light


Workings to bring in and anchor this advanced divine highly refined field of light


There has been intense balancing during this period of time balancing anchoring, healing and set up and activated the cosmic wheels and cogs of this solstice.

It has created a channel through Gaia from the UK to the point opposite, New Zealand; this is a hyper channel of a Torus quantum spiral of light that is holding Gaia in place while these 2018 adjustments occur. It does not ‘come’ from anywhere it just ‘IS”.

Using an advanced breathing system focused within has created a spiritual energy vortex’s within the body that goes up beyond the crown chakra and below the base chakra into Gaia’s inner earth to Agatha’s central sun Vortex and out through the opposite trajectory on the opposite side of Gaia at the new Zealand Vortex and then circling back round an reconnecting to the first one in the UK.

Gaia’s position is being slightly adjusted on the system grid, in Findhorn we re-balanced Gaia’s trajectory after the earthquake shifted her, we are fine tuning her now.

This super hyper highway is tuned into all people using their own method of connecting with the breath consciously and will keep this flow turning; it has a profound effect in the way it is expanding.

Dear souls you have indeed anchored and opened this 2018 advanced fluid cloud field allowing it to consciously experience itself through conscious focus.

The job is to bring it into Gaia, we do the galactic ‘stuff’ we are the galactic council of light and are helping all souls to integrated with this Golden Mean Ratio, Torus and Spirals of this ascended vortex.

There is NO separation, this channel is a hyper channel to stabilise the physical planet with the quantum Trinitized, Golden Mean Ratio, Torus of what is being created, it will hold everyone and thing in place as the advanced highly refined field of photon light expands within all life, its so refined its almost liquid gold it flows like liquid and expands inwards.

It is penetrating the deeper quantum level of existence, its more refined than all other energies, its the advanced DIVINE creator light from the throne of Divine that exist in the next plane of quantum light that is beyond the 3rd D accepted spiritual concept of 3rd D God.

It is divine creation – the source – its God in its divine state of the higher light of the 5th-12 D.

Its so refined it cannot be imagined, it can be FELT in the Hearts, you can feel it as it alchemically alters the inner body of yourself and Gaia.

On the planetary parallel it is very dynamic and what you see in your minds eye is the billowing cloud of this light as it permeate everything, not only earth but beyond the location of this local universe.
Everything is transmuting, this light is taking Gaia out of the 3rd D

It has jumped your perception into the idea that there IS a beyond that exists away from the 3rd D old earth.

To perceive this is as progression into the 5th-12th D awareness and remember about the ancients ways, your ways.

To conceive this idea of God in this divine state beyond the 3rd D earth mind set in the physical brain is a naturel state when ascending.

There is a myriad of multiverses that is so far beyond the human perception and along with it the there is a myriad of parallel divine source that is INFINITE, even that word infinite is a very difficult concept for the brain, so don’t think about it FEEL it flow in the heart and track it back towards divine source as far as you can go with your heart, remember everything is a field of light and can go as far beyond the 3rd D as you can take it with unconditional conscious love focus.

Step into the realm of life beyond the 3rd D to life in the 5th/12th D of the advanced hyperspace.

In this context: Hyper means exists in a space of 4 or more dimensions.

What is meant by ascension is this movement into this next alignment of the advanced hyperspace with in the consciousness of Gaia, man and universe.

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Electron Jumping



We open up the pillar of light from M/F God and attached to the Alcyone Star Gate and Agatha we have been doing the chanting and meditation this has now extended into the previous hyper highway that is set round through Gaia coming out a New Zealand.

These energies have merged together becoming part of the loop holding Gaia, we have just used the adaptable knowledge to set it up and activate it at the correct time.

We move back to these hyper highways by shifting our focus and thoughts, we are jumping from Dimension to Dimension by consciously thinking and feeling it, each jump has its own requirement, a job needs to be done on Gaia’s up keep.

We became consciously aware of the difference between them, feelings+ conscious heart felt love and fine tuning and can only do it in our higher D body at the moon meditation level by using the EEE AAA chanting in different tones until it resonates right through our body down to our feet and into Gaia.

 At these levels we are using the deeper tones for the lower body and Gaia, middle and high tones as we move up to the crown chakra and then to the Star Gate in Alcyone bringing it together as one.

It’s the same as an electron jump, when the frequency becomes too fast an electron will jump into the next frequency and function as usual, by using your innate intention + the Advanced light field, that’s the sequence.

Q: Is it MongFo who is telling us to use this connection field of the ’A’dvanced power?

They come back with an answer

Remember the “A” power in the drawings the new ‘A’ power of ascension, yes!

We are Metatron, Merlin, MongFo, the time is to use this field within, focus it into what you want.

You felt the connection to the writing and activated the hyper highway setting golden super energetic energy into all words to attract the correct souls to the call of ascension, a golden energy of refined advanced highway of consciousness of the ALL.

SO! Having up-graded chakras and energy vortexes enabled us to take in this the Divine Torus Golden Mean Ratio Spirals of the multi Ds light vibrations filtering them through the bio-suit, integrating them into the light energy of all other vortexes in and outside of the body making it an energetic fluctuations that can be disorientating sometime as they get to fields of inner resistance, beliefs and old mental attitudes, just lay back and relax into it all with love.

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Up-Dating Gaia


RE-CONFIGURATION OF GAIA:                                                                   

It’s about the energy being transmitted through the Alycone star gate on Pleiades from the outer universe and it is also linked to the earth grid healing that has gone before. It incorporates the past energy work with the future to open up the way for the progress of Gaia and all humanity.

And it’s to do with the Glastonbury Dragon 10/12th dimensional interface in June.

In dream state we activated, balanced, opened and anchored the spiral light grid from the outer regions of our universe through all star gate portals Alcyon Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and all other star groups portals.

 Its a big silver shimmering metallic looking spiral that’s made up of pure advanced light we visualised it in all directions from the view point of our focus point.

There were many souls, children and people going about their business we did the EEE AAA chant they all came forwards to help us to stay grounded, balanced and wholesome with it, then it activated ALL crystalline entities within and outside Gaia and her people, each colour was activated in its own frequency as it grounded into the crystalline grids within everything.

Personal note: we feel very small compared with this experience. We all stand together

We open and connect, each planet in the galaxy across the time and space is the energy hubs of this cosmic plan they are out of tune, Gaia needs our attention to balance, we do it and feel the changes as balance comes through as we do a long continuous chant it with the integrated with frequency into the 40 mile radius in the UK the hub.

This focused, conscious, awareness connection of the moon meditation is bringing the field of crystal, divine, light into Gaia, transferring the crystal frequency of new earthlight.

Yes! We can feel it.

The souls come forward.

Over the next 3 days you stay in this field of the spiral and receive the direct flow, its completely re-configuring Gaia and all life. 

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Ancient Portals


Activating ancient portals at sacred site means clearing energising and balancing areas on earth where ancient energy flows have been blocked.

They are Gaia’s surface energy portals of her higher being, Gaia is multi dimensional on her surface is the layer of the 3rd D hologram matrix, man has not been able to go very deep with her interior.

The theory is that there is an inner earth within the planet.

It is thought that all planets that spin have this within them.

The earth theory is that in this inner earth that has been named Agatha the dimensions are higher than on the surface of earth and in certain places this energy comes to earth surface and it can be accessed in these places.

The ancient pyramids and sacred sites across earth are set in conjunction with the alignments of planets sun sets, and rises and at certain times these lines up the cosmic energy bring this higher vibrating to the surface of Gaia.

The magnetic energy in these places are at zero point this means that there can be no compass reading in these places.

Visiting these place people can feel the differences and they have enlightening experiences while they are there.

These sites are Gaia’s energy portals of her higher being, activating them starts the process of individual activation of the portals within her and humanity there is NO SEPERATION

 The new consciousness of Gaia and humanity comes through the D N A that has lay dormant for so long.

This is happening now with the suns activity of solar flairs that are throwing out massive energy that has changed the ultra violet frequency on earth and in the human energy fields stimulating the needs in their hearts to find their deeper understanding of life each person has their own portal within waiting to be activated,

Be in a state of quiet contemplation and breath into the heart connect to Gaia and heaven and feel the unconditional love from her newly awakened D N A and new consciousness as you feel this light in your heart and high heart this is your own portal, its your new consciousness forming with your newly activated D N A.

Recap: the awakened consciousness of your heart felt love is your portal, when you go to a sacred site you can feel the power of calm and love.

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A Sudden Influx




 A sudden influx of people- setting up their pages and video’s on the future of new Gaia/Earths progress- has come onto the media- in all aspects.

The message is- we still hold the balance while the energetic flux is coming in- everyone has done a good job- by bringing our perspective into the mix of earths awareness- acknowledging and opening up- the ways for all souls to tap into their innate abilities.

Lots of souls are just beginning to feel the flutter of the new Gaia frequency stirring in their hearts-like the fluttering of a butterfly moving- a strange feeling- over whelmingly beautiful- it’s the first moment of a souls authentic life within all people.

Some might say, it nervous or fear a reaction: give it heart felt love- be calm and using breath is the way of this wave of cosmic light making its self felt within all life.

 Breathing into it and allowing it to express itself- in what-ever way that suits you- so that you can perceive it- the waves of emotion will rise and be acknowledged- then transmuted into degrees of light density- as being conscious experienced by the mind, thought, and awareness- perpetually moving forwards.

All souls are venturing out of their cocoon- and waiting or starting to pro-act- bringing their ideas into main stream Media-it’s a big shift in the conscious awareness of everybody- they are giving Gaia, humanity and universe the big boost of conscious cosmic light- to switch her into the re-position- transposing her into her new higher authentic self.

This is a mass movement- it will impact everything- opening up to the gate way for the influx of these Dimension's to be actualised now!

Gaia has received three shifts so far this year they are the

 7th Dimension:   the 12th Dimension:  and this latest one the 17thDimension at this pivotal time 21/6/19.

Earth will gain the 22nd and 27th Dimensions over the next six earths months ending at the winter solstice.

The influence of these divine light rays has brought about this conveyance/ movement of growth- knowledge and aspirations of the many 144. 0000. thank you- be blessed.

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The Trip to Thira


 We are on Thira

We are on Thira to be the cartelist on the ground for the Trinitized light for the unified consciousness of humanity, it’s coming in through Thira on the active volcanic arc, inactive volcanic arc and the arc plateau as a conscious unified exponential down load.

Personal: the wedding and the family are helping with this and we are keeping a loving level up so that we are all feeling ok.

The over view of how the wedding panned out.

The travelling was hard, at the time of the wedding we were at the top of a volcanic mountain with a panoramic view, the light was glowing the ceremony was beautiful everything was in this very bright light from the sun, the glowing sea and sky and the love flowed I felt spaced out/ not real.

My experience was extremely emotional and all I could DO was focus on the love from all of your and the higher beings to hold this love within and anchor.

I need help to do this it has to be a unity between us all.

I had asked my daughter and some friends to focus at this time because the message was.

There is of great importance to recognise that this is NOT me alone but it’s ALL of us as one so that we can created the correct, strong frequency to create this Trinitized universal light focus.

WE ARE ALL-EQUAL and have our parts to play so that we can gain unity for Gaia /Humanity/Universe.

This means every light workers and semi awake souls are to gain this, I can only tell one person who is in the group, bless my friend she has organised it from her end.

Now the light is flowing with love, unity and consciousness to this place and I am holding it in balance.

My job is to keep this open and flowing the unity light is holding and flowing into every soul here, round and through the sub-strata and the tectonic plates of Gaia it’s perfect.

The reason it’s happened here is because of the volcanic activity and the direct line to the strata and tectonic plates leading down into the magnetic core of Gaia there is also a connection to all the other magnetic connections done since 2015.

There is unity, balance and harmony in, on around, Gaia and all living beings, it still has to play out in everyone’s life style this is the beginning

So that is it! We jumped into the volcanic energy of deep Gaia in Thira for a week, that is what is felt like, hot, bubbly, energy pulsing all the time, while keeping our control within the dynamics of the others and holding onto the light streams.

The best time was at night and early morning when all was quiet and the love connection come in and we anchored into the unity of consciousness.


A little bit of forward thinking info:

The first movement into the three levels of the Trinitized core frequency has been initiate into the magnetic core of all bodies, human planetary and inter- Galactic.

This is part of the long-term plan, its frequency is within every one and will take a period of earth time to be actually recognised and adjusted to, this time period is 3 Galactic years that is equal to 9 earth years then the second movement will be initiated and in another nine years the third one is applied.

Earth time is different to Galactic time there is no-time in the higher dimensions but for the sake of earth three D function its three earth days to one Galactic day this gives an understanding of how time cannot be given exactly.

The unity of consciousness is embedded into the core of man and Gaia each unique soul will merge with it in their individual way keep it grounded into Gaia connect to her magnetic crystals and all life on her.

The very ancient crystals are activated with this frequency in the layers of Gaia’s strata and are working from the 7th – 9th D of inner earth, Agatha. Sacred life is based on the geo structure of crystals and the vibration of mathematics all bodies hold crystals in their structure, all peoples are crystal beings.

This frequency will gradually initiate a deeper understanding of mans Galactic ancestry over the period of three tears in readiness for the second and eventually the third Trinitized light core.The way the planets and the sun are aligned and emitting plasma energy is creating a higher frequency light field.


Thank you given with much love x

This is a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to to all those who connected to Thira on the 6/9/18 with your energy focus, this connection was far grater than our human element, we, as ground crew gave the grounding on Gaia so that the conglomerate amalgamation of Melchior, Metatron, Michael + the Inter-galactic souls from the star systems and Galaxies from afar could formulate this part of the UP-GRADED LIGHT FIELDS AS AN ANCHORING.

21/9/18: Message For Mankind: Think The Galactic Way

Message for mankind: Think the galactic way by opening out into your Galactic Being, we the council of light are ‘you’ in this enhanced layer of frequency in ‘your’ physical bio-suit as connected beings on Gaia through the human participation, understanding and involvement on earth as part of the fields of all entities that are executing Gaia’s contemporary  /advanced/current/unique light frequency.

That which you are participating in now is this inter-galactic development of the biological suit, spend as much earth time as you feel you want to in a state of BE-ING in the moment in this way of THINKING, it is a new way to THINK about what you are doing.

You are NOT a lonely human functioning on the 3d earth. You are a Galactic soul functioning on Gaia in your SOUL TRUTH as a Galactic travelling being that holds the light frequency on earth, you have come Into the learning halls of the inter-galactic studies.

This next term has brought you into the 9th level of Galactic reality, it will take three earth years before you complete this and move into the first of the 1.0. Level  [the initial version; yes! As in the Internet set up].

It’s the 1.0. Level that goes beyond earth local frequency the earths vibration is a set HZ wave/light frequency.

At this point I asked a question.

Is the 1.0? Another set of wave frequencies?

No! They tell me: it’s the measurement of the quotient light from the outer Galaxies via the 22 Galactic Diamond crystal light that is a spiralling connection to the entire conglomeration of this universe that picks up the 1.0. Spirals of the old HZ measurement and converts it to the measurement of the Multi D packets of Quotient light that are a compilation spiral, an aggregation that functions in space time of all universes.

EXPLANATION:  Instead of the flat wave measurement each measurement of the Multi Dimensional packet of quotient light are a compilation of spirals, an aggregation that functions in the space-time of the universes.

Aggregation. [Meaning; several things grouped together or considered as a whole].

This light is Anchored into Gaia in the Central Sun in Agatha, Inner earth, connecting to the crystal magnetic core, you are all holding it, you are the earthly consciousness attachment to keep this flow anchored in a totally conscious way on earth via your thoughts, to create an un-severed current of this spiral 1.0. Light.   We are the inter-galactic consociate connection to hold and act together in combination bringing this light onto earth while you attach it.   Thank you.

This info has been given to me, I can feel the connection in my hearts, higher and lower and my solar plexus, it is very new stuff and I am giving it from my personal perspective; each person who reads it MUST use their own perspective and insights to what is being given and what it might mean.

I looked up the meaning of 1.0.  And I got 2.0.  3.0. As well they relate to the way the Internet is set up, 1.0. Is First generation   2.0. Is the second generation?

The 3.0. Is not defined yet!

The words that came out at me when I tried to find out about the 3.0 were connection, intelligence and connected data, that’s as far as I got with it, I leave it open because I do not know what this relates to; if anything.

The intelligence fields say that earth is at a level of understanding and the use of electronics, Internet, etc. is a great part in this time of Gaia’s evolutionary.  On the 3rdD and 4thD many are caught up in the monetary gain through this media, In the Galactic bigger picture it’s a means to an end: this means the way info is/can be distributed by this media.

This info can and is taken on the 3rd D level going into the 5th-9th D level and applying the Galactic concept can bring the mind into the higher realities   In this case the 1.0. And 2.0. Is the initial version of mankind and Gaia’s up-grade into these galactic frequencies?

Know this and keep ‘being' in this way of thinking, it’s a new way to think about what you are doing,.   Remember! What you THINK creates your reality! Thoughts have the power to re-create life on Gaia.

To change your thoughts see the book by Dr Joe Dispenza, “Breaking the habit of being yourself” To get into the Galactic frequency you can THINK your self into it. Thank you x

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The Lead Up to Thira


The lead up to Thira

The lead up to Thira has been very direct, through dreams, 8 weeks before the trip, in a dream we were asked to attach to a structure of two straight strong lines of white light, or something like that, “I am not ready to do this”!  A thought came into our head saying, “You will be”.

 From that date through the following two months in dreams and inspirations, we were given, the Duplex Tramlines from the 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Array from the out universe that has been integrated with the Royal Lion Guardians field of light to bring energy, light, information, replacing and re-aligning neurons, DNA, amino acids and ribosome in our body

It’s the 1st of the three Celestial fields of the Trinitized light coming through Gaia into everyone’s energy vortexes.

It’s the new earth collective Supreme Creator that includes the Royal Lion Guardians light spirals Galactic Star and Solar Hearts that have connected to the personal new chakra set up in and round Gaia and life on her opening, activating and aligning to the R L G’s light spirals of ultra light within, expanding them out to the RLGs spirals of wisdom and light logos who are reaching out to entwine with ours creating an interference pattern that transmits their Ancient Information, light waves and new earth light spirals.

Personal recap: I have spent most of this day half or fully asleep dreaming about the way of the new earth land scape is, how it is, fields of energy- how it changes colour from blue to pink in one Nano-second, how energies emerge out of a flowing field to form a perfect oak tree then it evaporates before my eyes- how a field has golden symbols forming in set patterns in it- how its a field of a building with golden lights- I have not seen any peoples there are light beings moving across the area or fields of light forming into a face of a person or master or Vernon or a woman and they all know us.

Intergalactic Royal Council:

Royal Lion Guardians make contact and send back new earth rays from the evolved light, this feels like a soft tingling in every cell of the bio suit, it’s information to D N A to keep the flow balanced and continuous e adjustments, it’s a wavy tingling pressure in ALL PARTS.

Everyone is connected to the Galactic Solar Heart Field, a green field with a beam of gold going through, It’s from the council of lights on the hierarchy of the Father universe diagram in the Keys Of Enoch page 169.

This is coming in through the 8th chakra next to the crown connection its replacing/ altering neurons D N A, amino acids and ribosome.

The Galactic Star Heart field comes from the A.A, Metatron, Melchior and Michael through the councils of light, it’s a silver colour and it is from the Supreme Creator, M F God, great central sun in through he 8th chakra’s from the inner Galactic federation.

This ray shifts everything into the upper Ds, vibrations, and frequencies of light, 5th – 12th MD.

This group speaks:

On this day we are filling Gaia humanity, you with these rays until they activate on earth, the adjustment you received last night and today until 4.00 pm have aligned your matrix for this holding until 12.00 tonight at that time a single flow will expand out into a new earth field ready for the next phrase- Thira.

The Supreme creator, Galactic Star Heart, Galactic Solar Heart and the Royal Lion Guardians fields bring four rays that turn from a beam into a field that merges with the green field of the Star Hearts as one, angels are abundant, everywhere, comforting, guarding, holding with love.

In my book ‘Trekking To Mindfulness and Self-Development” I spoke about methods to help bring in our higher beings, becoming consciously aware of being in the world but not of it and learning and understanding that there is much bigger picture that we can tap into to help ourselves, others and earth.

My understanding is that there are many species of life in the universe and we are just one, its based on frequency’s of light harmony and balance.

Science shows that our physical body has a certain frequency and it’s limited, we can only function in it on earth as a 3/4th D. the other part of our make up is our wave energy field that is housed within our body but has the ability to be as big as our balanced, unrestricted hearth felt feelings and imagination.

Although our bio-suit is limited it’s controlled by beliefs, thoughts and emotions; change them; and we can change our whole life and body.

Keep a distance from the media it energetically hooks into our 3/4th D earth this stops the control loop, break out of that and feel the freedom of the true being that you are its 90% of our whole the other 10% is our physical part.

 For eons of time man/earth has been locked into the control of the few and 3/4th D world has held them static.

As in all cycles our universe has come into a part of its cycle that’s opening up higher levels of light frequencies that is having and effect on earth and man its time for Gaia to move away from the negative controls; earth, humanity and all life is reacting to the energy that’s coming from the cosmos, our sun is emitting different, strong radiation, the planets conjunction eclipses’ and star formation all create field of energy that engulfs earths peoples, the long tern calendar has started another cycle.

 Because of my life path I am aware of these different frequencies and have consciously decided to think into them to expand them into my life.

It’s given me a much bigger picture of life, there is no evidence of a scientific nature to this and many might say my views are that of a crazy person, I am happy to be that crazy person with love.

Even though this was a dream Lord Melchior was giving me this for all humanity if they want to take it up. It was an active dream I was given this info that I wrote down before I fully woke up.

I saw three pyramids and these words that started at the top of the first one expanding out as it went down.

Taking on the light for the Thira trip

 Stand in the pyramid of Trinitized light with your Christo over body Trinitized light emanating out with love.  The base line is now wide open and holding the light in a way that is balanced and equal to all.

The Trinitized light beam has grounded at the base of these pyramids holding into place within the hierarchy of Gods creation plan for the ascension of Gaia and all humanity.

We are all Galactic being assisting Gaia in her transition into the higher inter–galactic universal being from the higher frequency of the 3rd D earth of separation and polarity into her inter-Galactic self.

We stand tall and strong on earth in connection with our higher self attached to divine source with love.

We have been given the opportunity to be integrated into the golden light of which I took up I was aware of the fact that I was in a dream and consciously decided to go into the space where I took up my place in the golden pyramids, a pyramid shape focuses the energy within from the point at the top down expanding into a wide based that is anchored into Gaia.

The fields of this light places itself in the exact area in Gaia, solar systems, Galaxy’s and universe where it is required to be merged / melded for the re-unification of this fields back to its original alignment. Configuration.

This light field is for Thira and when I get back it will be released from your energy field.

It’s Lord Melchior: Hello!

Personal: The integration of these latest energies are disruptive you have spiralled into the inter-galactic universal light for this last month now you are bringing it back to your own field, the pin point of this Melchior’s divine spark on earth through you.

You have created a solid structure within Gaia as she begins her new age of expansion.

In Thira; Gaia and your modified structural inter-galactic Trinitized light will become a tour de force attained and set in motion/mobilized, this one part of this sequence.

The conglomerate/amalgamation of light fields for the Thira trip

Ok what have we got here I/we are on our way to Santorini?

There’s no single guidance, it’s a conglomeration/amalgamation of different light fields coming together. This highly evolved amalgamation of souls are here to lead us into our re-search of the previous re-search in the way we want us to go back to our books and read them to gain the knowledge from the deeper under-lay these writings.

Its not to understand the physical science, its to gain the gist of these writers higher being that are coded in their work.

Not history although as you re-read the history you will ‘see’, recognised the light language that’s been super imposed onto the pages.

The little things, to understand toy will have to look up things to eliminate them and what you are left with is the deeper codes of light language that will stand out to you.

to progress into the next stage of recognition, remembering and understanding you all need to expand your telepathic recognition of this aspect of life what you will understand is going to be on a telepathic recognition, not brain, bio-suit way its your light fields that you are going to use.

Recap: so all the info that’s been written to date has been synthesized into this data already. [Meaning of synthesized in this context is to form by combining parts or elements to combine into a single or united entity].

My understanding: the words have been synthesized into this data forming parts to combine into a single deep meaning, this is what we are looking for by eliminating all old science ideals. 

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