Energy Update


For the last few three weeks I have felt that I was being transmuted or something; while I am asleep, there is a pattern to it so I asked: what sort of down loading is happening when I sleep?

The galactic council of light:

The light spirals are being absorbed into the physical body of man and Gaia until the 21stJune.

Gaia is being swamped with this light frequency; the way to absorb it is in the 5thdimensional sleep mode, layers of light are being slowly introduced.

When a person becomes aware of this; layers can be added much deeper and quicker, this can lead to disorientation when you wake up and it takes time to balance out

This is happening in waves that are also spirals of light; each person has their own perception of this that fits their pathway.

This is the new energy coming in; as each person releases their old beliefs they are clearing the negative fields that have become so weak that these waves and pulses can transform them into living light.

Its coming through the star gate of the summer solstice and the pressure will build up then release after that date.

The only advice we can give is; deal with it as your life style and pathway is leading you.

Knowing what is happening in the cosmos energetically can help: when everything gets too much surrendering to it fully will be the most comfortable if your life style allows this.

The sun is giving of lots of energy with the sun spots, Earth is in alignment with the black hole of the Milky Way and the giant planets are moving in ways that are unprecedented, your discomfort is coming from the Galixy.

Everything is correct, no matter what it is, ride the waves then surrender, understand that things will be up and down,

It will smooth out, all things are happening in the correct time.

Be the sapling tree and bend with the wind or wave in this case. x

Be light. Be happy. Be love.

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Supreme Creator Oct


1/10/18: new earth collective Supreme creator, the unity of the collective consciousness of all beings celestial and humanity:

It’s the spirals of wisdom and light entwining within us and creating the interference pattern transmitting the ancient info light waves spiral of the new 1.0 into and onto Gaia, humanity and celestial beings of the inter-galactic beings.

Sit in the sacred field of complete silence and breath into your hearts and solar plexus feel the connection to the field of wisdom love and spiral light vortexes as they entwine with your higher self transmitting the info of the sacred ancient parables into your light body through your crown chakra with the sacred breath.

You may not be able to recognise this at first, get to know the feeling and become familiar with the methods of this interference pattern within. In time your truth will be made clear to you, each unique individual will gain focus in their own inspirations, leading to their own soul truth ascension pathway that they have chosen as a soul before they came to ‘be’ on Gaia.

Move forwards into your soul perspective into your own supreme self and share it with others.

This connection is here for all, recognising, asking, accepting and allowing your self to shift into your new light spiral vortex from the light waves of the 3rdD old earth into to the new earth multi D way of being for the future of Gaia and all souls in the sub/local universe.

Everything is connected and will shift together on earth, this is the collective consciousness of this moment. Man holds the conscious, collective connection of unity that will create this move into the higher state of being leading the way to a united love consciousness that IS mankind.

Do it collectively to assist Gaia and all life into the 1.0 the first version of new humanity.

The key is to sit in silence, breath into the hearts and solar plexus and feel the spiral vortexes as an energy field wave through your bio-suit with love consciousness, unity and connecting to the collective.

Sit in silence and breath love in then feel it expand right out into the unified consciousness of the cosmos.

Do not try to annualise it, just allow it to be within and accept and give it permission with heart felt love.

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The Level is Higher

The light has stepped up a notch hasn’t it?

I woke up and the first thought was:

The light has stepped up a notch hasn’t it?

Yes Dear soul, it has, by this we mean the creative flow of the energy field has gone into the next levels in ALL peoples, giving everyone the ability of consciously knowing, understanding, remembering who they are and that they have the unique ability to actually apply it to Gaia and humanity’s future of unified connection into their new way of being.

We urge you to take that step, you-know; the one you have been thinking about for ages and not trusted enough to make it a real move in your physical life.  You have been holding it within for eon’s of time NOW! Is a VERY GOOD time to get on with these ideas in the physical life, create your group, share your articles, get your own web page and start to openly share your unique gifts whatever they are?

Do this on the outside knowing that you will automatically expand on the inside, the multi D within are unfolding to bring in your higher Galactic consciousness.

Expand on the physical and you will expand on the inner realms of light creating a unity- a whole- creating the one!

To create a whole the consciousness has to be within and outside making a full circle if you are only expanded on the outside the other half is missing.

Trust your intuition with unconditional love, open up to your light and let it shine in, as well as out!

Become the true being that you are and take this step.

In the last post we were told about this year’s mid year energy going back to  ‘normal’, a more manageable level in the physical life and it did.

The 10/10 equinox spiral waves has upped the anti, this time its very a strong, gentile flow of quotient light streams that is being directed within to balance the unified whole male outer female inner unity.

As this filters into the matrix of Gaia, solar system, Galixy and sub/local universe it brings clarity of thought the ability to clearly visualise the way forwards! Looking back at what has been said and done over the last 3 earth years, 1 Galactic year will give everyone their clear path forwards in this lovely new light.

This is only going to build over the next time scale up to The solstice, take the step into your truth opening it out to the ALL.

The ones who this now will create a strong platform for the many to openly stand on over the next few earth years, it’s a long-term plan. Thank you.

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Radiance of Light


The High Radiance of light:

We are the collective council’s; passing on information about The High Radiance of light:

The light frequency is surpassing everything that has gone before and The Ancient Fields Are Open:

This incandescence frequency is surpassing anything that has been coming to earth through the light soul consciousness at this moment in time and The Ancient Fields Are Open, the vortex in Gaia’s Sub strata’s terrain infer- structure of the tectonic plates are activated; this ancient field is open.

Everyone is a cartelist for Gaia perpetuating these highest frequencies of solar light into areas on earth to be anchored.

Everybody on earth does this in his or her own unique frequency and way

Radiating their unconditional conscious heart felt love to Gaia each in their own way everything is correct

Remember the universal law, every soul can consciously anchor their light with unconditional love and physical awareness adding to the one.

 Each person has a light signature that’s encoded in their D N A and aura that is anchored into Gaia creating a trail of light signatures in and across her surface spreading the light and altering the over–all signature of light quotient exponentially until all the dots link up and create the new earth frequency on earth.

Each soul who is following their AUTHENTIC TRUE beings and guides from the unconditional heart felt love is giving this out; connecting all parts of Gaia’s surface into a filigree of light covering her, this is how it is perceived.

Follow your intuition and be guided by the cosmos movements that are prompting this light filigree for earth.

The Councils Gives A Meditation To Do:

Put your mind into Gaia, outer and inner with the unconditional heart felt love conscious awareness taking you into a natural state of vibration, meditate today and tune into her 5th and 7th chakra colours and crystalline meridians’/ ley lines and inter- dimensional light frequencies and ‘BE; with her.

Become the attachment to the filigrees network of her silver and gold iridescent light flows that have been created right through her.

Feel it in yourself and it will be in Gaia, you are one:  hold it in balance, harmony and love anchoring this activation.

Perceive this field of light with no perimeters meld into Gaia with these light the spiral waves of crystal light; become its infinite potential light.

This can be described as the field of potential where all things can be created it’s coming from outer universe through the rout as described in previous text from 22 galactic diamond crystal array through the Andromeda then milky way galaxy’s.

It comes into Agatha’s ancient crystals through North Pole and then it comes out onto the surface, it is permeating through to the outer strata of Gaia from inner earth and being emitted out through all of the portal and vortexes that sit on Gaia surface and all star seed/worker/ are putting it back into Gaia from their solar plexus and heart felt love of conscious unity.

This is the field we are holding as a silver and gold filigree plexus within Gaia’s tectonic plates and lower strata.

Plexus means an intricate network or web-like formations, OR an interwoven combination of parts or elements in a structure or system.

This is going to hold Gaia’s structure as the future Isos-Tonic chemical changes come through the structure from the high octane plasma streaming into Gaia’s fields from outer Galaxies and main star of the solar system.

Isos is Greek for equal: Tonic means one that invigorates/ restores.

The word Isos-Tonic in this context means an equal chemical change that will invigorate restores the correct energy within Gaia.

All life on earth is prompted by the universal movements of the Galaxies star group / clusters and solar systems in this quadrant of the local universe. It affect the very basic D N A levels of the human and earths bio-structure the suns rays change the D N A of all life on earth, the movements of the planets effect changes in harmony and balance and chemical action.

This is a cosmic truth the energy fields of these creates tensions and releases tensions of Gaia, man and all life. The animals understand this and flow with it, man is trying to control it, and this causes much dis-harmony on earth.

Be blessed, be light, be love, be happy.

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Merlin Says


This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart desires. You can write articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.

Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

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Merlin's Message 1


I/We ask Merlin, have we fulfilled our mission?

Merlin gives a message:

Merlin say’s NO, not quite yet, GO BACK and link to the Thira experience.

 We the Inter-galactic beings are with you and ask you to feel the connection to the Agatha crystals through the levels of the multi D onto the surface of Gaia these are arranged over and in Gaia so that the spiral vortex waves being initiated from Thira can be easily picked up by the conscious field of Galactic and humans conscious, intelligent perspective, it does not matter if it is not recognised physically because the creator’s grand plan is set up so that the physical molecules will be initiated by their crystalline makeup.

We infused and anchored the T light into Agatha’s sacred crystals to activate them and open the harmonic resonance to reboot the other sacred crystals and pyramids on Gaia aligning them to the cosmic harmonic frequency of spiral light waves of the order of Melchior, Metatron and Michael.

The work that has been achieved over the years by all light workers can be incorporated into the unified unity of consciousness of Nova Gaia with the inter-galactic multi D chakras re-booting everything to begin the next phrase into new Gaia.

We ask all souls to go back three years and bring everything that has been done up to date by merging them with your own unique energy vibrations

using imagination, bring it all together as one big experience of perceptive creation.

Do this in inner earth, Agatha ready for the next adventure of conscious evolution for the ascension of humanity, Gaia and all life in the universe. Thank you x

Confounding it IS!

The inter- galactic multi Dimensions is a vast field of pulsing energies, a mixed soup,nothing is solid, its all on the frequency scale of spiral waves that are separated by their difference frequency’s.

There is a light spiral that creates a bridge between like to like frequencies across this vast soup of fields of energy, it’s a time bridge of light, the time part is the amount of space it will take to create the bridge to connect to another spiral wave of the SAME frequency adapting it to ONE united vibration for everyone to receive this.

There is no linier time or space outside 3rd D earth.

Things loop and are spirals going back and forth looping in cycles, every time the cycles, spiral and loops occurs there is a change in its frequency that brings it into the succession of evolution of the creators plan for ever expanding inwards and outwards INFINITE.

250,000,000, 25,00,000 a year, day week it’s all cycles, loops and spirals.

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Merlin's Message 2


OK Merlin we look at Earth Dragon energy pertaining to Wells, Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet, mixing fire and water, red spring and white spring, male and female

Merlin says:

The guiding light of Dragons hails from the 10th -12th D and they preside in Agatha inner earth in the inter-galactic macro/mega multiverse Ds of the creators grand plan remember these is NO separation.

The Dragons vibrations are in tune with the Whales, Dolphins their entities exist in all frequencies and vibrations they are as light as the divine Ain Soph and as dense as a rock.

To accomplish our goal we use all aspects of light fields.

You were gifted the vibration in June when you found the blue carpet with your own dragon woven into it.

You had to complete the job in hand before picking up this next spiral wave field that we a now riding into inner earth Agatha’s alchemy, its time to put the collection of the bones of Gaia; these are the stones and crystals you have carried home from all the sacred places you have worked in they carry the essence of these places for this next phrase.

The ley lines at Glastonbury and Wells is the power of the Earth Dragon light crystal energy field, fire and water, male and female on the 10th-12th D level.

It is to be mixed in harmony with the unity of exact weights and measurement’s with unconditional love focus of the highest fields of light from the hearts of all beings.

The return of the Dragon is the beginning of integration:

They are ancient fields of energy from the ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria and they exist in the sanctuary of inner earth, Agatha along with the elders from the ancient times who hold the information of wisdom and technology waiting for the time when Gaia’s heart can be re-integrated with her true being.

The Dragon field is here on earth flickering in and out of everyone’s perception as flashes of light, shadow or colour flickering in the periphery sight of the visual field, for those who wish to recognise this its here to help.

You will do this next June 2019 in third trimester in between your learning understanding and remembering will come to the for so that it can be shared and enhanced for this union of the collective unification for all on the collective consciousness and on the 5th-7th multi D awareness.

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Merlin's Message 3


We of the Merlin/Melchior Metatron and Michael plane of existence are defining /establishing the light emission from this plane down through to the base line of Gaia, humanity and life.

The dragon light is from the circle of life in its state of potential before it comes through the shining discs that are emanating light from the Creator God.

The harmony and balance of the male/female unification through the ley lines at Glastonbury will be done by the next galactic year July 2019.

Personal Meditation: the field of the councils are smiling.

We take this deep into the inner area of Gaia and us, it moves round her strata before homing in to Agatha where all the 5th D fields from the circles of energy potential light dolphins, whales and serpents/ dragons are healing and emanating their love trough Gaia.

Sit on Gaia in the presence of the sun/ central sun of this planet

The alchemy is to bring in fire and water from the dragon fields using the correct weights and measurements to blend them into the unity  the boundless light.

The correct weights and measurements has to be connected in the multi D realms and it has to also be in binary in this connectedness this means you have two states of being!  

STOP!! The word binary please explain how this is relevant?

When we are doing meditations/ mind experiments/ alchemy to bring fire and water together there HAS to be a perfect balance: the state of being with the fire and water is OFF while the balance is being created and will only be switched to NO when everything is perfectly correct: 

only then, can this be done, this perfection will be initiated by the higher realms who will be in control of this unification at the time of the Summer Solstice 2019.

It is the light from the outer 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Spiral + the ancient Galactic fields from Atlantis and Lemuria for the job it will come through us to you then it will retreat back to its original place.

It is initiated through the galactic star patterns that were set up last year you and Willow will be the cartelist for this as ground crew.

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Golden Mean Ratio



The councils of light come in: we enter the inter-galactic learning field.

The new light that came in on this 11:11 doorway, GOLDEN MEAN RATIO spiral: from the creators plan it’s a wide-open sacred spiral of nature’s way of forming physical objects through the language of sacred Math, this spiral wave is expanding exponentially in the multi Ds.

This field is both big and small, macro and micro it amplifies and heightens the areas of humanity’s understanding as it unfolds into the collective conscious mind of humanity as it emerges into the local universe from the multi verse.

This sacred math is the language of the cosmos for practical human understanding, and in this way it will magnify the in-coming light code language for the attention of the imagination of the human brain; it gives another perception on how this unique process of integrating this advanced system into the new 5th D human energy fields.

This way of looking at this contemporary universal brand new approach using this sacred math imagery will open up the brains unused D N A in man so that it can be synthesized into his whole sense of existence while actually being on Gaia.

Think about the Golden Mean Ratio Spiral as expanding lines that are wide open, its infinite, inward and outwards.

It opens mans mind and perception to the vastness of universe and multiverses, each arm of this type of spiral is open.

The Galaxy’s are these sacred spirals, the arms coming in are from the multi verse in through the Black Holes of Andromeda and Milky Way bringing this light into the hearts of all local planets and especially Gaia through the consciousness awareness of the human heart felt love.

The human hearts are open; each person who will be drawn to read this will be automatically at one with its resonation and be drawing it into their hearts, Gaia’s hearts + all other planets consciously or unconsciously on this inter-galactic light flow of the 11/11 portal getting ready for the next one 12/12.

During this trimester the Galactic over-seer of light of Ain Soph is sowing a seed of Galactic light into the human heart to set the pattern for the future incarnation and iridescent Golden Mean Ratio spiral to anchor into the hearts and souls of all life on and around earth/Gaia.

Everyone on earth is a light soul bringing their unique perceptions into the universe and GAIA to help the shift forwards into this next age of light, everyone in their own way will receive this latest remodelled light spiral waves into their D N A.

The souls who are open and are consciously aware will be inspired in their own unique way to enhance their life in what-ever way is good for their life style.

Thank you. Be light. Be love. Be happy.

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Golden Mean Ratio 2



I/we have pushed too hard and made our body hurt!

We asked the higher beings to help!

They take the Golden Mean Ratio spiral into our inner heart it emerged outwards through our field moving out in its very special way until reached beyond us and connected to Gaia.

Mother earth ’Gaia’ we are one: from her heart centre at Glastonbury, the spiral unfolds outwards in its infinite divinely spreading its arms through her, breaking up the negative energy into small pieces.

It moves outside her field to a location in the macro/ universe doing what’s needed before it returns to the micro.

It comes from the micro expands into the macro then it returns back to the micro in the fullness the long-term creators plan.

The waves will continue to roll in and out anchoring these arms of light into every negative particle there is in its pathway, this will remain when the wave passes and will be released back to source as the negative areas turn to dust and blows drifts away.

Its creating emotional, feeling and the mental energies are fluctuating, its forcing many to examine, notice ideas, giving more confidence, having a positive outlook consciously so let these energies flow with NO RESISTANCE and they will evaporate first realise what they are.

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Golden Mean Ratio 3


The G M R spiral coming in is of the nature of an exponential spiral wave the base of nature’s sacred foundation known as the golden mean ration in its mathematic numbers of the Fibonacci spiral format.  It’s moving through the negative build up on/ in Gaia/man and universe exponentially.

These are the arms of light coming from ancient technology through Gaia and all life in this our universe.

These spiral light waves are moving into the field of every soul and setting the connection between the old and the new, the old is dropping away and these spiral waves are taking there places in its sacred patterns of the golden mean ration of life.

Open your hearts to this concept and allow it to ‘be’ come your new light in your own unique field of energy.

Be Light. Be Love.  Be Happy.

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Fields Understanding


Dear soul you worry too much; your fields within fields are all balancing nicely,

Rae says.

“ It’s very difficult to maintain, it feels like it switches off as soon as I open the door to people”

They say,

“It does at the moment this is an area that needs to ‘be’-come conscious the membrane is still in place within your field.

Rae says’

“Can you help us to disintegrate this barrier give us a key point”?

The say: “You have the key; all you need to do is REMEMBER to maintain it, REMEMBER its an OPEN field with the G M R spirals flowing, create your protection field with the arms of the G M R spiral light use them consciously with HEART FELT LOVE FOCUS by the breath, catch the arms and direct them to be abundant over your field space on and in Gaia, your field is a as big as the place you live, Gaia! It vibrates in the fields of the ALL; the other field are not being directed consciously yours is when you REMEMBER.

Imagine the closer you draw your spiral arms to your physical the stronger they get and its harder for outside 3rd D earth to influence yours it forms a open banded arms of light the spirals out to the one in which you move to and from.

Hold them in your hearts and let them flow all around. Thank you.

When Rae was imagining 3 fields of light that were separate from each other and she merged them this image was not how it is: Jack said! She tried to ‘see’ it as if the 3 fields were NOT separate they are all in the same place vibrating on different frequencies signifying different entity’s.

“So when we meld and balance and anchor’ the light wave is doing WHAT! Exactly, you said we merged as one how can that be”?

They say:

‘”The fields within the heart chakras field is inter-changeable with Gaia’s whole field of Inner Earth Agatha, we merge through our galactic 7th D mastery field with you our ground crew and your perceptions, then we balance the whole of Gaia’s field’s.

As this GMR light spiral arrives into the perimeter of the soul fields we consciously focus our love to directly attach it to Agatha and heart chakra field within the whole of Gaia’s field.

We did this with our conscious awareness of focused heart felt love that is the creator’s signature.

This is how we will work on Glastonbury and how we have worked to clear the Pennsylvania Dove Portal in the U S A this node is energised by the crystal plateau in mid America via the magnetic hyper tunnels and the G M R light spiral waves.

You must fully understand this field conception before we can do this next phrase of alchemy it has to be done on a field level; the field concept is the way for us of this new earth creation.

What we are doing is learning about fields and how to change our perception of this new aspect of it.

Fields within fields!

 Fibonacci spiral within fields off light that have fields of different densities in them and this is where we anchor and balance.

NOT physical Gaia’s body any more, we can still use the magnetic poles because they are fields in their own right and focus areas what we can see as a vortex or feel as an energy flux in our field/ bio-suit.

Rae say’s. “Wow! That’s mind blowing”!

Personal observation:

As this concept seeps into our consciousness as we remember, our field feels like its set in motion a whole new way of feeling in a whole new way of feeling in our physical mental emotional being.

It is initiating an expanded/increased, magnified, development of the wide G M R spiral that’s so big we are only a small part of it.

It’s like remembering that we have got something that so good, like winning a vast lottery ticket or having found a gold mine that we own, its security, love, constant understanding and knowledge. It’s being wrapped in a big warm blanket on a cold day or sitting in a cool sea when it’s hot, how CAN we explain this concept!

The Inter- galactic Souls say:

“Not only has this energy notched up on Gaia its also on a personal progressive level, your moving into the new Gaia G M R spiral s in your bio-suit though, feelings, and this is the new way of alchemy from the inter -galactic ancient technology from Atlantis and Lemura through the Ain Soph sacred light.”

“These light spirals are made up of a much lighter crystal clear diamond from the 22 galactic frequencies from this array.

Its sharper than previous soft floating wave spiral- not in the way of cutting as a physical sharp, its more like has penetrating edge to it that allows it to move into Gaia humanity fields.

The power of it as it approaches the negative fields totally and immediately slips into them, as this occurs they just cant opposed these Sacred GMR spiral waves flashing crystal spiral of sacred creators plan. ZAP! And they will diminish.

Your way of working has notched up to this!  Dark cannot stay dark when penetrated with light will neutralise darkness and negativity it has to be done with total correctness of balance of weights and measurement with the correct thoughts, feelings, and conscious awareness from the true hearts centres of all of us, the galactic through you the ground crew.

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Be Light and Happy



Good day to you all, breathing into the souls cosmic inner connection Rae feels the higher councils of the G M R spiral filling her soul within. She knows this is with Gaia as well as with this group of higher councils that is very accessible

They transmit directly to our soul it’s a natural coupling of our vibration.

Dear souls on Gaia herself, we are transmitting the creators divine G M R spirals deep into the inner realms of your souls to activate the dormant D N A within your physical being with out exception. It is the gift of the 11/11 gateway of 2018 earth time.

It delivers the ability for transmitting and receiving this more advance communication direct when focused on your heart felt consciousness of the inner love to your within space, your inner core, the ‘bit’ of the divine light that all peoples hold as does Gaia in her inner earth space Agatha where we the multi D souls reside.

Understanding and remembering how to access this ’part’ of your intrinsic being is something that each of you will come to in your own unique way, there is no hard and fast rules.

We are at you disposal to help and give guidance when sitting quietly and asking.

As soon as you breathe and attach to your inner core you will feel the freedom of it even if only for a period of time while in a contemplation period.

This is your field within your field of the physical, its as vast as the universe and holds all the information of remembering the ancient knowledge from your own infinite being, that part of you that has travelled the cosmos for eons of experiences of the space time, it is the most enlightening glow of light experience that each person has within their deep, inner, souls self.

This sacred light is delivered to humanity, all entities in the local universe to up-lift all souls into the higher vibration of ascension position for the forthcoming new age.

Open your hearts dear souls, open your perception and approach  your conscious awareness towards this knowledge, recognise and remember who you are.

These divine light waves are swamping the whole of life in this our divine universe as we all transcend into our truth, and true being.

It is happening consciously or un-consciously to every one.

It’s your perception and impressions of your true self that is opening up within, for your attention at this culmination of this 2018 earth year to catapults you into the next sacred year 2019.

This 11/11 is the giver, the 12/12 the substance and the 1/1 is the beginning of the sacred Golden mean Ration math numbers that are exponentially moving through this our local universe to bring all entities into their new light body of spiral wave.

Be love Be light Be happy

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11/11/11 Gift


11/11/11: Gift:

The Galactic chamber:  These Light Souls:

The gift of the 11/11 has released a magnificent field of divine spiral light of natures GMR field, its multi D self is descending upon the galaxies Milky Way and Andromeda it penetrates every nook and cranny of all life, planetary, Galactic, human animal and mineral. Engaging with these the new light frequency for the unification of the ALL, NO separation or polarity it brings in the light to draw all this together as one in the divine light of love.

Tune into it balance, anchor and hold it.

We are in the Galactic chamber of inner Galactic space where this field is unfolding from the multi D. It does not come in or out it emerges, unfolds as a light field expanding exponentially with the Fibonacci spiral into all of the multi D conscious collective awareness.

We watch it penetrating everything where it’s connecting to Milky Way and Andromeda leaving its signature over all fields of potential collective consciousness of the all.

At 11/11/11 it will be accepted by all light workers on earth as it totally up-lifts their whole being into the new wave changing and opening the D N A of all life.

We have merged with this magnificent field that connected to all light beings on Gaia and anchored it into the hearts of the all

We did this today as part of our job, our universe is still in the Galactic chambers balancing, holding and anchoring as the many start to feel the field vibration within and need to be reassured that all is well and correct.

These souls ask us to stay with us a bit longer you are our ground crew to anchor into Agatha and Gaia hearts. Thank you x

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Ancient Discovery


Re- video of Bill Carson: Incredible 36.000-year-old ancient discovery indicates we are living in the matrix.

There is so much stuff going through our brain we need to talk to the higher beings!

Can we go into the inter-galactic chamber at the school for some sensible talking about all of this?

We are the councils of light in the galactic chambers we are reassuring you that all is well and on track for the disclosure of this ancient knowledge to be released.

This information is about the pyramids over energy nodes, vortexes and portal that are placed round Gaia and connected through, her creating a full grid system of vortex grids that are energising the ancient Atlantis potentiality that is able to create levitation and humans to remember their latent being that is beginning to awakening up from a very long time.

This initiation is under way, the cosmic spiral Golden Mean Ratio spirals and waves that are coming into the galixy on the sacred numerology solstices and equinox is giving these activation a continual stream of quotient light particles for this technology order to slowly step up /increase this re- emerging source from the magnetism into the fractal pattern of the GMR, Flower of Life at the base level, the field of potential of consciousness in mankind and Gaia and life zero point.

There is much to do before mankind is ready for any disclosure of this into mainstream.

These who are ready will take the light language into their DNA from these channelling, for the extra down load of data from this technology from the Atlantis.

Its about how the pyramids are fractal inside going down to the very small and every one are pyramids built on top of one another its all relevant info for the DNA to receive and remember from the ancient times.

The data we are passing on is triggering the human mind via the open DNA to allow the dormant DNA to be enlightenment enough to re-instate its natural process to receive and transmit the wisdom of this knowledge that’s been asleep.

It does not matter how it’s written the instructions are there and are using Quantum entanglement to transfer it to all readers by the act of reading it.

The frequency of these are coming from this quotient level of light that is compatible to the area beyond the 3D field matrix, the quantum entanglement given up this vast field of material for transference into the DNA of man.

The power of this light from the universe has reached the point in re-construction of the universes and Gaia in the 3rd D it’s the infinite frequency of life, Golden Mean Ration constructing again and again.

Be light. Be love. Be happy. x

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Be in the Silence


We ask you to sit and listen to the silence without diversions.

The importance of silence is: as you connect to it on the outside with your inner self, the whole body frequency will be aligned to the wonderment and truth of the cosmos, only in SILENCE can the cosmos talk to you and give you correct information to be shared.

The 3rd D human body does not have a lot of control in these higher fields of light! Do not resist them, you use your 3d brain, mind, body and beliefs to go through the day according to how you have been taught.

To go into the higher Ds you have to let that go!  Tuning into the vortexes of the silence is more than a meditation it’s an everyday way of being.

Breathing into your heart, being in the silence feeling the field of energy that’s all around you waiting for you to access and enjoy.

Everyone has built up a toolbox of knowledge, personal information and coping methods and systems of guidance to use and put into practice in the daily life so that the new way can become normal!

Take down the barriers towards this divine light incorporate it into your daily life.

We love you dearly and we wish to embark with you on the glory of the inner silence and peace of the ancient knowledge that you are ready to receive you are our ground crew’s, the descion is yours to make; you are anchoring this energy into Gaia.

It is a field of comfort and knowledge; take a moment, to feel it in your personal space both within and on the outside and keep it anchoring into Gaia through your self.

This new trinity of light is the advanced fields from the ancient ways, it’s another culmination of up graded fields/ waves of light on Gaia and the universe.

This has brought all humanity into the Galactic University of light to begin training for the future; it is everyone personal decision to take it up or NOT!

It is entirely a personal choice based on the frequency of light that each individual holds and what they want.

Earth is a free will world and everything is correct the measurement of frequency will dictate weather a soul wishes to move with this.

This university of light has been set up LIKE a school; it will be the ones who are ready for this, who will take up the options that are being offered to bring Gaia and the individual out of the 3rd D earth and move into their light body.

The guidance given is the new way forwards to be put into PRACTICE in real time in.

The Galactic University of light is for students to start to RESEARCH, PRACTICE USEING THEIR TOOL BOX TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THEM SELFS, to take their place in the advancement of Gaia this is for the students to research and progress into understanding the new light fields.

Go within and understand how our physical body is managed with its automatic systems of physiology coupled with the knowledge of external influences from the cosmos and finding ways to connect to this trinity of light that has just been introduced into the light field of new Gaia. Given with much love X

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Free Gaia


The word teaching! To help other to understand about something they are unaware of it’s a good word:

Be an open teacher enabling others to FIND their own unique way to learn and understand what they need, to evolve in their life, no set rules

The councils come in and say;

In the brand new light of free Gaia we use a method of sharing with others experiences to enable the receiver to use their uniqueness to interpret it in their own chosen frequency. This will enable them to remember what they already know but have forgotten.

It’s a free flow of data that is designed to enliven the innate frequency of any individual’s knowledge; all people have this at different levels of understanding: in sharing this way allow others to open their own doorways to their truth that has been closed.

It is a biological fact that there is a block to the memory of past existences in the brain; this IS the door.

[For more information watch Billy Carson’s video the holographic matrix]

This way of sharing free flow data is made up of ancient quotient light language coding that’s being channelled and shared for all souls freely with open heart UNCONDITIONAL love to be picked up by those who are ready to receive and transmit to other.

Be light be love Be happy

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Welcome December


Welcome December:

On the 11th the unusual wave that flowed across Gaia confounded the scientist in its uniqueness it’s flow in an unusual long monochromatic signal this means a signal with out colour

  Q: did the worlds meditations bring this in or anchored it to Gaia?

The Galactic council say:

Yes, by design, the world light souls who joined in this united meditation of 11/11/11 for any reason: historic or ascension during the 24 hour period of thought consciousness did attract this pulse that was coming through the Galixy and universe.

It is to do with Gaia’s tectonic plates, volcanic energy not to disrupt it but to re-dress the balance of it.

As the negative vibrations recede it leaves a residue of space, not an actual space it’s a non-local void that need to re-set and balanced to clear and change this ‘space’.

An analogy of this on 3rd D earth is when a room been cleared it still holds the aura of the old energy in the floors, walls so you wash it, paint it and make it as new with a clear energy.

It’s the same in the energetic fields old negative is rejected then the new comes in and re-enlightens the space:

Lots of negative energy is being negated in all areas of the local universe. This has been done by the consciousness of mans focus experiencing itself and meditation.

We the Galactic souls can only follow these opportunity’s through mans conscious focus love, it’s the consciousness of man that can implement this energy toward bringing Gaia and every one into their ascended path.

The hearts of man, when focused on unconditional love with complete trust gives out: creates the fields of sacred light spirals, Torus, GMR Spirals that connects to the greater field beyond the 3rd D matrix in Gaia.

We cannot interfere; we only present these new energies to the local cosmos: it is mans collective consciousness that grounds/ anchor’s it into Gaia’s Inner earth/ Agatha, so that she can evolve at the same time as man.

The light seed is in the heart of man and is the focal point of these sacred portals to be activating consciously on the higher frequency of light to enable the receiver and transmitters to be used and anchored into Gaia with LOVE this is the spiritual way of movement. Be blessed x

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Ascension Data


This process of adjustments to Gaia, solar system and galaxy through the Agatha channel carries on.

The inter- galactic souls say:  all souls on earth who are the ground crew, assist us so that the ascension process can be anchored, balanced, held when needed by exchanging data between every one and having conscious focus to do this.

 The human consciousness experiencing itself gives a strong focus for us to be very precise with the energetic adjustments and balancing, all peoples are doing this in their own way to bring the consciousness of all humanity into ascension.

 Be Light, Be Love, Be Happy. X


In the 3rd D holographic matrix the Torus will tighten: learn to recognise it and keep opening it.

When you talk to us the Inter-Galactic council, we are beyond the 3rd D Earth Matrix: we are in the realm of inner earth/Agatha’s multi Ds it’s always been this way.

Come into this beyond space through your hearts Zero Point, the aim is to consciously bring your equal energy of the Zero Point into the 3rd D Holographic Matrix so that it CAN start to evolve back to the higher frequency of light.

 The 3rd D holographic matrix is being re-programmed into the higher frequency.



 Dear souls, the light code language through the Trinitized light Torus has opened up the collective hearts of all people and the bottom has dropped out of the swamp of 3rd D illusions.

You can feel this energy change coming’ by your need to complete things ready for the 21/12 the solstices and the 1/1 portal to deposit its divine new frequency into the collective Torus of Gaia and all peoples. Be Blessed x


I/We are feeling a light energy field of love and light within our hearts and solar plexus the Torus enfolds its been there for awhile and today the Inter-galactic federation of planets in Ashtar command are telling us that we are to accept and anchor this into Gaia and humanities collective consciousness.

We do it now! Dec 2018.

The channelling by James Mc Connell triggered this chat from the Ashtar ships.

These souls say we do it NOW! No more process towards ascension; we are ascending now and our job it to focus on this feeling within and follow the instruction to breath into it, expand the hearts torus energy and openly move our own field out into the galixy and universe to absorb the light into the ascended light field, there is no going beck from this point, we are all being ascended at this Solstice period.

It will not be a big EURICA moment it is a loving calm all encompassing feeling of the unity of this awareness, those who are not aware will hardly notice it.

For all light workers, ground crew who can feel and know this wave’ open up and invite in into everything around you, do it in a conscious experiencing itself way and anchor it into everything in, on around Gaia and the cosmos.

Focus in a way that’s your own unique understanding of this and welcome it into he collective consciousness of the ALL of the creator’s plans with divine unconditional love.

Hallelujah this years seasons greetings come from far out in the Galactic cosmos for the celebrations of the ascension in earth time and according to cosmic time, the 21/12/2018 portal and wave is here open to it and let it transform you into your ascended state and bring it into Gaia central sun in inner earth/Agatha.

We all work together collectively be consciously have the experience we have and anchor into the collective of ascended status.

Dear souls we are in the fullness of the Ascension Solstice 2018: it’s a powerful golden energy that’s being integrated into everyone. X

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