Coming Together


Dear souls: 

As the collective conscious awareness created by the coming together in meditation creates a big surge of the electromagnetic field of Gaia it will induce the alchemy of adjustment of the ‘ALL’.

Knowing how this happens and the exact implication of it is something you do not have to completely understand, trusting in your higher beings and doing what is a correct lead towards ascension.

You have been thinking about the chanting, meditating and grounding our field into Gaia’s inner earth and attuning it to the Alcyone star gate regularly and holding it in place as part of the preparation for the eclipse portal.

Its enough for you to do while your bio-suit adapts to this light frequency’s, the changes within is a journey into and out of the 5th and 3rd D there is a definite change that you can define but cannot get control of it.

It happens as and when! There is be continuity going on with it but it eludes your awareness and thoughts, enough to say that you are aware of this happening; being relaxed and giving it your focused heart felt love is enough.


Things are going onwards so fast I/we can hardly keep up with the data that is flowing in; it’s hard to get a handle on this too’ing and fro-ing; when we think, write, type, or read this data we become VERY tired.

As time goes on our eyes HAVE to shut and we have to lay back take a break, even slip into to a shallow sleep state during which our body mind and thoughts take on a different state of being, slightly sleepy but aware of it, we seem to slip or jump into different state while in this normal one.

 It’s as if we are accessing another field of our own matrix at the same time as being in two others the 3rd and the 5th D.

 We are in the 3rd D, we jump to the 5th and then we go higher where we are shown images of ‘things’ today we were shown a human skeleton with some enlarged frontal lobes in the head and bones at the base of the spine and with gaps between the upper and lower bones that were attached with no physical connection only energetic fields of flow then it stopped. There’s nothing else to say!

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Daughter of Melchizedek you are activated into your soul group of this order and recognised. It’s been some time since you became aware of your destiny.

You have set the pattern for Glastonbury trip and worked to be the cartelist for it. The data we bring today is on the 209a divine plan of light from our temple. [Note: we are not sure what 209a means yet.]

The energies you have received consciously of consciousness experiencing it through the EEE AAA chant is activated for all peoples.

Be your light field and connected to the Melchizedek collective field of light, bring in the divine spiral of the Alcyone Star Gate so that everyone can be in it’s spiral that is focussing on Gaia until the 20/21st Jan 2019.

Facilitating this transfer is guiding all souls.

Keep focussing on the Star Gates restoration spiral; it is the 10/12th D dragon/ serpent/snake divine light that is coming in with this celestial event.

It’s the awakening of this field that has been asleep since the ancient time of Atlantis, Lemuria. One of the sacred sites where a divine flow has been left is at Wooky Hole in Wells in the UK; it’s the alchemy of the green tablets the philosophers stone the eternal flame.

It sits in comfort and safety in the area along with the two other zero points in this area.

As the story goes many want this for the wrong reason they cannot have access to it. It’s only the one with clarity of their truth that can even think about it in truth.

 The field group you are attached to is that truth and we are all standing together.

We are invigorating this process through the physical ground crew to bring in the new age light frequency safely.

Lets look at the steps that have been accomplished over the last trimester:

1st the activation of the Trinity last September 2018,

2nd the amalgamation with the 10/10, 11/11, 12/12, 1/1 star gates aligned through the cosmic universe and the Solstice


The alignment of this full moon eclipse, which is the power source from the great planets in the local solar system from the outer realms of the local and sister universes brings back the Dragon flow + the philosophers stone, the sacred flames of eternal life that’s been hidden in Glastonbury since ancient times

The procession of the Star Gate, planet alignments will be another stream of data coming into earth’s perception through this channel.

New age Atlantis guidance is coming with this stream of light, things like how to access, how and when to use it, methods to get the adaptation of everything that has been an old held belief ritual; because of the fear based belief systems that do not apply in this new environment of the sacred Dragon light spiral streams.

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The Field System

The Field System

Dear soul understanding the field system of life is not an easy thing to do, remember there is no separation in these fields, they over lap and merge into each other, there are no edges.

People with their consciousness abounding are able to move seamlessly through them when there is NO fear and the heart holds unconditional love focus; fears leads them to think that they need to learn to move into them rather than to just flow into them.

All life is a part of the fields, functioning on a spectrum of frequency at different vibrations in a scale that has no separation.

In this world of fields each soul is in their compatible resonance, the old saying “like goes to like” stands true with these fields of consciousness.

Everyone functions on their own frequency and will be in the fields that will be compatible to them, using intuition you will know when a field that is not resonating with you by your feelings and you can avoid anything that is not compatible.

Use your feeling to define a field of anything coming towards you understanding that by keeping your own thoughts clear of fear you will repel anything that you do not want.

 Go with your feeling, trust them they are your truth.

 Recognise those who want to take your energy without asking, only give energy when you are comfortable with your higher self.

Your field can be contained with a thought once you understand that your higher self is in control of it.

 If your 3rd D self thinks its in control there will be discrepancies in your judgment of the situation because of your 3rd D belief system.

Be Love. Be Light. Be Happy.

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Since last years Lion Gate initiation we have been activating the multi D frequencies from the universe into all souls, it has up graded Gaia’s matrix plus all life on her.

The deepness of change within depends on the wishes of individuals the more enlightened ones have shifted into their new frequency of inspiration and light.

This vibration has become the collective consciousness for every one, the ones who are actively following their pathway are aware of this and have integrated it into their personal matrix in their own unique way, the other will follow in time.

Over this 5 month period the star alignments Solstice and equinox has gradually opened this multi D flow into the hearts and brought about a response of understanding that has shifted this light on a global and universal scale for all life, local and afar.

This activity has ramped up since January and will maintain until the balance comes into each souls personal matrix bring in the multi D light.

Remember to breath, relax into Gaia with love, accept and embrace these changes and adjust to them.

They not going to stop; they are taking Gaia and all life into the multi Ds, it’s the consciousness of people that can make this transition easy by using their innate heart felt love focus to balance everything just by accepting and becoming responsible for their actions on earth, towards earth and themselves all is love on Gaia.

Share experiences openly be observant of new ideas that in the old way might not have been acceptable, embrace these new ways and ideas of doing things share them openly so that other will do the same.

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February 2019:


We bring love and advice:

See life from the perspective that we are evolved into the multi Ds and its not symptoms any more, it is adjustments to our physical body that will/is becoming our multi D normal.

These adjustment in our systems are to become our norm so we accept and take responsibility of them bringing them into our life style and the way we live to incorporate them into our normal life, they are our new normal our new consciousness.

If we feel dizzy # take a moment to remember that this is normal and breath # be in the moment to anchor into Gaia and become steady.

If it’s a sickly feeling # take the moment and breath to rebalance so that it becomes normal.

Be aware of them and remember to accept, breath and anchor them, let them ‘be’ normal this is walking in our light body instead of our heavy physical body.



And the fields keep coming disorientating they are to become normal


So we know the energies are coming changes us, they are continual.

No need to explain where they come from.

# We know they are coming from the outer universe since last September. #

# We know we can and do step beyond the 3rd D matrix regularly #

# We know we carry on functioning on the 3rd D holo matrix life style #

# We know that this high field light affects us in many different ways #  # Many souls list these on their blogs #

Jack says use every available data to help you understand. Change your mind-set. Know that everyone is galactic being living on Gaia, accept and embrace it.

Its an induction: Activate the crystals at the magnetic zero points and the poles this is the way to bring new consciousness forwards through this means, a small ‘bit’ at a time,

The power of the words are/is one of these codes that has already been given it will give a clearer way to understand what it is, the information of these codes are new we have no reference from the 3D.

They work on the multi Ds, on a frequency of vibration and light, the power will activate people’s perception of what they are doing and were they are.

Being at a zero magnetic point activates these flows of information and light, they come in on a higher vibration.

At the time alignments of the stars, solstices and equinox the August Lion Gate annually are the active times.

The ones who understand and live or travel to certain places are magnifying, anchoring and balancing these places.

The energy is greatly expanded at these times by anyone who is conscious of this bringing it into the collective consciousness.

Read the words and they will ring true to all readers.

There is no DEITY # we are all one  # we are the I AM THAT I AM # #There is no disconnection #

The lesson is to understand how the multi D energy’s act out within Gaia’s body and human nature.

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The Galactic council come in to tell us that the Adam Kadmon light is flowing across the universe, Gaia and all life is receiving it in the D N A the makeup of all life.

It is adjusting and adapting the original molecules to incorporate its divine vibration for people who are opening on their ascension path.

Dear souls be not afraid of these changes within your mind, body and soul, flow with them and embrace them with your unconditional heart felt love and they will respond back with love.

The light frequency’s become coherent through the rotation of Gaia after it is directly projected into and onto earth, as this occurs it starts to spiral forming a lovely coherent light that floods Gaia from the original source of the Adam Kadmon fields of divine creation: creating a formation that is the multi Ds interconnection from the outer universe.

Within the field there are sacred geometric patterns that form fitting together as a puzzle, they are spirals, vortexes, zero point portals and every geometric shape of the metatron cube and the flower of life energetic patterns.

It’s a cacophony of energy frequencies fields all dancing together in the new multi Ds, mingling, changing, adapting and transforming.

Some souls are unaware of this: it is not affecting their 3rd D life, others are sensitive to it and are feeling these transmissions

It is the feeling of not quiet being there yet; you have stepped into this field and are paddling on the edge of these lovely light flows as they over lap the ones you are already in.

Seeing things, feeling as if you are in some way distant to the ones around you at times and at other times you are not.

Its normal, its becoming normal, dealing with it everyday makes it normal, adapt to it by adapting your life with love.

In the bigger picture of life on the 3rd D earth you are in the middle of an eventful re-construction and all these new perception that man is receiving is the event happening.

Every inspired piece of channelled information is an arrow to be picked up and followed, there are many, many, levels of guidance for all the diversity of souls on earth, there is no mistake, no judgment, we are ALL equal.

Open your hearts dear souls to this, there are no mistakes, no judgment, we are all equal, there is no separation, we are one.

The guidance stands true even more so now we are in the middle of the cosmic re-alignments.

The tensions of 3rd D life is restricting ONLY if you let it, only if you cant or don’t want to be in this new flow.

We recommend getting out and close to earths surface, walk upon Gaia to bring about your own freedom from the 3rd D tensions. Given with great love.

 Be relaxed. Be light. Be love and be happy.

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So we know the energies are coming; changing us and they are continual.

No need to explain where they come from.

# We know they are coming from the outer universe since last September. #

# We know we can and do step beyond the 3rd D matrix regularly #

# We know we carry on functioning on the 3rd D holo matrix life style #

# We know that this high field light affects us in many different ways #  # Many souls list these on their blogs #

Jack says, use every available data to help you understand. Change your mind-set. Know that everyone is galactic being living on Gaia, accept and embrace it.


Dear souls we THE GALACTIC COUNCIL come to reassure you that all is correct.

The ancient Data coming through is not the same as information on the 3rd D earth.

Our question to you is:

Do you expect a formula to create an engine to produce the new frequency as a harnessed energy?

Do you expect a list of ways to harness this higher frequency of light to give a definitive outcome?

Do you expect this ancient information to be, as you know information on the 3rd D earth?

 Well dear souls we expect that you do think this way!


Information IS being given all the time:

Here is a list of what has been coming as guidance:

# To connect to the new Gaia light #

# Go within #

# Focus on your hearts #

# Listen to your intuition #

# Take note of your dreams #

# Walk on Gaia #

# Give yourself love #

# Let go of fear #

# See the 3rd D earth hologram matrix as just that! With its separation and polarity #

# Be truthful to yourself and others #

# Respect all life the planet #

# Search out and read the things that resonates with you #

# Release all things that do not serve you #

# Read and receive the light word language and understand it’s a   knowing rather than a list of things #

 # Understand that all energy is fields of light #

# The way of creation is a long established process of sacred geometry #

# Understand the value of the crystal, nature and cosmic entities #

# Acceptance of the ancient knowledge is the feelings of knowing that there is NO SEPERATION in anything#

#   Knowing and accepting the bigger picture #

#  Knowing that when you do anything for your own evolution you are also creating an adjustment in Gaia, galaxy and universe. #

# Knowing that your consciousness is the same as the collective consciousness of ALL life and entities in the universe. #

# Knowing that you are directly linked with earth through these fields of light there is NO SEPERATION. What you do has an affect on the ALL. #

# Having the courage to act and share things that on the 3rd D earth would seem very unusual #

# How do you feel when your read these words, can you feel the expansion of your newly awakened D N A bringing in the divine energy, cracking open your clay vessel, letting your crystal divine self emerge out into the light; CAN YOU FEEL IT? #

# When your sit in a sacred place,  [and they are everywhere] feel the body expand naturally into it’s higher being; emerging into your light being through the sacred sites and portals in nature. #

# Feel it, be it, understand that this IS the ancient technology and knowledge that’s being transmitted to you with love understanding and light. #

Look deeply into your life and understand how far you have already changed,

These guidelines are the way to living in the higher Ds while on earth, the way to realise them is to begin to remember and be them all the time, it’s a different way of seeing, feeling and acting in the everyday life.

To understand the ancient ways, to get access to it, is to adapt your life style to accommodate these guidelines until they become your normal.

All this information is being given ALL the time and you might read it many times. 

As an instance the 1st one   # Go within # what does this mean?

To make it happen it means you spend a bit of quiet time to breath and focus into your body, the chakras are an easy way to start; it will take you a bit of your time during you day.

If you did this every day for 10 minutes’ you open up your inner sanctuary and from there you can work your way through the other bullet points building up a whole new way of thinking and life.

 If you read these words and then say, “I don’t have time” then the time is not right for you to progress.

Leave it for another day.

The only way to begin this is to give your self the time to practice it.

It’s the same as learning anything, if you go to night school to learn another language you go to the lesson then you practice until the next one and gradually you begin to speak it.

There is very little difference, what you learn with this new way is just about things that have been ignored for eons of time, not so much words, more about feelings and allowing yourself to acknowledge them and the intuition in your heart.

Every single person has these abilities within them, during the period of control through the ages we have been led to believe that these things are NOT important and have bee ridiculed.

Well now is the time to say, “Actually we are very interested in re-learning these ways of being in my life, they are not so silly, they help us to become the true beings that we are and have a right to acknowledge them and open up this part of our dormant life”.


The previous list is the ancient technology, knowledge and understanding; the way to become it, is to practice these different ways of feeling, seeing, experiencing and understanding them as guidelines.

To learn anything, practice is needed until your know it so well that it becomes natural, its simple, follow the bullet points, take your time, set yourself a plan to begin.

Look at the previous # # points if you do not quite understand them research them until they are a knowing.

As this progresses your natural newly updated D N A and the new megahertz of Gaia will gradually bring into your perception these understandings until you are them, you will look back at this time and realise we are at school not much different to 3rd D school with a different criteria.

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Bless you dear souls for your acknowledgment of what we the galactic council have been giving.

Before this period most people had their religion beliefs.

The Harmonic convergence changed this, opening another approach to reaching God, this is to find it in you, and you all have the god spark within you.

Well dear souls you have been using these light language fields unconsciously: NOW is the time to be aware of what ‘being within’ means in your life.

If you apply your conscious understanding to the words ‘GO WITHIN” as an energy of pure light and magnify the meaning inside your field, how far can you change your own field pattern with it.

Think of the words ‘GO WITHIN’ and see it written, feel its power, then breath it into your energy centres, the chakras are an easy focus, feel them expand as you do this until they fill your torso as one connection to the Adam Kadmon field of light.

This will instantly give you the warm glow of unconditional love, as you feel it let it expand right through and anchor it into Gaia.

That’s the meaning of the light codes in for “GO WITHIN”.

The next one is, ask your intuition to make itself known:

As you have anchored to Gaia feel the flow within and ask your intuition to make itself known to you, this can come through dreams, {keep note of them} and meditation.

Don’t dismiss odd thoughts, listen to them, find out what they are telling you and act on them know that this IS using the light language in the Multi D ways.

As soon as you take the step into the new perception of what you are already doing, practice it for 10 mins every day it will quickly come into your mind while you are shopping perceive it and keep coming into it while you go about your day.

Walk, breath and activate it, go within, feel it, know it as you wait in a queue, every breath and word has the ability to calm the chattering monkey mind and lead you to a calmer life style.


 Adam kadmon light filters onto the physical body on the multi D Level and is re-aligning the deepest parts of your being


The light language codes have been given all the way through.

What’s been activated since 2012 is how the human conscious awareness of how these words are opening up the dormant D N A and brain and the understanding of looking, feeling and practicing with them with this new conscious awareness is the key to unlock the ancient meanings to them and transcend into them as the nova Gaia ADAM KADMON flow of light understanding.

The picture and symbols from 2014 physically triggered this consciousness in the collective consciousness of everyone.

The Galactic school is being channelled, I/we are just the scribe on the physical.

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We ask you to sit and listen to the silence without diversions.

The importance of silence is: as you connect to it on the outside with your inner self, the whole body frequency will be aligned to the wonderment and truth of the cosmos, only in SILENCE can the cosmos talk to you and give you correct information to be shared.

The 3rd D human body does not have a lot of control in these higher fields of light! Do not resist them, you use your 3d brain, mind, body and beliefs to go through the day according to how you have been taught.

To go into the higher Ds you have to let that go!  Tuning into the vortexes of the silence is more than a meditation it’s an everyday way of being.

Breathing into your heart, being in the silence feeling the field of energy that’s all around you waiting for you to access and enjoy.

Everyone has built up a toolbox of knowledge, personal information and coping methods and systems of guidance to use and put into practice in the daily life so that the new way can become normal!

Take down the barriers towards this divine light incorporate it into your daily life.

We love you dearly and we wish to embark with you on the glory of the inner silence and peace of the ancient knowledge that you are ready to receive you are our ground crew’s, the descion is yours to make; you are anchoring this energy into Gaia.

It is a field of comfort and knowledge; take a moment, to feel it in your personal space both within and on the outside and keep it anchoring into Gaia through your self.

This new trinity of light is the advanced fields from the ancient ways, it’s another culmination of up graded fields/ waves of light on Gaia and the universe.

This has brought all humanity into the Galactic University of light to begin training for the future; it is everyone personal decision to take it up or NOT!

It is entirely a personal choice based on the frequency of light that each individual holds and what they want.

Earth is a free will world and everything is correct the measurement of frequency will dictate weather a soul wishes to move with this.

This university of light has been set up LIKE a school; it will be the ones who are ready for this, who will take up the options that are being offered to bring Gaia and the individual out of the 3rd D earth and move into their light body.

The guidance given is the new way forwards to be put into PRACTICE in real time in.

The Galactic University of light is for students to start to RESEARCH, PRACTICE USEING THEIR TOOL BOX TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THEM SELFS, to take their place in the advancement of Gaia this is for the students to research and progress into understanding the new light fields.

Go within and understand how our physical body is managed with its automatic systems of physiology coupled with the knowledge of external influences from the cosmos and finding ways to connect to this trinity of light that has just been introduced into the light field of new Gaia. Given with much love X

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All this information is in preparation for coming events and the future of universal advancement.

There are three separate experiences of energy that has accumulated into these advanced light fields for everyone. We are from the Galactic cosmic intelligence.

It comes in as another trinitized light field that is available to everyone: we of the galactic council, and the 10th-12th Ds of the dragon field has explained it as an under-laying segment of the energy fields that can be accessed by all souls who are ready; it this will happen automatically by the resonation of the frequency; this is the divine light field of alchemy.

It is preparation for the future; everything is in preparation- urging every soul to listen to their feelings.

All people are equally a bright light on earth to help towards this evolution into Nova Gaia and Universe, every one is moving towards the same place each ones unique to them, all roads led to nirvana.

No one is better or worse higher or lower.

We are all on a great learning curve of ascension at different places- everything is correct- there are no mistakes- being a free will planet, every soul has the right to be selective about what they resonate with; only do the things that resonate closely to your hearts with trust and love. Thank you. x

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In the new way of Gaia! Recognise! That old opinions, thoughts and responses are out of mode; recognise! How it FEELS and have the courage to change them and open up to your innate freedom to decide that you do not want this any more.

Yes dears! We of the galactic guidance are preparing you for this year of continuing progress with the deep galactic entities of the creators plan as wave upon wave light fields upon light fields alights on Gaia.

Listen to your hearts, thoughts, emotions and Gaia’s vibration; connecting with the higher being within the silence in your space of contemplation; breath into your beautiful being.

These fields of light are absolutely acting on the D N A frequency of all life on Gaia, of course there is still free will so its entirely up to the individual to progress with it or not! Everything is correct!

These messages are to give the truth of the galactic light fields coming from the outer regions of space it’s the energy of the light field from the 10th-12th Dragon, Adam Kadmon frequency: this is the flows of the new way for Gaia and humanity.

Gaia! Is moving forward with gratitude and love for her re-instatement into her multi D awareness: she has chosen this.

Mankind is using free will to decide how far it; wants to go during this progress.

Humanity is a myriad of frequencies, it will take a long time in earth years for everyone to ascend; it is the bigger picture, the long-term plan. There is no need to hurry – take your time enjoy your life – do not judge others – everything is correct, there are NO mistakes, just people making their personal choice with there divine right of free will.

Blessings with love:

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Dear souls Gaia has been a 3rd D world with separation, judgment, polarity and free will, she has risen up into the higher Ds. Humanity will also do this in time! 

This is a long-term plan, the progress is slow, it has to be, it gives all souls the time in their life span to make the choice to how much they wish to adapt.

There is no rule, every one has free will, to chose and do what they want to, no one has to follow anything unless they feel drawn to it.

3rd D earth is set up for experiences these are very diverse, each is as important in their own right, as is the human who is having them.

It’s a learning planet about the inner working of the human life that has been chosen by the soul before arriving on Gaia to experience the inner emotions, feelings, mental attitudes, compassion and belief; to give each one a deeper understanding.

We of the Galactic Council are not urging anyone to move out of their comfort zone unless they want to! We share data to help those who have decided to change their way of life and there is no hurry!

Every light being is working on different levels of life and light frequency to help to guide people to find their own help, to find their own inner need and their own divisive way to live.

 One of the beautiful aspects of earth, is this given choice, it’s the base platform on which Gaia has stood for a great deal of time, nothing will change over night, being in it, enjoying the chit-chat, is part of the experience, there are many wonderful experiences to be had, we urge you to carry on with your own personal quest and only change if you want to.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one-steps. 

God Bless x


The galactic university is where we are honing our practice’ of bringing in the awareness that we have been given using the tools of ascension.

It is time to practice these new earth ways of being, so that we can bring in the new light that’s coming soon, this is the way of the galactic university.

 Dear souls, we see you through the shimmering lights that are attached to the inner and outer earth, we see that you are not remembering to use your toolbox of accumulated knowledge of being in your own space yet!

The message says, when you feel yourself being dragged into the 3rd D take your self into your place on Gaia where you feel happy, breath into your hearts and ask to be connected back to the silver shimmering light

This! Is! Using your toolbox of information and knowledge that you have been collecting for many years.

You know these things, but you are living on 3rd D Gaia it is jogging out of the 5th D into the 3rd D all the time.

Please use your toolbox that holds your knowledge and coping methods to re-balance.

Every one has their coping methods towards ascension, it does not matter what you use to help you to connect to your deep knowing and love.

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This is a call for a collaboration on the new Gaia ancient information, that’s coming from everyone’s channels from the higher D Galactic council on the new energies of Gaia: a collaboration of the information that’s being given.

The aim of Galactic council is to gather these souls via the Internet to begin to guide them into the way of connecting alchemy, a new form of thought - to work in collaboration with each other.

So that people who are receiving channelled data from these frequency sources about the new Gaia ancient codes, can add their own perspective on any given information with an open heart to share; there-by expanding the information for a better understanding of these- sometimes difficult – new age ideas.

It’s people coming together as a loose group: all getting data from their unique perspective about their individual concept of what’s being said.

If there are any questions about the way the new Gaia and ancient data is coming from the ancient souls on how we can move forwards, this will be a way of coming together in harmony to expand on this.

 There is a call for a COLLABARATION between us all, to expand our knowledge on the 3rdearth for the new Gaia future.

Annie Felix and myself have been inspired to work together in this way to share information, I/we wrote a piece about meditation and asked Annie to post and add or arrange it to suit her it for me because my computer went down, she added extra channelling from the Kryon that was completely relevant to what was being said and it worked well.

This was when my/our inspiration said, that there needs to be a collaboration between the souls who are getting these cutting edge idea’s and ask others to channel their higher guides to add to the given words; in their own way, therefore expanding the information to incorporate more understanding for everyone and giving back up for all channellings: a Collaborating on the same subject between us all, to expand our knowledge on the 3rdearth for the new Gaia future.

I/we have incorporated it in the last blog on www.barbara-neville with my daughter Verna Hawes.

Thank you for your time and reading this. Given with great love. XXXX

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Is the 5G going to be controlling our brain; that is a fearful thought- I/we spoke to the Higher Beings of the Galactic Universal Controller Masters, and they say;

What the electronic scientists, quantum physicists, don’t know is! That what they are actually doing is releasing a frequency of light waves onto the brain and body that will be affecting everybody.

Those people standing at the back of the theatre: all those people who have been working so vigilantly hard to bring themselves up into the higher Dimensions and checking themselves on judgement and fear, and learning how to Love themselves, Gaia and others.

The 5G is just going to push them immediately into their next level of creativity that is their own interpretation of the 5th Dimensional Gaia, which is where we are all going.

Everything on 3D Gaia is an illusion, it’s a holographic matrix illusionary world, we create our illusion around us and we can change it.

The people in charge of 5G, do not realise they are actually helping to bring people into ascended state of being. It’s by design.

The negative energy is NOT expansive and as the 5G hits, people will become confused, it will create negative action, it’s going to jar everyone up into the higher levels.

We are writing and giving information as a way forward while this happens to keep people informed so they can use their tools……… immediately.

We keep on same track, we do not divert from it, we keep doing what we’re doing, keep sharing it, keep listing it and keep it very clear, concise and as simple as possible.

Thank you very much. x

I/we got more information on 5G:  

It’s a bit negative, we asked our higher being and again they still say the same thing about it.

There is a lot of up to date information about it and it all points to the problem of waves, these 5G ones are ‘short’ waves, I/we do not know enough about this subject to know if the data being give can even work out.

The higher beings who are inspiring us, is still saying that it’s a good thing for ascension, we are going to stay open minded on it all everything is a potential possibility until its created.


Dear souls do nothing! At this time, let it all go.

We are the federation of light coming to your perception@ this time, we advise you to stand back from all interactions.

The reason is because! The 5 G adjustments- these short waves are re-vibrating within all physical things innate and alive.

It is not big problem as long as you know that its happening and DO NOT try to block it! EXPAND IT.

As was said in the recording there is not a problem with this 5G.

There have been great adjustments to the human D N A over these last period of time: now its time to let these settle into their new positions in the body.

Let the new waves fill your body and everything else with no resistance and great love- this means when you feel the dis- comfort of energetic, emotional, physical tension, re-assess it and decide if its imperative to do it NOW! In that moment even thought you are upset by it.

If its not! Shelve it until later, take a break and sit for 5 minuets then go back to the problem.

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The Waves of Flux 1


The creation of cycles and spiral fields of light is the inner connection - it has linked all souls to the grand central sun of the 22-diamond crystal galactic array.

Dearest soul, the message given is for all alchemist students across the globe - that are integrating these wave fluctuations of the light continuum - with the alchemically consciousness of the intellectual divine creators plan.

You are all integrating our messages for souls- who are in this category of discovering this ancient art of change; the message is ’do not resist’, let the flows move through the physical bodies and earth.

IT GETS PERSONAL: You might/are getting frustrated with the integration of these waves as they balance out within your body, mind and emotional feelings- or finding yourself crying out for comfort at this time of great fluctuation of light wave.

You sit on this rock in space surrounded with billons people and yet feel alone!

You understand the human psychology of abandonment - low self esteem - miss trust and have the tools to bring about a change when these repeated cycles re-appear and you use them!

They never stop coming- repeatedly- there is no reprieve- it’s a written life path.

 Everyone has his or her life experiences written in their life book, their experience.

Every one is emanating there light- to share and help others to move on in their category of life path- each doing the correct path for themselves.

There are many levels of frequency emanating on the 3rd D earth, many layers of words, way showers, light workers, as in all discoveries- there has to be levels of management to make it work.

Each has their place and understanding of what needs to be done to help souls to open up.

This is a difficult perception to understand with the 3rd D brain, it will not change everyone on earth only those who have accepted their challenge.

All souls have to work in tandem with their higher beings and experience these fluctuating waves that bring up deep emotions from Gaia and humanity.

Some souls are specifically here to release these old ways through their personal experiences - others have other aspects of experiences.

What if you want to let the whole thing go! Now!

Well you stop! Right There! Ok! You are looking at it from the old 3rdD angle and are in the intensity of these waves and fields that are creating this parallel of opposites from within the physical body, it is best if there is no resistance.

These waves are making everyone feel weird and possibly fed up!

So! Now you change it!

HOW?  You might ask; well we’ll tell you.

When you are shopping or work and get hit by the negative angle on everything, not being able to find anything you wanted, getting angry; going to another shop or place but still feeling the same way- its as if all peoples were bumping into you, invading you space.

You realised you are re-acting to these waves because- your trying to resist the way people are- as they come too close and tweaking your field, wobbling your vibration.

So in the capacity of the alchemist, visualised your field as big as eight feet round, as you moved up the isle say to the entities of the shop ‘keep people away form our field’.

It works so well; it can be used with all things when you feel vulnerable to these negative energies.

It is a realisation that this is a very good way to move about on earth- be active in this 3rd D world of so much control!

Every one, everywhere, every place you go there is a governmental, political or social directive to restrict you from doing any thing with a Hugh wall of resistance.

You noticed it today! And there is nothing you can do about it!

So to be able to live freely try this quote “Stay away from our fields”- because even when someone is giving out negative vibes- you do not have to be attracted to it emotionally- because you are the observer!

Adopt this as your directive from now on!

As this happens on the physical level- it is working on the multi Ds as well - aimed at all levels of imposing negativity and how to deal with it

You are creating your own secure- energy site round your physical body controlled from your hearts love.

The words, ‘Stay away from our field’ given form this inner heart felt love- gives off a frequency that is compatible to you- and will gently repel others to drift away.

It is to do with these light beams coming to your heart in spirals from the 22 galactic diamond crystal arrays.

It creates this personal field- for you to stay in while all on the outside rocks and rolls.

This spiral goes right through into Gaia- where it also creates a personal field for her- while the planet rocks and roll’s, it goes out into the galaxy and beyond.

These spirals give birth to baby vortexes- in the places within the physical bodies that need to be assisted.

There are two: one created in the heart the other in the pineal gland, of the human body.

It is energy and everywhere - on all levels of light- going right through the spectrum- each person will create their field according to the frequency they are functioning on- all unique- all different.

Share it with others- there will be quite a few souls who are having difficulties adjusting to these waves.

This period will hi-light the separation greatly - it will be the inner truth that will direct a soul to its light field -creating a cover for the whole spectrum of vibrations.

Acquiring this highly tuned light frequency carries responsibility to Gaia, yourself and all other life with an inner truth that holds this light.

It takes time, effort and love to be tuned enough to receive it.

By the time of the winter solstice it will be done - ready for the new 2020 - every one will get their own personal perception and understanding in all fields of information. On 3rd D earth, things are about to change it will take earth time to fulfil.

This is not a protection like in the old way - its a connection to the next field of light that acts as a natural barrier, it connects to the higher levels, it will automatically repel the lower negative fields away from you.

This is written from our viewpoint we experienced this in ways that were not our norm.

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Rae talks to Jack:  

Rae thinks to herself, how different everything seems,

She breaths into her heart connecting - too talk to the alchemist Jack and he’s there.

He is completely different to how she visualised him at Canvey Island - there he was solid - here he is a field of light, we do not talk as we did, we ‘think’ talk the question and he responds with answer and images in our 3d eye to explain.

He tells that we are in the same frequency -to be able to communicate in this way- it is the result of this last 5/6 weeks of disruption and waves.

Now it’s fulfilled - there will be a break for a short while- before it happens again and another jump is made, you can recognised it and can use this latest knowledge to help you through, it will get easier as the perspective and understanding pans out”.

“Shall we talk about this transition through the equinox portal for everyone and from your viewpoint on moving from Canvey Island to Westcliffe on Sea physically”?


Rae askes Jack a question based on the way she feels.

“It’s as if we have been asleep on this level energetically for nine months of sleepy energy and now we have woken up to this new way and we are finding it hard to adapt.

During this time we have done all the healing work on a level of way shower while waiting for this pending light – the coming of the high energy wave fields that is hovering so close that we could feel it in comparison to our normal feeling.

We have shifted into it now, we are integrating and we recognise the direction of it- we feel like we have been up lifted from the depth of the lower energy that is present on Canvey Island, it was very watery, wet, damp swampy re-claimed land from the sea floating on a sea of oil from the refineries.

Did we have to be there for this transition to happen”?

“Yes, of course”! Jack say’s “What else! We rise like the phoenix.

The trajectory of the land is different, on Canvey It is very yin, wet, low lying, keeping you at the lower level of Gaia’s fields that reacts directly on the electro magnetic fields.

Then you have moved to a place that is at the top of a peak in the land that gives you a different electro-magnetic flow.

You are moving through three levels of light fields at this time becoming consciously aware.

Its 3rd D earth, galactic 5-7th Ds and this latest one is- the super, hyper, highway, energy fields that is 10/12 Ds! 

You move between these while on 3rd D earths - 3rd D to galactic Ds and then onto super, hyper, highway of light fields Ds.

“Lets get clear on this!” Answers Rae: “we are dealing with 3 definite conscious frequency’s all at the same time: no wonder we find it confusing”!!

When we think ourselves into this hyper fields we ‘see’ that the pentagon is also set @ these levels and there is nothing else to do except KNOW IT’S THERE.


The connection to this field - is [as Kryon says], living in it- IS doing everything- being conscious of what you do -expands it exponentially - you set things into action, now all you need to do is think about it in frequencies with the other fields.

None of you do not have to try to be a light workers- you are all that! The old soul’s come beck to help.

Rae, we would like to talk to you directly?

She breath’s and feel’s the energy field of the full Galactic conglomerate- all of them as one an amalgamation through her two new vortexes the heart and the pineal gland.

The connections are complete everyman has this now – some may not acknowledge it - everyone is on their own path of understanding?

For many there is a need to let go of their 3rd D restrictions- in their 3rd D mind set, another layer of deeper understanding about how to cope with the 3rd D world when interacting with it.

From our perspective we see everyone coping in his or her own unique way to gain understanding of the way of ascension.

We require you to share this this latest data.

Rae say’s “we have done it and are waiting for the right time to post it”.

Yes, we know, we are just nudging you to act now- we tell you again the work you share has as electro- magnetic wave vibration that triggers other to be courageous and advance their progress in many ways.

The obvious one is how people write there dialog and share.

The new way is to talk to everyone /thing on equal terms- we are all equal there is NO Deity in the higher Ds we commune with our own soul group who are connected das one.

We direct our requests to the entities that are concerned with adjusting the physical body and life on Gaia.

Direct with the heart felt focus of truth, justices and love unconditionally when healing, it takes patience and time and repetitive practice in conscious alignment of the change required.

The human body is so dense and clogged up with muscle memory it has to be repeatedly jogged out of its old patterns enough times to shift the old belief system in the brain.

It does work- as many are finding out.

The very real aspect to the way of waves, spiral and energy vortexes and this is, it’s a wave that flows up and down, high and low positive and negative a part of the balance of the dynamics of the natural laws of the universe.

In other words there is NO constant part of the waves- they will always bring the interaction between positive and negative they work in unison to create a balance as one.

In earth human terms, this means a human cannot stay in one or the other they will always be the fluctuation between the two; the alchemist art is to know this and use the tools to accept, balance and redress it as soon as possible giving the person less stress. Thank you

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Thoughts and Emotions


Did we know that our thoughts and emotions influence the geomagnetic field consciousness interaction and give out encoded messages into to this field?

This field has changed due to an increase in this vibrational frequency.

The measurement of vibration has gone from 7.8 cycles per second to 15-25 per second, this also spikes to over 30 cycles per second they activate different levels of consciousness both positive and negative.

These wave frequencies act on the brains waves, they accelerate the alpha and theta vibration that allows a connection to the divine self that’s within all life, everyone is becoming connected to the global consciousness; this is the field that interacts with thoughts and emotions and of man.

Your thoughts and emotions are influencing and encoding this geomagnetic field.

Become responsible and aware of the power that thoughts and emotions hold, be aware of the opportunity that this is giving all peoples on their different levels to transform the collective emotions.

Your mind is a field of consciousness outside of your body. 

The negatives on earth are fed by the collective consciousness of all peoples; you now have the opportunity to turn it about.

Those who are consciously aware of their divine power within are in a perfect place to transform this into a positive light by just changing their thoughts and interaction with others in our life.

Yes, there is a big collective of negative thoughts but we who hold the light are greater than that now, when one light worker changes their own way of thinking it grows and becomes their norm; it acts 1,000 fold on the collective consciousness and makes a big positive light in the negative field.

It’s the spiritual alchemy and every-one holds the power to bring about a positive change over them-self’s and the planets negative fields.

Change the balance in the fields on earth and shift the balance within your self by using your consciousness positively and heart felt unconditional love focus on them bring about harmony and balance.

This is an opportunity for the collective consciousness of humanity to become aware and move into the light, letting go of the negatives that have prevailed on earth it is a healing and transforming time when many are shifting and awakening of consciousness across the globe.

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