Are we ready to go further into our authentic self - connection to our inner layers of understanding

 Since we started this page - the energies have expanded greatly for humanity, Earth and the whole of our universe – so we can now go into the divine light of the adamantine particles the 12th ray of  light frequency thats on earth now – are we ready to go this step further and be resilient enough to move our 3rd dimension perception of the multi dimensional frequency of light?

This is within us as conscious awareness of changing and up grading our thoughts, perception, feelings, trust and consciousness on a personal level with our NOW! Multi dimensional body.

The information comes from the inner energies within our physical makeup - our D N A - it is the higher frequencies of light that our earth functions in now - accept this inner relationship of your authentic self.

we are rooted from the star systems, we have chosen to be here on earth at this time to help to bring in the new way for the future of all life

Becoming mindfully conscious of this greatly enhances the power within all peoples - it will give the human population the way forwards to create their own chosen life styles in ways to enhance there own life and support all life on Earth/Gaia in the future.