This is our perception on what our channelling gives us written from the heart.

It’s information coming from our higher beings through the fields of light - that are outside of the 3rd D vision of earth.

It arrives through every human’s innate connection to these higher realms - everyone has this ability- most people ignore it.

Step out of the box of media, politics and social control and you will find it in your dreamtime, imagination and heart felt love.

Intelligent consciousness is waiting for you to give direction to it so that it can inspire you and your life’s soul - to find your natural way - to move forwards in your personal progress to source and integrating with these new light waves coming to earth.

The words we share are to help trigger this truth of mankind in all who read it- some of it is difficult to assess and comprehend @ first glance - but as in Sir Walter Raleigh Ships - keep looking and asking to be shown the way to these innate truths and you will see this growth of new Gaia’s way to harmony.

Some of this writing is from our personal experience as we learn to make our way through the transitions of ascension in our real 3rd D world of control and how we cope with it.

We are asked to share these because there are many soul going through there similar experiences as they come up against the negative material that is very prevalent on earth @ this time.

Our guides tell us: Dear BJ you can rest easy!

The job has been to help set the ball rolling down the hill of ascension- we, of the dragon fields stand back now and let the truth and momentum grow in the way they have been directed  -until they reach their maximum state of being- this will take earth and galactic time periods to happen.

The light waves- energy fields are all open and everyone is being influenced by them- this is the event - it has began and will fulfil by the 2nd solstice this year.

It is stage one – the beginning - it will be subtle and build slowly so that all souls have enough time in their life to make space for it- there will be no big change.

Sol is still emitting his radiation and will continue to do so- this is also subtle - it will effect the electro-magnosphere and earth to a point- this has been happening for a long time with communications.

There is a blanket of negative energy across the spectrum of human souls.

It is shifting slowly as more souls admit to themselves that they have changed their view on many aspects of 3rd D life.

And start to reach out to those who can guide them into their own spiritual opening.

The 3rd D still has to be maintained to keep order and not anarchy.

The way is to ease these changes in so that the transition is smooth clear and harmonies- we do not promote disruption over this transition.

Relax and enjoy the freedom of this light field - ‘BE’- in them, ‘OF’ them - in the sanctuary of your own private portals of quiet space within and outside of everything.

The ancient buildings and sacred spaces are thronging/ pulsing with these light fields - they are expanding the frequency into the new hyper super highways within Gaia and the galactic universe - they connect everything – running through to galaxies and universe.

Is love - being light - being happy?  Yes of course! xxx

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LIVING ON A NEW TRACK: This is a message from the non-local- collective consciousness:

No matter how we look at it- the information is still coming from the super-consciousness of higher beings collective within man – which is on the outer level of our perception- it is still coming the same.

We are talking about the levels of our psychological minds - to gain access to our higher super-consciousness- our authentic higher being and our supra-consciousness- it is one and the same.

These are levels of energy in our minds and within the universe- they are fields of energy that we can connect to- we are resonating/ tuning into the frequencies of the layers of our mind?

It’s another reality beyond quantum physical, non-local phenomena- coined by Jude Currivan, PH.D. Book. ‘THE COSMIC HOLGRAM” IN-FORMATION at the centre of creation: it is consciousness, super-consciousness, Supra-consciousness, and intelligence outside the human brain.

The higher beings say: these fields come from 17th ray they are chakras through the Pleiades star system from the 22-diamond crystal galactic Ray array- it is another reality in the molecule structure.

Research: The worldview on consciousness is - - - -

There are two states of accepted consciousness: normal waking consciousness and altered states of consciousness natural or induced.

 It relates to the awareness of our thoughts and how we feel about our psychological constructs of what it is.

 Changes in a person’s psychological state are due to levels of awareness.

Consciousness can be defined as being- aware of our own thoughts- others cannot directly know what we are thinking- feeling or our perception of anything- its our own personal experiences:

The coma level and heightened awareness are the same- except in a coma state we cannot always remember what we have experienced.

Heightened awareness means we are awake and able to document it but will forget it as soon as we are back to normal waking mode.

This is to do with the vibrational frequency that we are operating on at any given moment.

Psychology: 1842-1910

William James: coined consciousness as a stream of consciousness- it is continues- ever changing-personal experience and can be selective- active.

Inspired description:

There are layers of consciousness: this field is all prevailing in the universe

 There are 6 levels of your perceived consciousness and 13 streams of light emanating out from your core self/ authentic self.

These streams are the break down of Earths physical elements @ that level: the inner layers are denser- as the spiral moves outwards- they are still there but they become less dense- more diluted with the higher earths frequencies- there is no limit- its an infinite spiral of existence.

Its time to come back into the physical world and address the “hard problem” this is the term David Chalmers, professor of philosophy at the University of Arizona called it.

This information is in Peter Russell book “From SCIENCE to GOD” a physicist’s journey into the mystery of consciousness.

We are here to recognise the potential of reflective conscious awareness- on the heightened Hz frequency and releasing the lower 3/4rd D manipulation of this environment by accepting and letting go and moving on.

The action of everyone’s personal progress re-acts to these spaces- until they are fully cleared accepted or released.

Each section unfolds to another layer of deeper understanding until mankind and earth can move on.

This could be a psychological construct of how that aspect of ‘the hard problem’ can be visualised and understood- the path of en-light-en-ment.

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The State of Change



Personal:  From the 1st to the 14th of June- we are being directed to do the energy balance for this sector of our universe BIG TIME for these next two weeks and just keep everything else ticking over in our physical life.

Dear souls: everything is in a confused state! 

This is caused by the light frequency’s that’s being given for the progress of Gaia and human kind- and of course it will confuse your 3rd/4th Ds existence- you are going into the higher Ds that are conditioning your understanding for the acceptance of the way your brain is processing these finer tunings- this is very normal!

Roll with this light, love and understandings- that are integrating with your old body in ways that are NOT separated!

It might feel that things are separate- because you are looking at it from the 3rd D earth view- especially on the inner aspect of your belief system connotations of being alone- the one that has driven earth’s peoples for thousands of years.

This adaptation is a slow process-, as each one of you understands you own views and the given beliefs-; it creates confusion as these two battles to gain balance in your thoughts, emotions, and mental state and conscious thought.

 If you use reflective conscious awareness as much as possible- during your everyday life- it will begin to balance out and give an overall image of how this will work out.

In the mean time keep your authentic self!  Trust in it!  And carry on trying to understand the connected nature of all things in you and the world.

Everyone is talking about their feelings- memory- consciousness- mental attitude- emotions- thoughts and trying to decide how they feel from these points of view.

We cannot know what another persons view is- because of their experiences, geographical roots, ancestors, memory,, belief system and up bringing!

There are 7.53 billion on our planet and each one has their own perceptions about what life is! Each one is different! 

Where’s the unity in this? The unity is the uniqueness of each soul and the continuity of all being together on earth at this time- resonating together in the band of earths given frequency vibrations that are being upgraded at this time.

The amount of people becoming consciously aware and understanding about these un-see able energies-  will produce many different idea’s, that will carry mankind through to  creating theory’s that will give everyone the understanding of  this evolution.

By nurturing your inner truth of authenticity- you will become resonated with the bigger picture and keep enough faith to understand how to take the steps- to set up more theories and do more research until you crack it!

In the real world everything is connected energetically- the real world being-  the higher dimensions above the old 3rd/4th Ds on earth over the last thousands of years.

We are in the 17th Ray of frequency/ vibration now and there is no going back- BUT! With the ability to hold onto our old comfortable beliefs, actions, social moors and life style - it’s up to the individual to act and progress in whatever way they want.

The points of view of the 7.57 billion people that live on earth IS! The glory of the bigger picture of the diversity in the universe - all fields of frequency are of the light spectrum- the ultimate light source that people hold through their experiences.

Its this diversity that creates the collective Consciousness of people, planets, universes, and the intellect that drives this – everyone has it in through their experiences over thousands of years.

The Consciousness of you knowing that there is a special place you’re going to- a destination- is enough to activate the collective, intellectual Consciousness of Gaia and humanity to create a new unity on this beautiful blue planet to start to bring the 7.57 billion people towards unity on earth.

The energy of a message is lifting your frequencies into the 17thDimensional portal that you’re going to anchor, ground into a portal where you are going.

It’s your Consciousness that is leading you to the collective intellectual Consciousness of Gaia and the Ultra, supra and super Consciousness of man, planet and universe.

We thank you for reading this with great love. Xx

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Summer Solstice


Dear souls, the summer solstice portal is open:

The alignment of the star systems and galaxies are open and already radiating the 17th ray of frequency of light in/onto earth.

The mergence of the male/red and female/ white 10-12th rays have re-organised- affected the thoughts- mind- emotions- of all people.

With this re-balance’ you might find that things that’s seemed stuck’ a few week ago- are now freed in you minds perception.

There could be old angsts- that seemed to have been within your basic beliefs system- that you had accepted- as unable to change up to now! These cosmic influences have adjusted- to increase the elevation of light frequency across the board.

To emable you to recognise and release these- to clear for the future.

Each person have received this is their own right @ every level of awareness and consciousness to enhanced the ability- to expand with all aspects of life.

As this filters through there is a noticeable shift in the polarity of people’s opinions, as always- there only needs to be a change if you want to.

The free will policy holds well’ all people have the choice.

There is a noticeable separation between the energies- some people are hankered well into their chosen life style and will stay there.

Others are feeling this shift and choose to go with it- absorb it- even with the foibles it throws up on our- emotional, mental, mind and thought flashes of understanding.

These shifts have occurred through the increased fluctuation of the electro- magnetic fields.

It is on-going- as these adjustments happen- the re-balance of energy fields on earth are up-lifting the frequency- in the human body, mind, emotion, thoughts, to bring in a new balance of reflective understanding of the conscious within- everything and everyone has received this on all light levels.

The July and August cosmic alignments are set to anchor the 17 cosmic rays into everything.

The September equinox alignments open for the 22 cosmic ray chakras to come into earth.

December solstice is the 27 rays chakras getting ready for January 2020 bring in a new day.

They are coming in sets of 5 jumps- we research the number 5, and found that in the theory of music 5 harmonic resonances is the perfect harmony between 5 notes on the scale- 1234 leading to 5ththe perfect harmonic resonance. After that a new sequence starts again. [See theoretic music]

Thank you we give this with heart felt love- be blessed x. 

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The 17th Rays Crystal


The message is: we are imprinting the geometric formation onto the conscious awareness of the 17th rays crystal structure within of the new body chakras- light symbols- light code language this is information is for the Septembers equinox.

It comes from the elevated rays of light.

They work on the multitudes of frequencies that this universe functions on.

 They are ‘speaking’ to every soul on earth- in a way that cannot be perceived directly.

It is quantum light having resonance with all souls- in all densities/ frequencies in the language of unconditional heart-felt, love focus- that imprints onto collective conscious and unconscious of mankind.

The advice is to sit quiet and enjoy the day and give our-self over to our true nature.

To understanding ‘how’ this is acting out on the brain the heart and the glands, you can tune into your FEELINGS and the RESONANCE of energy that you feel when looking at or reading the words or pictures or seeing nature at it’s best.

There is no perimeter for understanding these inner transitions on 3/4th D earth- it will be the amount of trust, faith and knowing that will give every person- their own perimeter of perception about it.

When a soul reaches its authentic self, the trust and faith of this frequency/ density wave will grow expotienally within their personal fields.

We are building a road through this understanding with thoughts, imagines, message’s, sharing and nature.

We know it is not clearly understood yet- its like hearing a different language- until you get a bit of a bases in the way a language is- it sounds like gobble-de–gook until you start to recognise a repetitive pattern in it- you will get to know it!

So be patient and keep reading anything that resonates – knowing that it is going into your inner mind-self for you to hold- until you get enough light, faith and trust to be able to stand up and accept that this is a new concept for mankind’s understanding and go with it with heart-felt love -focus and openness to the trust in the source as one. Thank you. Given with great light.x

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The 17th Rays 2


Humanity can only feel the 17th ray a-coming into earth/ body/ mind and consciousness- its over and under laying the physical bodies- encompassing the globe- penetrating deep into Gaia/ Agatha’s central sun- where it anchors and the rebounds outwards- emanating beyond the solar system- galixy and universe.

It is streaming through every portal that’s been open and ‘activated’ permanently: every hyper tunnel both within the globe and on the outer universe- is balancing between left and right – male /female- light and dark- bringing unification to earth and peoples and all cosmos.

Everyone is receiving this- not everyone will be ABLE TO DEEPLY RESONATE WITH IT- Lots and lots of people know they are not feeling their normal self; but cannot put their finger on it- as to why- and what these changes are.

There are many light workers receiving and transmitting their light with conscious- awareness to TRANSFORM ALL LIFE- either consciously or un-consciously.

This evoked this line of the lords prayer- “THY WILL BE DONE” - saying it out loud- this prayer is sacred energy for ALL the different directives on Gaia- and using this connection- all souls are tapping into their authentic self -with the vibrations of the words- its attaching to the feelings within them- that moves the energy within with great great unconditional love.

This is OUR PERSONAL experience of this solstice wave streams engulfing all.

The advice is to feel the flutter of the butterfly wings within and connect to it in ANY WAY YOU FEEL DRAWN TO – there is NO RIGHT ORWRONG WAY- all ways are correct.

Every single soul has its own responses within- and all different aspects of the same thing- its this diversity that gives Gaia her uniqueness for this type of evolutionary adjustments- it’s the less dense wave fields the different inputs of the same resonance of light- it gives it strength- ever spiralling- dancing across the soul- mind –body and thoughts as a golden flapping of a grand butterfly of gold/ silver opalescent light- its an unperceivable shifting of the whole matrix- template of life- showing you and being absorbed by your unperceivable yet recognisable to your soul in this nature of being completely correct with great love.

It’s a celebration- the portals are open transmitting and receiving perfectly due to all you dear souls who virulently do this and anchoring and are consciously aware of this wonderful gift of light. What ever it brings into your life be it happy or sad- knows that it is a giant change personally and connect to your higher beings to fully understand you life path. Thank you. Xx

Be Love- Be Light- Be Happy. Xx 

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Diamond Rays


We connected and were told this: the combined diamond rays is part of the omnipresence consciousness of the source- another degree of the same thing- taken as part of the levels light and colour spectrum that has structure.

In this new light, we can think of rays and colour as feelings- connecting to our inner feeling-self as a helpful support- a presence.

The diamond, crystal, coloured rays hold the sacred geometric shapes of the highest quality – they hold us while we hold Gaia- using our portal for receiving and transmitting and to hold them.

The difference in the word vibration is, it creates a geometric shape for the perception of those words- it’s the same source with different degrees - we are holding the grid that’s been created.

The diamond light holds a group mind- the diamond light consciousness is collective consciousness- we all affect each other’s to help us to get an understanding.

Light fields communicates with its self- through us and the planets conduits of light /portals- it is given to every level of living souls on earth- people, nature, animals, to assist and trigger these codes.

 The activation of this light is done on the non-physical body first then it becomes a potential on the earthly physical body.

IN DREAM TIME we are creating a whole new template for earth- it is merging with the old ones- they are blue in colour and glow white- the new one is getting stronger and will dissipate the old eventually.

In dreamtime we GO into the higher vibrations.

There are spirals coming from a central point that is a rotating spiral of light energy- along this there is every scenario- all options available to the frequency of a souls conscious awareness- we live in the consciousness.

I am your conscious body attached to the ultimate conscious of Christ’s divine source.

If we think of consciousness as an intelligent field of light plasma- that is NOT measurable yet- it is still co-existing within the universe, it is the resonance of the divine Christ consciousness @ all levels of the density waves?

When we move along our chosen spiral pathway to access these other fields, we are using conscious - awareness with cosmic - awareness as the thought- the breath and intention- linking us to the higher being- we move along our spiral of light path that has access to all the aspects of frequency/ density/ fields/ waves in dreamtime.

We were told that as humans we are restricted by the GIVEN belief’s- that is releasing: this is allowing the natural flow of light through anything that blocks our progress.

Just to acknowledge it in this way- changes the light patterns across Gaia- as these sheets of light become balanced.

We can move along this spiral of connect to our higher being using imagination, breath and intent.

It is not physical, mental or emotional! These three are the construct of human body that restrict people and every one is restricted by these restraints. Thank you: Given with great heart felt love.

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Gifts of Light


ACCEPT THESE GIFTS OF LIGHT as the second year in the galactic university of light-

Reference:  Galactic School: Galactic Page: Back to galactic School.


Talking about the corn circles- they are symbols of geometric light that has imprinted on life and planet’ from the multi Ds of the higher state of being’ showing a much! Bigger picture of how life is/can be- the omnipresence of this is creating the symbols for earth’s people to take, as they will! Truth or not!

These energetic shapes are emitting a signature- it is a higher frequency of photon light to brighten the spectrum automatically. 

Its about what we feel when we look at them- do they have an effect on our inner understanding- giving us a feeling of symbolic thoughts/ love/ interest or ridicule?

They have the ability to expand in all directions and are multi factual structures of infinite space.

Crop circles are light language symbols from the non-local phenomena- Super-Supra-ultra consciousness- it is the intellectual consciousness of the supreme divine light of the ALL.

We used one of them today to balance earth- the one with 3 circles with a central circle and yes! We are to draw them in exact measurements and diameters.

This corn circle is depicting cosmic movement:

We are trying to draw this symbol- it looks simple- as we try it becomes confusing and we walk away.

This symbol has triggered an adjustment in our eyes and brain- it has opened up another synaptic connection reacting to this symbol- and it’s HARD to get it right!

While we were doing it we wrote down this; this is connected to our diamond crystal stream inside; we FEEL if it was right as we were drawing it.

1st impression is the quarter moon shape; this is the phase of the moon today.

It’s the position of the separate parts that are relevant- it does not have to be exact there’s room for error- happily. It’s about the cosmic movement: there are 3 petals of the flower of life in the centre.

We put it on the wall and focus on it; it is the same as the metatron cube it changes patterns as our eyes fall on the separate parts.

We see the centre circle as Gaia with 6 bands and 9 triangles holding her; as we watch the other 3 circles move over her as if they are washing through her- always merging and then going back and this is called the cosmic movement.

It also tunes into one master with 3 aspects.

It represent the healing we did two days ago with the chi Kung balance movement facing south/ west / east but not north!

There have been new crop circle! Are they giving us messages and how can we read them?

Draw then on big paper with colour.

Thank you.x

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We Bring Greetings


 The explanation for our five-year plan: every ones blogs are helping humanity to evolve with different understandings.

Gaia has jumped into this new field of awareness, knowledge and understanding- we feel we need to tell all readers that these writings are of that deeper platform of this awareness- and as such has no trimming concerning the curtsy’s of old 3/4th Gaia- we give data that lays within the make up of all life.

This particular platform holds the energy of creation- even though you may think that there is no point to this stuff if you cannot understand it.

As these light fields come into contact with another- through the power of observation- thought- the heart felt flutter of love. Just by giving it your attention- no-matter how small or short lived- you have taken part in the creation of these new ways of being.

 Every new thing starts with a symbol, an omen, a thought or a person, place or thing- and it’s a simple thought of,

 “I wonder how that can be” and not understand it- and you might not give it any more thought until a nudge with another sign- symbol or thought comes up on the same theme even if is not very tangible- then it will grow- it has been made conscious in the collective life template- even if you never do anything about it—its there ready for the next person to take it up.

For those with this resonations- your interest is adding to this- your unique vibration is a part of the platform so that it became much stronger for others.

This is Gaia’s new template in this deeper acknowledgment of your inner truth.


Your neurones are absorbing the higher consciousness: it’s a density of light, knowledge, intellect and the diamond 17th rays- connected to everything; think of it as another light code message- it is imprinted into the fontal lobes of all people when sitting in the quiet space of the inner mind focus.

 This is from the lighter density consciousness where nothing can be shown unless its sacred geometry, maths, colour, sound and channelled words; it reaches into the depth of the mind that holds this information and is accessed through the fontal lobes when connected to the authentic self/soul /divine soul.

When in meditation these lobs light up according to how accomplished you are! On the ground every symbol is a message, an omen into this density of light.

Symbols- colour – words- numbers- thoughts and sound will tune into the exact frequency of a soul and connect to the resonation and imprint onto it.

Step by step- this is happening to all living things- building up the knowledge to jump into their next phase.

 Knowledge is power in all aspects- it leads to en-light-en- ment.

Dreaming, imagination and meditation, creates an imprint/ a pattern in the un-conscious section of the resonance field- then you manifest it through our human element consciously.

The diamond rays have triggered a response to the brain through the symbols of knowledge and intellect.

 Jung’s research lead him to say: “that the un-conscious mind holds all knowledge and we drag a piece up in dreams, mediation or imagination and bring it into our consciousness and then create it on earths reality”.


Consciousness is a state in its own self- and related to the omnipresent across the universe!

 There is very little known about it although it’s the bases for all of everything on the planet and stays where it is.

The higher beings are not physical- they cannot create words or clear images that we can recognise- they only have geometry, math, symbols and hieroglyphics that we have not learnt to read- they keep it simple so the you can know that its something that we are not familiar with.

They give combinations of these- that interact as a holographic image with the consciousness of resonance to anyone who is look or reading.

You are receiving and transmitting this density resonance form the 17th ray flow magnified by the moons phrases - it has elevated our perception.


Dear friend’s, the information is coming from the galactic universal university: the collective of the ancient order of Melchizedek.

It is the next trimester of data that will lead into the September equinox portal of the 27th rays.

We would like to say thank you for all who are moving on this stream of light that is flowing into Gaia- and say that it is being given to everyone on their unique levels of understanding.

The guidance is- you have all been balancing the 17th ray portal for 3 months – the alchemy has raised the light energy field- there is a new perception of understanding with the 17th ray, and you still don’t know how – quandary!

Stay aware your body needs- by only putting in food and fluids that your intuition is giving you and blessing it with love attention.

Become consciously aware of what the unity of the body, mind and soul needs- its unity through your thoughts, actions and mind conscious connection to your higher being – that which does NOT serve you let go.

Understanding the clarity of how the consciousness is perceived within the body through these new chakra rays of light – be consciously aware of your need to keep a balance in our life in EVERY aspect.

You have reached a phase in your life path- where you can comprehend the manipulation of this gross 3/4th D world of control and let it be on the outside of your true authentic self while you function and run your life?

This attitude has released the tension in the physical body and it has dropped into a much more comfortable state.

Every soul who is conscious of their higher self and words and are acting upon their instinct is accessing these higher densities of vibrations and unconsciously bringing in the light- refractive elements to enable this new earth progress- in their own way.

When a person sees something that moves their heart to joy- they are observing the light language of the higher rays of light- every one!

If they were unaware of what it is- some will re-coil from it- because they have the given innate fear of the unknown and do not have the knowledge to know that- it’s a completely protective system to enable them to grow in their light- understanding- knowledge and progress.

Put simple- do not jump into the sea if you cant swim- only dip in and out until you are well versed in how to function in an ocean- in other word learn to swim in this new light until you can jump safely into it.

P. S. the pictures are a work in progress as they evolve into their geometric shapes added together to create the balance in Gaia.

Thank you for your time spent reading this.x

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July Message


Please! Dear souls, keep feeling and anchoring these light fields during this month-as they come- using your unique-ness.

As you walk about in your day and feel the inner butterfly fluttering- focus on it and give it your unconditional heart felt love- this is it! We are co-creating.

Light up your frontal lobes brightly and shine your light.

For all light workers:

Whatever you are doing there is NO wasted of TIME!

DO not think you are wasting time- everything you do IS anchoring into the grand central sun of Gaia’s Agatha inner existence- where we, the Galactic beings are working in harmony with you all on the surface of earth.

It is imperative that you- the ground crews do this right now! The resonance is strong and not quite integrated completely and is creating tension- a jarring feeling in the earth and her peoples”.

Allow your self to slip into this calm, balanced, space within and flow in this field that runs parallel with the tension of the 3/4th Ds.

Surrender to it and let it flow through you like a gentle stream of warm energy water, seeping into every nook and cranny of your life and resonating around you.

Ask Archangel Jeremiel to give you clear steps- to take you through the re-evaluation with ease.

Yes dear’s souls of earth, we are imprinting on your matrix hologram- you are feeling this NEW way- and letting go of your 3/4thDs residue that keeps pushing against these obvious changes in your circumstances.

If you can let go of previous mentalities and allow your ‘now time’ to merge with your life style- it will quickly balance out. Going with these discrepancies, humps and bumps is the way to reach that smooth road ahead.

Even the feeling of spiralling is correct- it reminds you to SIT down or stand still, as it washes through you- hold still for a moment- remember you are Gaia- and she is you- all people are as one with Gaia in this.

The influxes of different light flows has disrupted the old way out of its safe place- it is constantly working to get into this new way of balance- the energy fields of Gaia are being disrupted consciously through the vigilance of all light, awaked souls, so that she can re-established her authentic self.

The consciousness of people’s energy, intelligence and higher beings is here to recognise energies and go through the traumas that Gaia and humanity have experienced over the last 2,000 years.

 Go through! Don’t stay in it, don’t hold these negative waves that are coming up- let them GO- do not spin round in the negative thoughts- move through it- forget your pains and aches- focus on the hearts- high, middle and lower hearts they are of the higher frequency within the body of man and Gaia.

Lower heart @ the sacreal chakra, middle heart @ the heart chakrs and the high heart @ the crown chakra.

Focus on these three and stay lifted and off the quagmire of the lower consciousness of the 3/4th Ds of the earth plane.

Stay out of it if you can- most people are functioning on the lower level most of the time- its up to way showers to bring in this months influx of power light consciousness, to change this earths infrastructure once and for all times.

Don’t feel guilty about anything, you do not have to do anything- the action of Gaia’s elevated consciousness is doing it! All you have to do is ‘be’ in it as much as possible.

When you are in this gentle flow of soundless Hz waves movement of new Gaia; we are touching your field- connecting to it quietly- feeling the core flutter within the Solar plexus and the three hearts- lower, middle and crown chakras: 

And yes you feel light and wavy because we are merged with you @ this moment.

As you practice being in this core channel- you are developing the connection to the core light field of the Galactic Central Son- Sun- Sol so that it can unify with you.

Do not add any of the pre-conceived thoughts- ideas or images from your 3rd D data bank.

Be open to the moment by moment.

Almost close you physical eyes: lower your eyelids and look @ the tip of the nose- this keeps the concentration of your perception on the physical while opening up the 3rd eye @ THE SAME TIME!

It will keep you grounded whilst you are in the higher state of being and looking @ the void of the 3rd eye connecting and feeling to it! Feel it resonating through your physical vessel- head to toe.

Now remember that GAIA is one with you and this is her body as well- the actions you take is replicated through her from this connection- feel the silence- quiet flowing iridescent property of this divine connections.

The divine pool of illumination radiance energy is being anchored onto/into earths consciousness

This energy is within all life and lay in the UN-conscious sector of the human facility/ potential/ aptitude.

Practicing this makes it conscious for all life- it is being imprinted into/onto the new earth matrix as a consciousness for all mankind thank you.

This is a guide line- each soul has their own way of connection – when reading this- tune into your own intention and personal space and be open to receive the light code language being imbibed within this sacred message.

We come with GREAT unconditional love.  Thank you. xx

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Temper the Light


We were given a message:

We are told to temper the writing- it will direct us to improve the hardness and elasticity of steel or other metals- improve the hardness of metal by heating and cooling it continually- act as a neutral counter balance for a force of something- take this metaphysically and 3rd D earth.

We did not quite understand this- but to temper is to make softer so we did the yin-yang symbol of balance on our-self and Gaia blending her energy to reduce the tension of this integration- connecting the balance through the ultra consciousness for this time.

Everything is correct- peoples and the planets energies are getting to hard and tight- it needs to be balanced- tempered as in forging metal to merge into he 17th rays.

We woke at 4.00 am and went into the garden and tempered the energy using inner yin yang symbols on our-self as the sun rose- at this time the chi is at it maximum just as the sun comes over the horizon.

We understood HOW! To do this without a full comprehension of what we were doing- it felt right!

The galactic souls come in and told us to start to use tempering techniques on all the physical life styles outer and inner space.

There is a pattern emerging with the diamond rays arriving- there is a period of time as you feel the power coming in - it knocks you off your feet in every way possible- and is an experience unique to each souls.

@ This point your 3rd/4th D mind, body, emotions and mental thoughts get into a hyper state- making you aware that more clearing is happening.

The tension of this is at an all time high this month.

We hear souls cry out- ‘we don’t want this’! - Some get angry other say ‘ lets get it done with and submit to it- in our own unique ways of understanding- absorbing- receiving and transmitting from their own light being.

The word tempering in this case- means the flows of light are coming in as they are! Strong- benign and needs the attention of the light workers to use their way of creating a balance in their life and that of Gaia.

 Balanced and temper this light for humanity and Gaia- through the light beings on earth and these are many now- so we can open up the next phase of light emissions to earth safely.

Yes, dear light workers, you are taking the brunt of this as your part in Gaia’s ascension- you are all completely ready to handle these ultra rays of light and will temper them so that they will become the new Gaia energy going into her chakras balancing on/in life and Gaia.

Everyone has his or her own ways of getting through these testing times: remember that you signed up for this and it will pass quickly- recognise it as it comes- and use your personal ways to initiate it into Gaia to be at ONE with the ALL”.

This is what that writing is about: it means tempering our feelings, thoughts, energies, emotions, our mental attitude, thinking and our activities- as if its an iron bar that cannot be transformed until the technique has been practiced over time. 

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How Are You Feeling?


Dear souls, how are you all feeling? Over this period of the year- July- August 2019- the rapid movement of transforming energies that are flurrying from the 22 Galactic, Diamond, Crystal, array transitioning from the great central son-sun- sol is setting the elevated rays that come into all sources that Gaia hold within her-self and every souls consciousness.

It’s acclimatizing to the new template matrix of all life- large and small.

It’s a significant major consequential period of the year- on the ground there are levels of clearing the negative areas in/on earth and cosmos etc. and are having an effect on the polarity of humanity.

Its opened and actualised a positive slide of the collective conscious that prevails. Those who want ultimate control are tightening down their energy- the majority of souls across earth have become open to the very obvious separation is society’s plan.

This will not wipe out the suffering in one go- this still has to pan out in its own time frame and cannot be changed completely.

The over all feeling of life on Gaia is one of awe and calm as each soul goes about their life getting a deeper and deeper understanding of how precious their life is and extending this out to others, earth, solar system, galixy and universe- natures own- helping, nurturing and allowing their light to affect everything they touch.

The deep realisation of understanding- the way of this significant time and how the guidance of this last 2 trimesters are actually raising the conscious thoughts and actions.

This information has been given gradually opening up to reveal the inner love light of the authentic self through the heart focus held in the physical body of everything on earth.

This is assimilating into a life style change of mind- thought- emotions- and mental attitudes across the planet, life forces.

Everywhere on earth is experiencing this up surge of light vibration of the elevated Hz binaural sounds/ waves, fields, its to big for the society controllers to dismiss/ cover up- they are losing their power over the many. 

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Energy Tsunami

ENERGY TSUNAMI: The Singing Bowls: These 2019 waves

Dear souls- we come with data, understanding and great unconditional love- to bring your density rhythm into these new light waves, there are many souls functioning on our galactic density and many, more just opening up to it consciously.

Fear still remains a stumbling block that is slowly disintegrating, as people realise who they are.

You are in an energy tsunami that keeps knocking Gaia and life out of balance.

The implication of this is you are in the midst of the super/ supra consciousness of the great central cosmic son/sun/ sol. It is the template- matrix of a structure of great phasing density of waves as the alignment of this new spiritual year transitions.

They are intense for the open-minded soul workers while it is clearing negativity from the physical body and opening up each soul to their more authentic state of being!

The heightened light waves are raising the energy of the physical body- it alters the body frequency and you are not sure about how it makes you feel.

Use the heart felt love to breath and bring back your balance and anchor into Gaia, these energetic changes are just another one of the things that need to be adjusted- for your comfort.

The breath is deep breathing and anchoring into earth- use the method you are most comfortable with, you will get used to it.

Think positive while doing your day and see how easy it becomes.

The core beam of the outer 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Arrays are being anchored and merge with Agatha’s central sun through the human’s ability as a receiver & transmitter of the galactic distant light.

Be in the now moment to feel the flow of attachment to the new earth core stream coming to Gaia from the outer reaches of our universe.

As soon as your chattering minds diverts you by some type of fear of- “What if” or “I must” recognise it as at diversion- then consciously change back to the moment flow- this creates a neural path in the brain that will remember- you are re-wiring your true being instead of the given belief systems.

The Singing Bowls:

We were inspired to get two singing bowls and bells- a big one for the solar plexus and a small one for the sound, and start to look at the resonance of sound using these instruments, the singing voice and the binaural sounds.

When we make the bowls sing there is two distinctive tones happening at the same time- the ring of the first strike and as it vibrates it causes a deeper undertone that seems to flow in a wavy sound, its this undertone that we tune into and feel the tonal resonation of the sound through our physical body- this is also in Gaia.

We played the bowls and were told by the beings that the matrix of the vibrations/ resonance/ sound/ reflection when playing the bowls is making sacred crystal geometric skeletons within humanity, Gaia and life, its streaming into the fields with a flow and ebb as the bowl vibrates on the surface sound and creates an inner deeper sound running with it flowing in a wave.

We can alter the frequency by different pressures on the bowls. In this way we can alter any part, as it’s needed. We imagine the bowls are Gaia and we heal with the sound feeling awareness.

These 2019 waves are strong they are bombarding Gaia, the density of the earths inner core is very reduced due to the work the light workers have done over the years and this will greatly reduce the intensity of earth quakes, volcanoes and movement of the tectonic plates so the life can be sustained.

The indication is- that while we do this on our-self it is being done everywhere! We are one!

The levels of this focus are on a fine-tuning into the inner soul! Of the ALL! With great respect! We balance and hold this feeling through our whole field.

We hold the galactic light field within our hearts/ nodes and chakras where we receive these rays.

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Dear Light Workers

Dear light workers, way showers and star seeds- we ask you to send unconditional, heart felt, authentic, love to Gaia, humanity and all life at this time.

During this period of time July and August the new year starts and day out of time the start of the new spiritual year and the Lion Gate, it’s a celebration of the end of a nine-year cycle- the closing of one and beginning of the next cycle that makes it special this year.

Use your own unique way of giving/ sending light.

JULY? 2019:


The process of transformation into the 17th diamond crystal rays accessing the crystal diamond corridor and understanding how to split the vein and watch as the emergence of next level of the balanced light/dark divine source of the one.

The higher beings say:

It’s called the karmic wheel of life- a channel of complete balance of the light/ dark- matter/energy- male /female the two opposites have successfully merged the densities.

[In this context karmic means fate or destiny.]

The 17th rays- diamond corridor is the outer shell’s of these fields that has been its support for many years.

 The outcome is this karma omnipresent within this new earth frequency that is wide open and functioning on Gaia and is done on the connected consciousness of all the light workers.

We were shown how to open /release the inner core by splitting it by pulling open stands of silk thread and not get it tangled.

As we did it we felt the energy of it separating in harmony - this led us to doing it within us and Gaia, except it was the outer layer’s that we parted and eased right open until they fell away leaving this inner stream that is dark in colour but not in the bright dark feeling it gives as a wonderful support.

The process of going through physical and spiritual ascension has brought everyone to this point- each cosmic alignment and sacred numbers gates portal activations have done this.

Everyone has taken part in this in his or her own unique way, as it should be.

The karma gateway is created and accessed though portals, nodes and gateways- each living soul has experienced these up grades in their own way of understanding- enabling   access to the karmic wheel of life in Gaia on her.

We bring blessings and divine love to all.

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Time of Transition


Dear souls, now is the time to let yourself “BE” in the transition of the new spiritual year, whenever there is a transition between anything in or on earth and the higher realms there has to be a period when- one is let go and the next one comes in- there needs to be a period of ‘time’ for re-adjustments so that these changes can happen seamlessly and not cause too much friction in the lives of the souls who are confronted with it.

We are in one of these now!

It is greatly affected everything- heightening the sensitivity of all peoples- the advice is to move with it wholly- do not try to do anything- keep riding the waves of life, as they are being given.

Sometimes it seems harsh, sad or angry, all these emotions are coming up to be looked at before they are let go so that we can progress in our evolution- remember we have chosen our path- all souls have taken on these as their own unique experiences.

Its not easy for those who hold the light either consciously or unconsciously for Gaia and humanities ascension-

Whenever these negative thoughts come in remember you are still holding the light- don’t let go of that thought, it’s all be design- try to understand that everything is in its correct space.

We understand how difficult it is- go into your inner calm, breath and connect to earth and nature, look at the beauty of earth and friends and loved ones these are all as real as the hurt and upset you can experience- it’s the polarity that is being hi-lighted @ this time to established the balance between light/ dark, negative/positive, male /female- this has to be done before the next period of the new year.

 Everyone is a light being and are in a state of transition- we give you encouragement, love and light to help you to be conscious of this and knowing that what you think is how you change things in life and it’s feeling your true being within that will always lift you if you let it.

Blessings,Love and light to you all:

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Ascension Alert


Dear souls this period is just happening- you are on ascension alert @ all times- doing the balance, healing, sharing, holding, transforming, all of it all the time.

The personal life has gone AWOL- you can’t get a hold on any mental or emotions feelings coming in, but you do not re-act to it – you are feeling removed.

 The job is to stay removed from the main stream- even though there’s lots to share- you are looking- feeling- taking part in the general up grade of all life, humanity and collective consciousness as one- holding the safety blanket, establishing these 2020 wave-lets into/onto Gaia- solar system- galixy and universe.

 There’s nothing to do while this is going on- you are being IT in ways that are strong yet intangible.

Its as if you are not attached to 3rd/4th D earths SHACKLES- you are free from the given belief SHACKLES that hold fear.

You have come out of Plato’s cave- in dreams you see the shadow people passing you by as you leave the cave- you have dropped the SHACKLES- you hold the light- keep the balance- live life with no fears- following the hearts intuitions and higher consciousness- you have been spun out of the old into the new! And it does not hold you down- it allows you to fly as far as you want to go.

You still do not know HOW this is! You know YOU are in it- of it- doing it- feeling it- you cant explain how it is- you can say that its your core centre, main energy nodes, chakras, within has completely opened right up into their true authentic existence.

And there’s no going back now! You deal with it- accept it- embrace it-embody it in authentic truth.

In dreamtime you are ‘working’ @ night with the much higher beings.

You are all conduits for the anchoring of these waves/ fields/ streams into inner earth Agatha/ Gaia.

Blessing- given with great love: x

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Hold Steady


We asked for inspiration:

We pick up the frequency from the fathomless forms of the universal frequency of light/dark.

The access has opened in the perception of the human brain through the suns emissions causing the DNA to change and expand.

Think about this! D N A strands! They are in every part of the human body- they are the matrix and they are now functioning on all levels in the whole body.

Its important to know about The Levels- every soul has their own potential of growth in the way of this new frequency- all light workers are using their inner higher being to guide them into the next part of their true potential.

On the peoples levels of understanding there is a significant separation between peoples needs @ this time- this shift has opened up an area in the brain that is allowing the full potential of a soul to come through into the bright new conscious thoughts of their own control.

As this energy arrives- the fears that held souls back has dissipated- the flow of light is open and flowing from the Ain Soph conscious light frequency- to bring its consciousness of the observable universe together as it flows in.  

Consciousness is bliss and awareness- pure and simple.

It’s the SOURCE –the ALL- the divine one - there are levels of this consciousness in everything- it is said that consciousness exists in several states.   From the Ain Soph/Christ consciousness we are connected to the elevated consciousness with the high council of light.

Dear light workers- be aware of what level your guides are from- focus on them to bring them forwards- from the higher consciousness of the unknown- into your awareness of consciousness.

These months of July and August are open and flowing new concepts of life its-self- the way has cleared.

From where you were in June- you have now been elevated in your inner awareness of your conscious self- to a much higher platform- and might find that it has caused turbulence in your life- its confounding you- you may have very radical ideas- ones that seem impossible or ridiculous- and dismiss them.

We ask you to look @ these and find out by research and asking your higher being to en-light-en you and explain them- because these are the new openings that will take Hu-man-ity forwards collectively.

These ideas might seem scary, exciting or uncomfortable- be aware of your consciousness- to help you to look beyond the mundane life style- and find the true being inside consciously connecting to it through your focus of the BREATH.

This is where any ideas can be looked @- accepted and utilises in the new way of being a Hu-man.

Every idea you may have – no matter how bizarre it might seem- are all valid- write them down and keep pondering on them- tell them to your friends to get another perspective- it’s the future.

These two months of opening doors are showing up many ways to move forwards- it’s the beginning.  September will be the start of another term- everything you have experienced will recede slightly- ‘you know’! Three steps forwards and one step back!

The energy has shifted more during this 8/8 Lion gate portal- as a way-shower/ light worker others will begin to see your light and get attracted to it.

We ask you all not to step over your own threshold of physical ability- keep your self well anchored in your own way to whatever your resonance is.

It will be easy to fly high and then crash- the energy is lifting you up like this- so ride it with your own anchorage into your inner self- stay grounded in your own frequency.

Accept that you are being downloaded with the Ain Soph /Christ fields of conscious light- and are the earthly souls- who are the ones with the fields- in physical form- and you are the collective of Hu-man + Gaia for this… your field is Gaia and you are conduits for it- sit back and enjoy it in the new frequency of the under-tone.

The under–tone is the sound of these higher frequency opposites- this has opened up the ancient psychic door of all souls on earth+ planets in our universal quadrant- all the different rituals are part of this- to allow all representation of the historic time line- to show its-self through- every race, creed, and country- remember you are all star beings.

As masters on earth- you are here to KEEP THE BALANCE and calm this influx of ancient interpretations of the divine inspirations. Blessing to you all. x

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Ascension 2018


Dear soul we are in the fullness of the ascension solstice of 2018, it’s a powerful golden energy that being integrated into everyone.

It’s throwing up all sorts of emotional physical and mental truths about the personal life style there is nothing to do except consciously knows that every time you sit quiet you and Gaia are absorbing this great light.


 Happy solstice: each heavenly body has its own signature # chemical reaction # vibration # frequency # colour # sequence of movement # magnetism # electro- magnetism and gravity.

It’s these things that create the astrological anomalies for our universe. The Milky Way holds Gaia and the humanoid population that is consciousness experiencing itself and as a galactic student traveller it’s important to understand a different side to the set up.

As you become aware of your consciousness experiencing itself it widens the gulf between you and your 3rd D holo matrix life. This will help you to understand a bit more how the inter-galactic self IS!

You are dealing with tension within, we know that you all have your coping methods and we advise you to use them all if needed.

Be-come aware of your consciousness:  then realise that its here with you to experience all things that a person can have, the good, the bad, the ugly.

 3rd D holographic matrix is a polarity and separation system for this reason.

As you grow and open up these new perceptions that are the ancient codes of truth about who you are, you will develop expanding your mind beyond the 3rd D Gaia.

Astrologically and spiritually its been covered, understanding HOW and why it works is a stage towards remembering who you are and where you come from.

Nothing is static and the Torus, Golden Mean Ratio and Trinitized Spirals drive the universal movement.

When a large body aligns or moves through our galixy it creates energy fluctuations that change the chemical make up of all things, it creates different types of frequency/vibrations as these occur it affects all energy fields on/in and around the galactic spiral.

It’s not random: it’s the creator’s plan for the cosmic clock that allows the forwards transition of life in our universe to evolve and keep evolving through these timings.

It’s part of the much bigger picture, the multi-verse, we cant go any further with this as your brain limits your visual perspective of this, suffice to say: if you are feeling these changes and do not understand them, go with the love you feel in your hearts and be conscious of your consciousness experiencing this at these times.

By focusing on the feeling of light within you do not have to understand the mechanics of it from the 3rd D holo matrix science.

 Flow with what you are feeling dear souls not what your 3rd d life pattern is telling you. Your heart felt love feeling is consciousness experiencing itself in the 3rd D holographic matrix of the true being that you are.

When the galactic astrological alignments happens they open a direct channel of light coded energy to flow across the solar system Gaia and her sister planets, the consciousness of all these entitles are aware of these particles that are swarming across their path and can take them within to enhance the way forwards to evolve.

These periods of time is the creators plan adding to the cosmic process of evolutionary movement on a grand scale and every conscious soul who thinks about this is a cartelist to bring it to Gaia for her transition.

Every single conscious soul thinking about this aspect is a bright shining light beam this is attracting the cosmic flows into themself and Gaia so that all can be transformed into the lighter photon particles that open up the human brain to bring in the perception of the multi dimensions.

 Be Love, Be light, be happy, blessings you all from the galactic beings.

 For humans on earth the Sun /Sol is the main life giver and is completely constructive in all life on earth it’s the driving force for Gaia and man cannot live without it, watching it move across the sky’s continually is how man lives, knowing its movements creates seasons for time for growth and time for sleep it’s the natural clock to live by.

These aspects have been lost in the western world of late night shopping, constant movement, no sleep time but nature will not change it still gets dark and light when the planet turns.

At the time of the solstice and equinox alignments divisions are created in the natural year, it’s a time when as a conscious soul you can be aware of creating your needs and evolving towards your understanding and memory, it’s a little ‘torch light’ time that can be utilised to created your future as your would like to live and be.

 However you can perceives it astrologically, scientifically or spirituality it’s just the natural way of the season, remember to consciously bring in the changes and the future of Gaia, Galixy and universe. Thank you X

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The Understanding

Understand that all others are becoming conscious and posting their higher guides light codes information for all to see.

Many, many souls are being used to reveal this unique unfamiliar cutting edge channellings then posting messages of enlightenment that will touch every soul who reads them with the light code language that is an energy field filtering into the 3rd D Gaia from the next port of call for the advancement of the universal ascension.

The field of light language is designed to be absorbed through mans matrix through these cosmic alignment, allow them/ it to inter mingle with the 3rd D field of old Gaia lifting her into her true state of being.

We advise all souls to read slowly and let that light field enter your perception in a conscious awareness process even if you do not quite understand it.

 This field has its own unique way of seeping into the collective consciousness of Gaia and man where it is building up layers of data so that when it gets substantially dense enough to consolidate into the creation of the new earth/ Gaia.

Every time a soul reads something that resonates with their true being it act is another layer building light code language that’s becoming collective, each one without exception is adding to this at this time.

Feeling resonance is what the light field of this advanced enlightenment is even if you do not understand all that’s being said.

This learning process is the same as learning to recognise words when starting school, at first you do not recognise anything then slowing get to recognise it and becomse familiar.

We are asking all souls to open their perception and step beyond the bounds of the given perimeters and ‘see’/ ‘feel’ what’s on the other side.

There is NO empty space as you begin you may perceive energy movement with no fixed point, its light, dark or colour, keep watching and keep in a relaxed meditation state and observe these swirls of energy fields   do it little by little until you feel comfortable with it, do not hold fear, hold your divine unconditional love in your heart and mind, this will keep you in the divine space of protection.

Practice whenever possible, gradually you will see a pattern that is repeated or a colour or guides or the face of a loved one.

Do not be fearful of this it’s the innate ability of all humanity to experience this normally, all soul have this divine spark within.

It’s a normal progression for mans evolution ‘back’ into their true being from the 3rd D holographic matrix.

We thank you from our platform of the inter-galactic advancement council of light with great love.

Use all you unique system of meditation to access these new codes of light and step into the future with love in your heart

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